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Not Rejection, Just Redirection

Rebelde, according to their website, is “a community of bold, driven, and free-spirited independent filmmakers from the Philippines who believe in the power of films in storytelling and nation-building.” They launch film camps every year in order to give aspiring filmmakers an avenue for learning about film-making and for igniting their passion in doing and celebrating films. 733 more words


The Mirror and The Window

We have studied this in theory. We have our experiences to back us up. We have to build a classroom environment wherein helping others grow alongside yourself is as beneficial as focusing on one’s own progress. 270 more words


Sole Trader vs Limited Company - Which Is Best For You?

This is a question we field fairly often at Active Accounts, as such, we thought we’d pop down some of what we felt were the more pertinent points for self-employed professionals to consider. 539 more words

List of Expenses to write off

This list is not exhaustive but it’s pretty comprehensive. Feel free to let me know what may have been left out.


Here's why you can't be friends with everybody

Have you ever heard of someone who tried to become friends with everyone?

Even Jesus, during his time, was not able to do so. In fact, He just knew a handful of people who He regularly met with, invested a lot of time and effort and considered them as His friends. 1,510 more words


How Photography Helped me Love Mistakes

The learning journey in EDS 113 has truly been a beautiful and exciting one in my opinion as the topics discussed in here helped me be enlightened to the real essence of the word LEARNING. 1,423 more words

So what is your VISTA?

I work primarily as a career coach and often encourage people to develop their own self-awareness of what they want from their career by suggesting they carry out some self-assessment activities. 102 more words