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Do You Suffer from Excessive Stuff Syndrome?

It is guesstimated that nearly 48.9% of the U. S. population suffers from this condition!


Excessive Stuff Syndrome (ESS) is a debilitating syndrome that has been known to cause mild to severe anxiety, elevated stress levels, and a sense of overwhelm and despair. 1,319 more words

Behavior Change

What your Tax Code means

Letters in your tax code refer to your situation and how it affects your Personal Allowance. 223 more words


Where do I start?

Data protection can seem overwhelming. For starters, there’s all the complicated legal jargon. Not to mention, a list of rather vague rules Рwhich are often applied differently on a case-by-case basis. 494 more words

Data Protection

My YOGA Journey

So here it starts.

I’ve joined this course online: ‘Science and Practice of Yoga’

This is just the beginning, let’s see how it goes and how I come around with new things that I’ll get to learn in the coming weeks.

Self Assessment

Declining Churches

I find it slightly perplexing to be living in a city which is growing rapidly, yet there are many churches that are declining. People move on for many reasons, to be sure, but there must be something at the heart of the church that needs to be addressed if it is declining in an area where the population is increasing. 129 more words



Sometimes it’s called an episode. I think I may have had a mildish relapse. The repercussions of which still resonate through me mody and bind. At least lucky enough to know how lucky I am. 296 more words


Reality or Mystery in the ATOL Financial Criteria

The CAA introduced their new financial assessment over a year ago now.

To recap – The extent of the financial assessment depends on the size or type of license held. 527 more words

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