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screaming for escape

The Young Virgin, 1630, Francisco de Zurbaran

there is no god so i am witness to my own follies.

you are one among a million of them, 9 more words


Pressure and old pathways

I have noticed that when I am under pressure that I can sometimes start to return to old pathways, to behaviours that I thought I had changed. 244 more words

Philip Dodson

Put a label on it

We like to put labels on people.
Heck. We even like to label ourselves.
That’s why do personality quizzes for fun. Go on spiritual journeys to find the inner selves. 511 more words

23 Magical Things I Learned At 23

1. Travel is freeing. This year, I did a bit of traveling. I visited friends in Los Angeles, took a vacation with my family to a beach town in South Carolina, and enjoyed work-filled stays in New York City and Cleveland. 1,143 more words

How far post does post-partum get?


My kid was sick for a week straight.

I’ve had several ideas and no time to write them out for you. But in the settling aftermath and dust of a sick toddler and balancing a fulltime job and babysitting coverage since he couldn’t go to daycare…I had a somewhat epiphany. 530 more words

We Are Not The Same, I Am A Martian

We are not the same, I am a Martian – Lil Wayne

You ever feel that way? You know, when you talk about things like social injustice, racial and sexual equality, or anything that you have a strong opinion about.

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We Are A Full Person, It's Time We Treat Ourselves As Such

I’m amazed at how much effort we put in creating relationships with others. We want to make friends with others. We want others to love us. 826 more words