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30 Days Time-out Unveiled

My dear friend,

when I started my journal time ago, I thought I was talking about friendship. That was how I saw our story at the beginning. 283 more words


Good Stress, Bad Stress

Stress is something we need to survive and something we live with. There is good and bad stress, obviously we want more good and less bad happening, along with stress we need rest also. 223 more words


I once tried writing a blog which had the title, “Outsmarting Depression”. As I wrote it then, I was still full of light and life. I could not understand how people found it hard to get out from the dark and just simply choose the light. 1,290 more words


Life and Photography

Mingo Falls is a 120 ft high waterfall located in the Qualla Boundary—a land trust of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians—near the town of Cherokee, Swain County, North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the eastern United States. 98 more words


Happiness is a Lifestyle

And then it dawned on me… happiness is more than just a feeling, it’s a lifestyle.

If you want to run a marathon, you have to train. 608 more words


To Maximize Growth, Develop Strategies: The Low of Design

Do you usually allow life to simply happen to you? Or do you plan for it carefully? Are you proactive and strategic or you just react to whatever comes in your way? 742 more words


Who Are We?

There are two kinds of knowledge that are most important in life: knowledge about the world, and knowledge about the self. In the long run, the second one is the more significant. 673 more words