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Nothing to lose when all is lost

I have forgiven myself

No saint or sinner

I am drenched in self-doubt

Hopeless is my everyday direction

But sometimes I am new

Born and raised in triumph… 46 more words


Sunday Sonnet!


Fear not an unknown venture to engage,
Nor let resistant doubt your hopes becloud,
Though failures past bright future would upstage
And low esteem the promising enshroud; 67 more words


Studying with The Open University

Around this time is when most students will either be starting their first year of university and preparing to faced the ‘freshers flu’ or going back to continue with their modules. 490 more words

Lifestyle Choices

Is it easy?

The most common question from people when they hear I’ve lost this much weight is, “have you found it easy?”

There’s a can of worms! 720 more words

Mental Health

Live the unexpected life

How do you know the life you’re meant to live? Are you ‘meant’ to live a certain way? What is the way?

The way is what you want. 356 more words


The Art of Making It Happen

I’ve got a little theory for you, and it goes something like this.

The first step in making something happen is believing it can happen. … 240 more words

Earning my existence.

Asalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu,

I’ve realised that the biggest struggle I’ll ever face is the belief in myself. I notice that when giving advice to people, I find myself always responding to a negative comment with a positive, I focus on their accomplishments and have encouraging words when all they see are their shortfalls. 708 more words