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Believe In Yourself As, You Can’t Purchase Self-Esteem On The Black Market.

I feel there are people out there (in positions of power and / or influence, political or otherwise) who part take in actions and engage in decisions over which they accept little to no responsibility, especially emotionally, for the resulting outcome and its impact on others. 362 more words

Black Market Emotion

Digging for Diamonds

May I introduce my go-to, lifesaving book. It speaks truth, wisdom and empowerment. It is written by Cathy Madavan, a true inspiration; She writes and shares wisdom from learning and working through her own insecurities and burdens. 471 more words


Is it just me?

I’ve been recently been made aware of my thought processes. In every other area of my life (professional, friendships etc) I seem to evaluate, assess and advise in a logical and rational way – taking into account facts and recognising the shades of grey in every situation. 449 more words


D Day for Growing Talent Associates!

It’s been a long wait for some.  Today is the 2nd graduation to recognise the commitment and fabulous talent of those Growing Talent Associates who have completed and started their careers. 641 more words


Further reflections on Aykley Heads XC...

Last week I set myself up for a “fail” at Aykley Heads cross country.

Mentally I was beaten before I woke up in the morning. I wanted to fail. 256 more words


Willpower, Dedication, Determination

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where I am in life and where I want to be – but more importantly how to get there. 604 more words

Life Lessons

Am I Enough?

I’m Not Enough

After taking some time out from dating to find myself alittle more and go deeper uncovering who I really am, I’ve now decided to start dating again. 359 more words