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In most senses of the word, strength is less about physical capabilities than it is about mental and emotional journeys that other people can’t see. Strength is akin to a warrior that fights until the last breath, without sign of giving up. 304 more words


The voices in my head

I’m constantly fighting a battle with insecurities in my head. Sometimes I think I’m a fraud, making people think I’m better than I really am. 140 more words

Daily Rants


“How?” …

The title represents most questions we ask ourselves when going through some shitty times when we’re into someone. Always ask ourselves “how?” something happened or how a situation came out to be so crap… But it’s an amazing thing when we ask ourselves “How?” when we can’t believe how amazing someone can treat us. 55 more words


Why Friday

This morning as I finished my run I had a profound thought.

First a slight segue:

This has been my first week back in sneakers in over a week and a half. 476 more words

Fit Moms

What If I Say I'm Not Like The Others?

It’s amazing what we will do to ourselves for other people. What lengths we’ll go to to destroy pieces of ourselves in order to fit into the image another person has of us. 2,014 more words

Mental Health

Lifeisms In A Nutshell – #41

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Lifeisms In A Nutshell

Wobbly Women

If you are a certain age you will remember the advert “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”. For those of you too young to remember, Weebles were egg shaped toys with wide bases which meant that no matter how much they were pushed they may move around but they always bounced back. 353 more words