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Does asthma count you out?

As I wrote that title, a multitude of other similar questions flitted into my brain.

To save you a few minutes of worry, the answer to them all is “no”. 296 more words


Nothing to lose when all is lost

I have forgiven myself

No saint or sinner

I am drenched in self-doubt

Hopeless is my everyday direction

But sometimes I am new

Born and raised in triumph… 46 more words


The Little Light in You: Finding the Essence of Who You Are

Light. The essence of who we are. It is that vulnerable and life-sustaining heartbeat of our identity. Our little lights shape our perspectives, form our systems of meaning about the world, and drive our dearest dreams and passions. 988 more words

Why doesn't anyone believe in me?

The most intimidating thing that stops most movements in their tracks is fear. Fear of being the only one to go after something or the only one to take a stand. 540 more words


The next chapter: Starting a new academic year

Last week I was going to post a blog about how I was feeling about starting third year but feeling terrified was my overriding feeling, and no one needs that kind of negativity, right?! 430 more words

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What You Need To Overcome The Fear Of Failure Or Failure, Is Self-belief.

  • The magic of self-belief is, it gives you the courage to make mistakes and still have the strength and the confidence, to continue until success is achieved.



As Divya came home that evening, her face looked flushed. It seemed she had bathed twice- once in the pool of embarrassment, and then in an ocean of fear. 626 more words