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The value in knowing your own worth.

Most people who follow my blog know me only as an author of historical novels, but novel-writing is a relatively recent chapter in my life. 1,030 more words

The Writing Life: Doubts Part 5: How I Made My Peace with Doubt (Or: How I Reduced Doubt to the Guerilla War Option Only. Or: Be The Shark)

That’s a lengthly title. But for me an accurate one. I have not defeated doubt, I have not cast it into the outer darkness to lie impotent and weeping. 1,132 more words


Believe In Yourself! Motivational Video!

It’s so important while you are redundant to keep your spirits high and keep believing in you! This is one of my favourite motivational videos about believing in yourself. 147 more words


Set your insecurities on fire!!

Don’t believe doubts of others,

They are theirs to keep….

You just let that fire on,

The fire of turning your visions into reality…

Reaching your heart, 70 more words



Some days I feel invisible

Or treated like an animal

Like I don’t matter to anyone

So I just say “fuck you all”

I’m not going to be miserable… 39 more words


Stop begging them to stay!

When someone wants
To walk away,
Just let them.

When someone wants
To leave, knowing
How much you
Really need them;
Just let them.

The problem is… 78 more words


Fire, long hair and re-energised

Reading my book by the fire in a pub with a glass of red wine, on my own.

Seeing Andrew’s long hair at uni. It’s good to have a boss that joins in your definitely-procrastinating-at-work conversations. 23 more words