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Fulfilment at last.

I have been fortunate enough to have been assessed as totally free from my life long mental health problems & am now discharged from the services. 1,056 more words

About My Struggle

Icebergs are Interesting

Icebergs reveal only about one-tenth of their mass above the water. The remaining nine-tenths remains submerged. This is why they are such a nightmare in navigation, and why they make such an appropriate metaphor for writing about health and wellness. 1,086 more words

Life Coach

Celebrating the Birth of Hope This Season

Christmas is generally considered a time of celebration; the season is most often celebrated by sharing time and gifts with loved ones.  The downside is that if you don’t have anyone to share the season with, Christmas can feel isolating, easily becoming a heartbreakingly empty time. 561 more words


Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Bad situations happen to all of us and what may feel really really bad to one person is a mere blip to another person. Like most things in life we should not compare ourselves with other people because we’re not them. 1,156 more words


Do your best,

move that search,

to higher grounds,

push aside doubts,

increase in mass and momentum,

peak where it matters most,

where hope grows faint,

self-belief goes all way ,

Poetry & Quotes

It's not you, it's your programming...

Learning to love and accept yourself is by far the hardest thing we ever have to do. The more you look inwards the more you learn how all your thoughts and behaviours have been programmed into you form childhood. 652 more words


It's Time to Take Back Your Power

It struck me as odd. I knew a married couple for years when one day, the man left his wife. The woman said to me, “My life is ruined now.” 453 more words