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The Power of Positive Attitude

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” ~ Winston Churchill

A positive attitude may not ensure success in everything you do but, without one, dealing with everything (and everyone) becomes more difficult.  211 more words


Never Hide from YOU

It’s ever so hard to recover from what YOU have lost, but nevertheless YOU deserve better for the sake of YOU. From influences and distractions, we can neglect ourselves by mistake, and we can only identify this through growth and reflection. 756 more words


Inner Beauty Embraced 

Hello my darlings!

Hope you’re having a great week!

I’m writing this post a little later than i had originally wanted to ….  but better late than never right ?? 602 more words

Anxiety is my Best Friend

Okay. I’m sure you’re all thinking I am absolutely insane referring to my anxiety as my “best friend”. Either that or you’re all feeling really sorry for me because I clearly haven’t had the greatest experience with best friends based on my analogy. 476 more words


Doesn't take much to make this girl happy

not sure you’re
all good
but when
they told
you today that
did good
that was good
enough 79 more words


Uncha Utho..

Uncha utho…. Upar utho…

Milenge bahut jo kheechenge tumko andar…

Udaan bharo itni door ki…

Chhalaang lagao man bhar ki….

Ki koi chhoo bhi na paye… 16 more words


Making Up Is Hard To Do*

Younger women’s makeup
Must terrify the chaps,
Wondering what lies beneath
Geological layers of slap…
Worrying if they get too near
That things won’t be as they appear, 220 more words