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A Memento: It’s Not Your Fault

A reminder for anyone who needed to hear it today.

I feel as though I’ve been carrying the burden of all of the anger, blame, guilt, violence and bullying directed towards me in recent months. 630 more words

Breaking Free from Mr. Wrong

In a previous post, I mentioned a course that helped me to recognise the subtle tactics used by my ex to manipulate and abuse me. “Learning to Soar: Recovering from Domestic Abuse” is my truth; and not an attempt to vilify my ex. 670 more words


The "mad at me" game and a new vegan recipe

Happy Friday, y’all.

The first full week back to work is never easy after extended time off. A brief interlude to the coast to start this week left me feeling like I never was quite able to find my routine, which I allowed myself to accept. 960 more words



The mourning on Memon hanging is an attempt to create irrational guilt at an unconscious level and demonise India. It’s a variant of Victim Blaming! Should we be happy terrorists kill brutalise destroy desecrate and maim because AFTER the mayhem they share information about involvement of Pakistan which we otherwise anyway know? 218 more words


To Forgive Yourself....

I’ve done some things that I am not very proud of, and as always, the guilt and self-blame return to me… 538 more words


When they cheat

Lately all around me, infidelity is quite the topic. With television, especially. It seems everyone and their pets are obsessed with this issue. I’d like to weigh in on it because it actually hits quite close to home. 395 more words


journal entry: 8.6.14

“I honestly feel like people wanted me to feel like sh**. But, I don’t. I actually feel as though that mistake woke me up to myself. 295 more words