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My Garland Is Not Enough

I would like to dress you up
in my garland draped in my finest flowers.

The cherry tomato red
of my vivid, unrestricted and flowing love, 73 more words


Domestic Abuse

Sometimes people can’t grasp the concept of why we stayed with toxic people.

I say “WE” because I was a battered spouse. I had so many bones broken that I stopped counting – yet I didn’t leave.. 377 more words

Life Lessons

The devil's trap

One more video. One more chapter. One more minutes!

You know you often think of the same thing too. When you feel that you earn that 10 minutes resting time and it swells into 4.5 hours lazy time, it’s always hard to put the phone down and leave that magical place named the Internet. 441 more words


Willy and the Hand Jive

I had to run to Walmart for a couple of bits and bobs this afternoon. I hate the place. I’ve avoided it for ages after being ripped off by a thievin’ scumbag cashier who added cash back to my receipt. 417 more words


Tarot-Christine Ray

it took time

to reach the dusty crossroads

but only a moment

to sell my soul to The Devil

a willing sacrifice

signed the legally binding documents… 137 more words


Get on with it

Did not sleep well. Up at midnight for a very late smoke and games, which then turned into reading and finally drifting off. Woke myself up several times from biting on my mouth guard. 997 more words

The Tempting Trap of Self-Blame: Some Musings

Something I learned last year is that blaming myself for mistakes and problems is a thought trap that’s very tempting, because it allows me to feel in control, when the reality is that I am not. 1,175 more words

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