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012: Negative and Positive Distortions (Part 3)

In this final podcast on the ten cognitive distortions, David and Fabrice discuss Should Statements, Labeling, and Blame. He brings these distortions to life with a case of a severely depressed woman who felt profoundly guilty and devastated after her brother’s tragic suicide. 52 more words

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You have one new message.

Everyone has heard the cliche break-up line but here is a non-cliche (hopefully!) message from depression to you:

“Hey there, you! So you probably know me by now. 194 more words

Spoken Silence #3

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Check out my other posts in this series under Spoken Silence.

Or maybe, browse through some of my poems under… 33 more words


Fighting For Space

I’ve fought for space my whole life.  I used to be quiet.  A shock for those who know me know.  I remember teachers saying I needed to speak up, talk louder.   1,592 more words

An Old Woman's Boobs

Life is truly like an old woman’s boobs.

Sometimes they’re in the sky and sometimes they’re lying basically on the ground. Right now my life is all over the place.

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This Is What We Do

I think I broke our drier and I’m not sure how. All I did is take out the vent to clean the lint out and now it’s making a horrible whirring sound whenever I start it. 445 more words