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Self Blame

Hola mi gente,
All I want for Christmas is a new J-O-B. First thing I’ll do when I get paid is go eat some big-assed crab legs. 436 more words

Manchester by the Sea (2016) Review

A man stuck in grief finds even more to grieve for when he loses his older brother. Going back to his hometown he learns that he’s been entrusted with the care of his teenage son, and crosses paths with his ex-wife. 768 more words

5 Tips for Removing Self-Blame

Self-blame is one of those emotions that can be very crippling. It can prevent us from moving forward from the experience because of fear of what may happen in the future. 792 more words


Perception of Perfection

PERCEPTION ON PERFECTION Let me begin by letting you in on a lifelong process of some forms of self-abuse that I am very familiar with that accompanied me down many dark roads, into many dark situa…

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012: Negative and Positive Distortions (Part 3)

In this final podcast on the ten cognitive distortions, David and Fabrice discuss Should Statements, Labeling, and Blame. He brings these distortions to life with a case of a severely depressed woman who felt profoundly guilty and devastated after her brother’s tragic suicide. 52 more words

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You have one new message.

Everyone has heard the cliche break-up line but here is a non-cliche (hopefully!) message from depression to you:

“Hey there, you! So you probably know me by now. 194 more words

Spoken Silence #3

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