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The effect of coping mechanisms on the severity of bipolar disorder.

Based on the following article: George C. Nitzburg, Manuela Russo, Armando Cuesta-Diaz, Luz Ospina, Megan Shanahan, Mercedes Perez-Rodriguez, Meaghan McGrath and Katherine E Burdick, Coping strategies and real-world functioning in bipolar disorder, … 417 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Pressed from Mindful: How to Practice Forgiving Yourself

Self-blame is a human dilemma. We may blame ourselves for shouting at our kids or not protecting our siblings from abusive parents when we were young, or hating ourselves for something we wish we hadn’t said. 33 more words

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Flash Fiction#2


I think I kill everything I touch.

It is as if my touch has the property to take away life. Very recently, I was trying to grow a cactus plant, and I managed to somehow kill it—something that barely needs love and care—something that barely needs the necessities of a living thing, yet I somehow managed to kill it. 280 more words


Un Errore

One night

One vulnerability

One act

One peaceful slumber

One memory…..

One honest man and one fool.

— that mishmash

Dec , 2015 …one unforgettable month


The Blame Game

I’ve been trying very hard not to get caught up in blaming people or things at the moment. I’ve realised that often people aren’t actually bad people, things just happen. 355 more words


"Sorry I missed...": Executive functioning struggles and self-definition

Today I drafted my one-millionth apology email to a professor, fabricating my one-millionth excuse about why I missed class.

The truth is, no true excuse feels good enough. 776 more words

Mental Health

Depression: Know how to use the good days

My mental illness is a cruel tease. Every now and then, without warning, it will take a vacation. I’ll wake up in the morning feeling… 761 more words

Mental Health