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there is a limit to what one can undertake

I am overwhelmed because of the things I need to take care in my life and mostly because of the things I need to take care of at work. 346 more words


Words # 19

Never apologize for who you are

Or what you feel

(Neither is under your control)


Shutting Down and Closing Off?

The darkness fell over me long before the setting of the sun. The cold of night swept through me, cutting me deeply while the warmth of early evening sun was still present. 489 more words

Healing The Mind

Some thoughts

I wish they would try to understand. I wish they had the capacity to comprehend.

I’m not asking them to know my agony. I’m not asking them to change their lives. 233 more words

My Journey

Day 65: He smelled of booze

Some memories are hard to let go of.  Hard to get rid of.  Difficult to stop seeing over and over again in my mind’s eye.  Some memories come easily, come when they aren’t asked, come when they aren’t wanted damn it.   836 more words


Last month’s post discussed forgiveness, and how forgiving others releases the catabolic energy of judgment in order to allow ourselves to move forward. To begin 2015, we’ll take a look at self-forgiveness, an infinitely more difficult, involved, and potentially rewarding process. 479 more words


No-Blame Wednesday

Inspired by May 13th’s blog post Self-Blame, “I’m Sorry,” and Forgiveness. Her courage to write that blog post is now giving me the courage to write this one. 522 more words