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This Is What We Do

I think I broke our drier and I’m not sure how. All I did is take out the vent to clean the lint out and now it’s making a horrible whirring sound whenever I start it. 445 more words


Exhaustion takes its toll,

Everything seems droll…

He’ll not quit–

Just slow a bit

Maybe a crescent roll?

Riddled with self-blame,

All the louse-ups came… 29 more words

Living in your skin

Having a chronic illness means that you see it and feel it for the grand majority of your life. Sometimes it’s visible to the public and at other times it is hidden beneath your skin. 1,125 more words


012: Negative and Positive Distortions (Part 3)

In this final podcast on the ten cognitive distortions, David and Fabrice discuss Should Statements, Labeling, and Blame. He brings these distortions to life with a case of a severely depressed woman who felt profoundly guilty and devastated after her brother’s tragic suicide. 52 more words

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Putting Romantic Love Into Perspective

You encounter the Devil, and you say; Get thee behind me Satan.

This is kind of what you have to do when devastated by a romantic episode in life, and how is that done………….? 781 more words

Guilt VS Shame

The feeling of guilt stems from the belief that you should have behaved, thought or felt differently. Guilt involves evaluating a specific, chosen and controllable behavior or expression as wrong (e.g. 778 more words

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