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The Satan Within

Often when we think of Satan we think of a spiritual entity that is at war with God and humans. While I am not writing to dispute this, I am writing to dispute the idea the actual devil is around every corner, and or filling our heads with Satanic ideas. 682 more words

When loss consumes you.

Today was alright, by all accounts. I woke up with some strange nervous feelings, not quite anxiety. It just made me feel uneasy. I had so much to do, that apparently I didn’t dwell too much on it. 1,000 more words

Down to the bottom again

Anxiety again. As soon as I woke up at 4AM, I started to feel it. My heart racing, sick in the pit of my stomach, and tightness in my chest. 990 more words

Self blame will destroy you

¬† Well, I probably shouldn’t have had that nap. I’m starting to blame myself for the insomnia and in some ways, the depression and anxiety. I think it’s a part of coming to terms with it. 437 more words


it took time

to reach the dusty crossroads

but only a moment

to sell my soul to The Devil

a willing sacrifice

signed the legally binding documents… 137 more words


Say No to Self-Criticism

We have read about criticism alot and suffered too. Just a word but contains so much in it… It’s probably the reason behind someone’s suicide or sadness. 273 more words


Attempting to Escape Guilt

I sit in my living room on this sweltering September afternoon and feel myself sinking in. The Indian summer has us all groaning, but this is not what has ruined my day. 351 more words

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