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Page 13 - Learning to be Silent

Some things just are not worth responding to. If I hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have attempted suicide. 1,340 more words

Another tough day with the inner critic

I am getting much more aware of my inner critic’s tendency to put the focus on the negative.  The little negative thing can easily become a huge negative thing if I allow the inner critic to have his way, today it was moth holes in my jumper.  1,005 more words

Inner Critic

Mayday, Mayday

Despite being a blog focused on psychology, art and mental health, I haven’t been doing much posting recently about psychology, art or mental health. Though this could be attributed to a number of different things, the most notable reason is that I’m currently in an odd place internally. 339 more words

How I found my Way to Meditation

The Evil of Meditation

I was not a believer of Meditation. I am a Christian. And there is a reason I avoid it.

It started out as a short conversation on philosophy and a short counsel from a well meaning sister in Church: “You should avoid transcendental meditation and eastern meditation.” Those words resounded with me. 589 more words

Life In Design

Finding the Love of a Good Mother and Father Inside

Mother’s day has now passed.  Today I was browsing in our local Chinese dollar shop and there was a radio programme in which the presenters wanted to acknowledge all those Mum’s ignored or blindsided on Mother’s Day by family.  1,605 more words

Emotional Recovery

FUCK YOU: A Letter

I am having a bad day. Repeating emotions coming through to show me something that I hadn’t been able to see yet. Self-blame patterns, shame, guilt, and buried hurts. 1,045 more words


Lesson (Short Story).

This is a lesson for you to learn, that you can’t hide your pain forever. Someone will find the truth and will listen to your upset. 332 more words