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How to Talk to a Stressed Person

I recently went through a series of unfortunate events. Things always come in groups, right? I won’t go into details, but it’s been a miserable month with my Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD – welcome to Canadian winters?) kicking in to top it all off. 391 more words


World View

I function from the world view I have been taught/have developed based on experiences. Unfortunately, it’s not always accurate, and that creates a problem. By this I mean that I’ve learned to accept responsibility for more than my share and layer guilt upon myself when I can’t make everything work. 350 more words


Sunday Club for People with Drink Problems - Don't Suffer in Silence - Are you being Bullied? By Tiffany Belle Harper

Whilst I was the victim of bullying on a social platform – as most of  my tasks were to help animals suffering the most extreme abuse, I found it very difficult to cope during parts of 2010 to early 2015. 1,176 more words

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Have a peaceful day!

This morning, When I was on the way to work, I saw a massive jam from my normal route. Of course, there was another way to go to work and I believed “perhaps the jam was temporary and it’ll be better.” Moreover, I checked with my phone apps, It stated the normal arrival time without indication of any hazardous. 252 more words


What Stories Have You Been Telling Yourself Lately?

Often, when we’re in conflict with ourselves or others, we are upset based on a story we’ve told ourselves about us or about the other person or situation. 33 more words

If Your Almost-Relationship Didn’t Work Out, I Bet You’re Doing This To Yourself

“Do you think it was because you’re vegan? You know, guys get very turned off by girls who only eat certain things,” my mom had called me to ask. 1,237 more words

How to talk to a Pregnant Lady

I am 12 weeks pregnant. Am I happy about it? Mostly. It’s a huge change. I don’t do change well. I’ve stayed at a job until I was physically ill and vomiting regularly from stress because the pain of changing felt worse. 435 more words