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My Husband Blamed Me - Short Story

My husband’s last words were an accusation. Nathan blamed me for his death even before it happened by his own hand. Nathan had always been like that, in life and in death, always finding ways to make his mistakes someone else’s fault, usually mine. 3,816 more words


"i love you"

I just finished watching a short anime series called Violet Evergarden. It follows a child soldier who gets a job as a ghostwriter to discover the meaning of the words, “I love you.” 626 more words


Twenty Months- Roz Weaver

It’s been twenty months

but at least once a week

I still discredit my mind’s version of that night

interrogate memories like they owe me answers… 104 more words

Sugar Whore

And am I some fucked up Ophelia?
Checkmark on my chin
I’d almost say molested is worse than raped
And trust me, I’d know
Does being molested by an aunt’s uncle-in-law count? 223 more words


Reader: Is rape an inevitability?

One response to “As a result of your latest post i have made the decision to not say that rape is worse than murder… 278 more words


How To Forgive Yourself For Something You Shouldn't Have To Forgive Yourself For: Healing Self-Blame After Abuse And Assault

There are many legitimate things people can work on forgiving themselves for – from minor mistakes to major mishaps. Yet so many of us are struggling with a sense of blame that does not actually belong to us, for events that were outside of our control, for crimes that were committed by others inflicted upon us. 1,166 more words


We have feelings for a reason

In many ways the rational enlightenment, which was a critical turning point in human history together with the ascendency of patriarchal forms of social control put paid to so called ‘irrational’ feelings.  1,413 more words

Emotional Recovery