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Lesson (Short Story).

This is a lesson for you to learn, that you can’t hide your pain forever. Someone will find the truth and will listen to your upset. 332 more words


The illusion of self blame

It came up today in therapy again as it does the issue of self blame.  How when things are painful I blame myself for what really lay outside of my control from a young age and I had no power over.  705 more words

Emotional Recovery

Deep, deep day

I woke to rainy skies today.  I woke in a peaceful place before PTSD flashback started to work its way through my body psyche trying to keep me pinned. 1,398 more words

Emotional Recovery

Not as triggered : some small steps forward

I wrote this post on Tuesday.  I didn’t post it.  Same old, same old beat up by the inner critic, even though my therapist thought it showed a sign of growth. 616 more words

Self Care

The empty space we are left with : the pain of unmet needs.

I just read a very well expressed post on the legacy of trauma of being left with an empty space of unmet need from childhood posted by… 886 more words

Emotional Recovery

030: Live Session (Mark) — Empathy Phase (Part 2)

After reviewing Mark’s scores on the Brief Mood Survey, the Empathy phase of the session unfolds. During this phase of the session, David and Jill will not try to help, rescue, or save Mark. 438 more words

Feeling Good Podcast

The One Discussing the Dissecting Problem

We can’t help but continuously think about the past. I keep wondering what could have, would have, should have. One can argue that dissecting what happened can help us figure out our mistakes and learn to not make them again in the future. 432 more words