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Anger with my therapist leads to deeper reflection

I found myself feeling a lot of anger towards my therapist, Kat yesterday.  The intensity of what my body goes through on any day and any night as a result of having recently had this tooth removed on the back of a traumatic head injury at occurred after a time I so needed family support and was once again denied it at the end of my marriage bites me hugely.  1,425 more words

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Why and how we disconnect from feelings and the body

I came across the following quotes from Sylvia Bretton Perrera’s book The Scapegoat Complex, which I wrote down a while ago today.  They really struck home : 459 more words

Emotional Recovery

The Undertow : reflections on the Inner Critic and the Inner Child

Many thanks to a fellow blogger for inspiring the title of this post.  I just reblogged the post in which Laina Eartharcher addressed two powerful forces of our inner world : the inner child and the inner critic.   847 more words

Inner Child

A survivor of war

I awoke this morning in such a shell shocked state but with a kind of quiet calm around me, on a clear, bright, crisp morning of sunshine.   1,691 more words

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10 Reasons Why We Need to Talk about Social Anxiety

This is what I believe passionately. It’s why I wrote the book: Social Anxiety Revealed and why I’m so excited about its publication next month. 672 more words

What Is Social Anxiety?

Self-Blame: An inner study

“I don’t blame you for leaving me, I blame myself for not being good enough.” –

Somewhere in my childhood and successively failed relationships, I learned how to blame myself for everything –!  280 more words