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Self-Care Roundtable: Unemployment and Job Hunting for Artists

At the start of 2016, a number of friends and cohorts embarked on the difficult process of job hunting. Some are struggling through unemployment and depleting savings. 2,389 more words

Self-Care With Writers

Jo Chiang: The Neoliberal Trap of Self-Care

Jo Chiang is a Taiwanese-American actor, writer, filmmaker, and activist based in New York City. Her film work has been featured by Women & Hollywood, Athena Film Festival, Wifey.tv, Everyday Feminism, and Upworthy.  2,466 more words

Self-Care With Writers

Self-Care for Writers: Key Issues, Key Steps by Harriet Hodgson

Starting a new writing project is exciting. You had the idea, planned the chapters, and the time for writing has come. When I’m working on a book I write for hours, think about revisions constantly, and even revise in my sleep. 620 more words

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