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Finding Your Happy Place- Even During a Pandemic

This is my Happy Place
Photo by Artem Beliaikin

So many blog posts for the past seven months have started with the phrase ‘2020 has been a(n)….year’, and it’s true. 584 more words

Looking After You ♥

Patience is a Virtue

In the age we live, where there is instant-gratification for most things, the effect of having to wait for anything can cause us to become impatient. 455 more words

Why I decided to be “selfish”

Well it’s simple! I realized not taking care of myself was getting me NO Where! I was dry! My skin was flaky! My hair looked like I fought with a comb and a blow dryer and yes, they won! 512 more words

Self Care

Productivity = self-worth?

Hey, I hope you are doing fine ( by fine I mean let’s pretend you are not drowning in work and procrastinating it and ended up reading this, chances are I made you read this) 753 more words

Racial disparities in medicine

I just saw a post where condolences were given for a young, African American, female 2nd year med student that lost her life due to complications from pre-eclampsia. 228 more words




It’s a bit later than usual to do my monthly recap but I’ve been busy, so it’s been kind of difficult to piece together my month. 877 more words

Comfort Food and Conversations

When I was growing up, our kitchen was the heart of our home. People dropped in and the coffee pot was always on and the cookie jar full or there was a cake cooling on the counter. 706 more words