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Live, laugh, love

Live, laugh, love,

if NOT for yourself,

then do it

for ME

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Technology Dependence and Writing - How to Survive Without Devices

I had to get my laptop battery replaced the other day, because it was dying on me way too fast and that obviously isn’t cool (especially when you’re a writer with heavy dependence on your tech). 703 more words

Not All Sunshine and Unicorns

Happy Monday – Just a short VLOG to kick off the week. Luv Alex xo


What If You Let Your Life Flow?

I’m realizing lately that life doesn’t have to be so complicated.

We make it complicated. We add in all sorts of moving parts and pieces that really aren’t necessary to our well-being. 350 more words

Mental Health

Make Haste to Help Us, O God

Twelve days ago my husband had a medical emergency, and while he does feel better now, he is still in the hospital hooked up to various medical things, waiting for more tests and next steps. 1,515 more words


Dark corners and crafts.

I have a vague headache and I’m deciding between marijuana and ibuprofen.

The numbed-out life has an appeal.

I didn’t eat breakfast until about eleven. Definitely headache-contributing behaviour. 846 more words


Coronavirus Diet - Chapter 9 (Fitness Mania)

I’ve always envied those people whose compulsion lead them to manic exercise. Of all the ways I’ve been obsessive & compulsive, it would have been cool if I’d chosen a healthy path instead of the crazy, drunk, screamer route. 808 more words

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