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No friends - Five friends

Battling with a weak self image seemed to plague my early days as a Christian, actually it propelled me to Christianity. One day as I was battling with my university studies, I felt very blue with not a friend in the world. 186 more words

A Cup Overflowing

For me

This post is just for me. I am not writing for you to read this. So if you’re looking for some genius work or something part of #blogging101, then this is not for you. 207 more words


Enduring Happiness

Enduring Happiness

I’m assured that there is a Chinese Proverb that says,

“If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap;

“If you want happiness for a day, go fishing; 341 more words

One of the greatest mistakes we can make is become to comfortable in out present situation. This can be anything but it is usually in financial terms when beginning to gain independence . 623 more words

For God's sake, it is Christmas!!!

Never thought I would get so angry at someone so close to Christmas but I did… I love the idea of Christmas and what it represents. 404 more words