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Biting The Hand That Nourishes

Dodging the raindrops, umbrella arbitrary

Amongst plethora o’ undeserving thorns, a rose though not fragrant

Even though ‘team’ in maintenance, selflessness forthcoming not

No ‘i’ in lager but matters not to the misguided ego. 88 more words


My journey from self-centred and depressed to altruistic and happy…

Welcome to my blog. My name is Pete, thanks for stopping by and reading my story. I guarantee there will be something you can learn from my ramblings in these pages where I describe my experience of how my ego has affected my life so far and what I plan to do about it. 187 more words


Common objections to Christianity

With the many conversations I’ve had with people about Jesus, I have found there to be many objections to faith in Christ. There are common threads, though, that pop up in conversation that seem to arise because of hatred, suffering or denial of facts. 1,396 more words


Yes you.
I’m talking to you!
Out there in the real world.
Were you just going to walk right by,
Seven billion people – 61 more words


Learning Mandarin is alone hard; let's fail in public instead!



I’ve been learning Mandarin for about 8 months, one of which has been spent in Mainland doing a heck of a lot of studying. 219 more words

Mandarin (Pǔtōnghuà)

tarry a while (ii)

“Society nowadays tells people that their happiness is all that matters but happiness is never found if it costs someone else’s theirs. That is not what happiness is, nor would such a person deserve it, because happiness is forged by the setting aside of self and in doing for others to make them happy first and foremost, so if you have to hurt another human being to “find your happiness,” then you have no clue what the word actually means or what it’s willing to do, and in being so self-centered and entitled, it’s veritably tragic that the only care and concern you have is for yourself.” ― … 491 more words


Last Train

I dream of a time to come,
when white horses will pull themselves from the earth
and gallop across the green hills once more.
Carrying riders to an everlasting sunset, 265 more words