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Self-interest and altruism are not polar opposites.


People are usually assumed to be either self-centred or altruistic (first table).

However, self-interest and altruism are both part of a broader spectrum of motives (second table). 45 more words


Just as we now know
that the Earth is not at the
centre of the universe,
understand that you
are not the centre
of the world.

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Children are not for me

Children are not for me; the older I get the more important being alone becomes to me. I do not become less self-centred and solipsistic, I become MORE self-centred and solipsistic. 106 more words

You are self-centred

What i have to say or what i have to give you, perhaps nothing. A life painter that can paint your life with happiness and a comedian can splash the smiles on faces and I am not both, maybe it’s a reason of my sadness. 301 more words


150426 Ego 

Above the mountains
Alone in the clouds
Around you a grey mist shroud

Down the mountains
Live poor peasants
Laughing at them aloud

High above you wear your crown… 63 more words


Logging In

It is a beautiful April morning. The outside temperature is pleasant and there is not a cloud in the sky. A lady is being dragged across the road by the five dogs that are in effect walking her. 512 more words