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The best damn guide to becoming self centered (hypocrites, please excuse us!)

Suffering and struggle are often caused by a lack of self-centeredness. You can avoid much trouble by staying self-centered at all times! I’m sharing some tips on why and how to do that. 1,099 more words



I want to wear that dress she was wearing yesterday

I want to fill my Facebook wall with family photographs

I want to get wet in the rain and munch some hot snacks with friends… 383 more words

If I Were A ...

Aside ~ Entitlement

synonyms: right, prerogative, claim
the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.
“no wonder your kids have a sense of entitlement” 64 more words


SOS: I'm confused and annoyed. Help please!

I have been talking to this guy (we’ll call him Jimmy) I met in Melbourne every single day since we kissed when he was in Sydney four weeks ago… 682 more words


Can you help to build on this idea?


Self-interest and altruism are not polar opposites.


People are usually assumed to be either self-centred or altruistic (first table).

However, self-interest and altruism are both part of a broader spectrum of motives (second table). 45 more words


Just as we now know
that the Earth is not at the
centre of the universe,
understand that you
are not the centre
of the world.

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Children are not for me

Children are not for me; the older I get the more important being alone becomes to me. I do not become less self-centred and solipsistic, I become MORE self-centred and solipsistic. 106 more words