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My lips form ‘hello’
But my mind says
‘Let’s go’
welcome one and all,
to the ‘All about me’ show.

In an instant I’m reciting… 148 more words


Pricks on the road.


So I’m noticing one thing on the road a lot. Stupid, selfish drivers. I can’t even drive and I know how to drive. Yeah, let that sink in for a moment because it doesn’t sound right at first but eventually it clicks. 1,035 more words


How to Save a Life

So.  My dog.

Really, he was not meant to be my dog.  I am not even a dog person.  But, in the end, he is my dog. 1,460 more words


mamajab reblogged this on yesterday & tomorrow and commented:

I originally posted this on my other blog.  When I read today's daily prompt, I immediately thought of this post. I am not sure what this says about my sense of humour.  You will understand when you read it.  However, when I think back on this night, I have to laugh.  Because if I don't I might just cry.

Read the room!

An ability to be humble is a great thing but are there times when it’s not the top trait you need to show? Sometimes you need to get buy in by expressing your credentials.   125 more words

Organisations And Teams


We all have it!  But how big is yours?  Does it get in the way of your ability to lead?

Do you often:

Decide not to heed sound advice or ideas just because it’s coming from a particular person? 103 more words

Leadership Insights

The best damn guide to becoming self centered (hypocrites, please excuse us!)

Suffering and struggle are often caused by a lack of self-centeredness. You can avoid much trouble by staying self-centered at all times! I’m sharing some tips on why and how to do that. 1,099 more words



I want to wear that dress she was wearing yesterday

I want to fill my Facebook wall with family photographs

I want to get wet in the rain and munch some hot snacks with friends… 383 more words

If I Were A ...