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Amazon Go-How it works??

Recently Amazon released a video which could be the best example of Silicon Valley’s favourite word: Disruption. The video shows Amazon’s latest product, a self check out grocery store, … 941 more words


Supermarkets and Airports

Today I took part in the almost masochistic ritual of a supermarket lunch hastily grabbed in a few moments’ brief departure from the office.  Without any real thought I grabbed the components of that standardised deal we’ve all suffered through – a thoroughly unsatisfying sandwich, an average packet of crisps and a bottle of something fizzy that will probably kill me before the cigarettes do.  2,783 more words

General Rant

Using Self-Checkout

I was standing in line at the store.

Clerk:  Ma’am?  Can I help you over here at self-checkout?

Me:  Um, OK.

I followed her to self-checkout. 326 more words

The Curse of Self Check Out

Last week the Mrs. and I visited Giant, our local super market. Throughout this great country of ours we have these stores everywhere with different names. 1,196 more words


e-bloody-Passport gates

Unless you’re scuttling about in the document-free Schengen zone, an international journey means passing through passport control. This is rarely an experience worth travelling for on its own account, but sometimes a briskly cheerful British immigration officer can make your day at the end of  a long homeward journey, with a bit of banter about the weather. 725 more words

Diebold unveils contactless mobile payment self-checkout concept for retail market

Diebold, Incorporated, a provider of innovative self-service solutions to top retailers, is introducing a new mobile-enabled self-checkout concept. Building on Diebold’s omni-channel expertise in the financial services industry, the new concept combines the core capabilities of the automated teller machine (ATM) with the convenience of contactless mobile payments and self-checkout. 223 more words