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Wandering Librarian: Wilton Library Association

Wandering inland I found myself in Wilton, CT and decided to visit the Wilton Library Association (AKA the public library). Housed in a modern 1 floor building, the public floor wraps around 2 courtyards. 207 more words

Half Truths: Exhaustion, Vacations and Lipstick

Leaving to spend time with family and hospitalized for exhaustion. Recognize these as code speak? In the business world, an executive is “fired” but the reason is given as spend time with family. 947 more words


This Dog Pays for His Own Treats

In case you needed another dog in your news feed, here’s one checking himself out at a pet store.

A video was posted on Reddit… 79 more words


Why so many options?

Why do we need so many options?Why fix what’s not broken?

Maybe I’ve just just had too much time to think lately.
Like mother keeps telling me, “Michelle, you are getting old dear.” 505 more words


Amazon Go-How it works??

Recently Amazon released a video which could be the best example of Silicon Valley’s favourite word: Disruption. The video shows Amazon’s latest product, a self check out grocery store, … 941 more words


Supermarkets and Airports

Today I took part in the almost masochistic ritual of a supermarket lunch hastily grabbed in a few moments’ brief departure from the office.  Without any real thought I grabbed the components of that standardised deal we’ve all suffered through – a thoroughly unsatisfying sandwich, an average packet of crisps and a bottle of something fizzy that will probably kill me before the cigarettes do.  2,783 more words

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