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Coach Thyself: Self-coaching with Appreciative Inquiry

Many of us only speak with our coaches once a week or a couple times a month.  In the in-between time we are supposed to be working on our goals for next session, but oftentimes we get derailed and find ourselves losing focus.   572 more words

I can learn something from everyone I meet.

Reading Swedish film director Kay Pollak’s book “No Chance Encounter: Meeting Yourself in Others” some ten years ago was one of those eye opener you get once in a while. 564 more words

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Thirty- second Mandala - Incomplete Mandala

Sometimes I feel as if I can see clearly the path in front of me, sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes there is no vision and no idea of what should be the next step, the next colour, the next pattern to add. 684 more words

Mandala Sketchbook


Throughout my childhood and well into my adulthood, I had this feeling of being worth less than others. One striking example of its manifestation is that I would get anxious and intimidated if I had been asked a question by a stranger, to an extent that… 578 more words


Twenty-eighth Mandala - Behind the veil.

Behind the veil and web of intricate thoughts and stories, I tell myself, lies my deeper truth.

The intricate web of stories and false beliefs I created to protect my deeper vulnerable self from disappointment, shame and ridicule from protective shield became a prison. 223 more words

Mandala Sketchbook

Twenty-seventh Mandala - A Borderline Undefined Mandala

A Borderline undefined Mandala.

It is a different Mandala or maybe not. I’m not sure if it is different in a good way or not, but in this journey I’m trying to accept all of them, to bring all of them to the light: the ones I love, the ones I feel connected with, the ones that I understand and the ones I’m not sure I fully understand or that leave me a bit perplexed or unsure. 252 more words

Mandala Sketchbook

Will I reach the top of the hill when I turn 50?

We have all seen the illustrations of human ageing; the babies followed by young children and teenagers going upwards in a stair case or a hill side. 812 more words

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