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Nurturing relationships to build Trust

It’s easy enough to get tied up and busy with one’s day-to-day work responsibilities and forget to build and nurture key relationships. One way to remind ourselves is to reflect on who and what really matters and then to plan trust boosting activities.  283 more words

Self Coaching

Tracking Daily Habits

I was watching Youtube videos on the habits of octopuses when I saw a recommended video about someone’s “Bullet Journal”. 6 videos about this topic later, I decided 2 things: 504 more words

Building Habits

How Clearly Are You Communicating? How Do You know?

One of the things we probably take for granted is how we communicate with others so that we don’t bother to check whether the receiver of our communication really understood our message as we intended. 481 more words

Self Coaching

Be Happy - How to Stress Less

Life can be stressful and chaotic, but generally only if you allow it to be.  Sometimes you need to just slow down and take things one at a time. 1,016 more words


Mountain spirit

This is how I start… travelling and observing.

Today I traveled to the mountains of Transilvania. No, it wasn’t to the ski resort or a fancy restaurant. 197 more words


Being Self Aware & Taking Responsibility for Your Feelings

I love coaching and I am working on my own business coaching program. I think everyone should hire a coach but in this post I want to help you get ahead of the game so when you do hire a coach you are already self aware and you already know the areas of you life you need coaching on. 1,134 more words

Forty-first Mandala or First Mandala of the second year- The One Year Mandala

It started a year ago this strange journey through shapes and colours.

It started without a destination, reason or timeframe and it is still a journey with no map, boundaries or rules. 146 more words

Mandala Sketchbook