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Being God

Yesterday, on my WhatsApp status, I put this up – “Yes, this may be a not-so-strange question . . .but . . .What would you do if you were God for one day? 710 more words


Put on your own oxygen mask first - looking inward so we can parent effectively.

I am teaching my 7 year old daughter to do her own laundry, and she’s totally into it. She tells me when her clothes hamper is getting too full and she needs to put clothes in the washer. 1,314 more words

5 Steps to Declutter Your Life and Self-Coaching Prompts to Guide You

I’ll be perfectly honest with you, it took two attempts to write this post. The first time I sat to brainstorm, research, and write, I got completely distracted by the idea of cleaning out my closet, kitchen drawers, and files that I took the rest of the afternoon off to clean house…  After gathering and ridding two trash bags worth of clothing donations, a grocery bag of recycling, I regained my focus, the second attempt was one of free flowing creativity, and abundant words at my fingertips! 722 more words

Positive Living

Be the Boss of Your Brain

*I am not an expert. The people I have learned from are not experts about the human brain. Regardless, some of the things I’ve learned make so much sense, even if they aren’t true, it is helpful to think about things in these terms.* 554 more words


Defining Success for You

Sometimes just knowing how valuable you are is not enough. You also need to figure out what situations in your life might trip you up. 266 more words


The Key to Better Work-Life Balance

We hear a lot about the importance of “work-life balance” – the elusive equilibrium between making a living and living our life, the balance between work and personal time. 401 more words


Core Beliefs - Our Life Sentence

There are many levels of healing that we undergo throughout our life times when on a journey of self-discovery and self-development.

I invite you to reflect and explore your core stories and trust this post will offer you insight and more freedom and acceptance of self. 418 more words