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Spotlight Impression

One thing I’ve observed about our self-presentation/impression is a similarity which it shares with theatre or the stage and that is – you’re almost as much as always being watched. 441 more words

Millport 10 miler race recap

Last Sunday I ran the Millport 10 Miler Fun Run. This is the third time I have participated in this event (previously known as Michael’s Movers Millport 10 Miler) and as ever it was a friendly, efficiently organised occasion. 504 more words

The newer isn't always better

I’m prone to googling subjects I have little clue about or when I am, just in general, confused. During one of these instances, I stumbled upon a great piece of poetry by Rudyard Kipling from 1910 which instantly reminded me of a more classical piece by the King Stephen, the first king of Hungary, the ‘ 607 more words


Why Are You Single

Life can be frustrating when you know what you want but never seem to find it. Especially when it comes to romance and relationships.

It’s bad when someone asks ‘why are you still single’ while extolling how wonderful and ‘nice’ you are. 1,336 more words


The new you (with new boundaries)

It’s rare to be offered an opportunity to completely reinvent yourself. Over the last few years my professional self has experimented with making changes to improve efficiency and well-being. 599 more words


What matters in life?

During the Holy Week, many of us may have vacations, staycations, or just a simple and quite time for reading, prayer, and reflection at home. Checking LinkedIn, I stumbled on this short video by Marshall Goldsmith on “What matters in life”?   101 more words

Self Coaching

Forty-fifth Mandala - Unicorn Tears Tea Mandala

I am drinking a Unicorn Tears tea and I wonder what if it really contains Unicorn tears? Would it contain any magic? If I can let go of the need to think that anything, I do or believe, should make sense, have an explanation or being scientifically proved and, just for this moment with this cup of Unicorn tears tea, I allow myself to believe in what might appear unreasonable but enchantingly magic, what could I believe? 545 more words

Mandala Sketchbook