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Thought To Belief!!

Something hit your mind,

It was a thought,

A random thought…

But what you can do is,


Decide whether to let it pass like a thought, 95 more words


Why Should I Care?

You calling me blah…

But should it really matter?

Your words, your thinking,

It’s all yours nothing mine…

Why should I care about everything?

Everything you say or think… 83 more words


Purity comes at a high price. There was no getting away from that.

145 more words

happy new year! let's talk emotional intelligence.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done any writing. The last part of 2017 was a real whirlwind. Lots of personal and professional changes happened and, to be honest, my life has been kind of up in the air. 1,299 more words

Anger Kills You Inside!!

That instant urge to vomit rude words,

Shout loudly on others,


The ultimate succumb to tears,

That’s all anger brings along…

No matter how loving your heart is, 81 more words


It’s not about them, but you...

The world fails,

If you decide to win…

The fears fade off,

If you stand tall in front of them…

It’s not about what others do or say, 87 more words


Parenting Self Control

Self-Control and parenting go hand-in-hand.

Listen to learn different parenting styles and how self-control impacts your parenting. Plus learn how to be more intentional in exerting self-control in difficult parenting situations. 47 more words