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Boundaries - Checklist Mantra

Learning to create and keep boundaries can be hard at times so a reminder like this can really help. I spent a full year copying 62 more words

Self Control

4/19/2018 - Twenty-Seven

I’m turning 27 in a few hours. I’ve fasted for 45 hours up until 30 minutes ago. I had a bit of mango while I started to prepare my dinner. 349 more words


What can we really control?

What can we really control in our lives?

We can’t control other people’s thoughts or actions, we can’t control how they act towards us… What they do or do not do… If they keep their promises to us. 60 more words



While body remains stagnant, mind always wanders,

Never restrained, as it steadily wonders.

Chain of incidences, how keenly it ponders,

Efficient enough, no moment it squanders. 107 more words

Creative Writing


If you want to make a change,just make a change.

Your job is to give the exam not check the paper.

You can learn from your mistakes only when you make mistakes and correct them. 23 more words


Keep Your Focus Where It Should Be

“Applying wisdom to your life each day will help you keep distractions and foolishness away.”

A person should never allow themself to become distracted by what other people are doing, and also by what other people may have because it can cause them to get off track and become so unfocused until they no longer have faith. 96 more words