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Fixing Myself Is A Full-Time Job

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Victimization Through Self-Imposed Tyranny

We fall victim to tyrannies such as dissatisfaction and time. We are dissatisfied with our lot in life and we become miserable over what we don’t have and unfulfilled desires. 672 more words

Day 271 - Physical integration

After my last post I am continuing with the re-alignment from the conscious mind experience into physical awareness direction.

Scripting some slowing down and preparing for practical change to prevent going into thinking while doing something – specifically some physical activities, such as gardening, dish washing. 1,667 more words


“First there was the collapse of civilization: anarchy, genocide, starvation. Then when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse, we got the plague. The Living Death, quickly closing its fist over the entire planet. 52 more words

Day 679: Morning Zombie

This is a pattern I can easily identify within myself nearly every morning of my life. Its like I am carrying this background feelings of dreadfulness, tiredness, even slight depression, crankiness, agitation etc. 730 more words

Day 242 - Writing the blog re-alignment

I see I have not written the amount of blogs I decided to, so opening up some points to here to direct and re-align.

If I look into myself, it’s simple – I want to write as much as possible, there are so many things I realize, I want to share, I want to direct, write through, prepare, support myself with – it’s every day like that, no exception. 2,123 more words

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