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Blame Yourself First

In this life there is always black and white, there is always right and wrong. There is always a part where whatever happens is always have another side that we don’t know about the unseen truth and fault. 207 more words


How might parsing spoken data present greater challenges than parsing writing?

This is a very broad question, ultimately answered empirically by the performance of a particular parser.

However to predict performance, we might consider the types of structure that a parser is likely to find difficult and then examine a parsed corpus of speech and writing for key statistics. 1,104 more words


The spiral of addiction

I spent most of my 20s in a spiral of codeine addiction, completely disconnected from myself and everyone around me.

It started innocently enough when a friend of mine, who loved experimenting with painkillers, told me that Nurofen Plus was the absolute bee’s knees. 848 more words



But that’s how people are. Judging is human nature.

It’s in our genes, our blood.

We assume things about people without actually knowing anything about them. 64 more words


The art of letting go

There are two common phrases that, in my opinion, are grossly overused by well-meaning and well-intentioned people – “love yourself” and “let go”. Both of them can be as frustrating as hearing “Relax!” when you’re fucking relaxed. 1,093 more words


Ex's and F' You's

So today, I opened the wound. I went and I searched for his Instagram, scored through friends to find his face in a thumbnail photo. I feel terrible. 416 more words

Using Self Forgiveness to See and Understand Me - An Artists Journey To Life: Day 820

Today when I woke up I experienced a resistance to getting out of bed mixed with a depression energy. I decided that I would speak some Self Forgiveness on my drive to work and see if I could open up within me what this experience was all about as it has become something of a familiar experience recently in the mornings, particularly when I work. 816 more words

Journey To Life