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All old and outmoded forms of the body and psyche must be discarded. The spirits of the Undead Gods must inhabit a new vessel which has been cleansed in the holy fires of ordeal, trial and hardship. 220 more words

Tempel Ov Blood

Ascended Master Saint Germain - Self Correction - 2-20-15


Beloved Saint Germain:  Self Correction

We all rejoice exceedingly in the wondrous, loving presence of the students—for the great harmony, joy, and accomplishment that has been attained. 323 more words

Saint Germain

Confusions of Grandeur

In response to my previous post, a young (my age judgment may be way off, I’m just going by the creative use of punctuation marks) mind by the name of ‘confused’ left a very insightful comment. 1,549 more words

Post Within a Post: There is no Hardcore

I made a major mistake when I wrote about Wii Sports last year, and I’d been meaning to talk about it for a while now. So imagine my surprise when I find an old forgotten draft addressing just that! 984 more words

Video Games

How science works

My previous post discussed the myths surrounding the “replication crisis” in psychology/neuroscience research. As usual, it became way too long and I didn’t even cover several additional points I wanted to mention. 1,611 more words

The Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a sphere of consciousness, in which there is no individual being desirous of, or capable of, creating an inharmonious or destructive vibration through the use of the creative centres of thought, feeling, spoken words, or action. 182 more words

Personal Development