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[JTL Day 230] Preventing further annoyance

Continuing with the Annoyance/frustration point from my last post:

Movement and change – frustration/annoyance

Recently I did not experience much of a frustration, however things went quite bad around sometimes, but I was able to apply common sense and rather focus to remain here and deal with facts than going into… 2,502 more words

SULLEE J: Innovative Mind

Article by Sullee J (musician/contributor)

Foreword by Vijay Shah (blogger/editor)

Baltimore-based rap musician Sullee J has consistently wowwed hip-hop fans across the Atlantic and across the seven seas with his amazing musical style, eminent collaborations with the cream of national and local hip-hop talent, and of course, his powerful vocabulary and lyrical expression. 1,217 more words


[JTL Day 229] Movement and change - frustration/annoyance

  • (The blog moves from Blogger to WordPress – only due to technical limitations of Blogger – currently WordPress seems to be less limited – I am not yet sure that I would keep the…
  • 5,863 more words


We’re all on a journey of self-improvement whether we acknowledge it or not, and self-improvement is essentially the same as self-correction.

Being a spirited youth, perhaps I overshot the mark at times, and also being somewhat lackadaisical, maybe I undershot the target, but that’s how self-correction works. 107 more words


day 662: what to write about

Cool blog I read today about ‘what to write about‘. This is a point I often face myself, asking what I must write about, and should I write about the same points over and over again, fearing that would lead a very boring blog. 469 more words

On Error Correction

(Image taken from: http://theheat.dk/blog/?p=1753)

There are so many things written on the area of Error Correction. It is Scott Thornbury (2006, 56), among others, who writes that “[t]he amount and type of correction favoured by teachers is closely related to the teacher’s attitude to error, which is in turn influenced by the teacher’s theory of language learning.” 475 more words



All old and outmoded forms of the body and psyche must be discarded. The spirits of the Undead Gods must inhabit a new vessel which has been cleansed in the holy fires of ordeal, trial and hardship. 220 more words