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Putting words into my mouth


careful phrases that explain
how I only want you for a week or a day
and tell you this is no more than a game I play… 47 more words


Out of This Misery

I shed tears
like waterfalls;
feel your absence
like an iron
pressing flat my heart;
my mind bends spoons
and makes elephants disappear;

and love, 36 more words

Creative Writing

What Self-Deception Does To Us, According to Dostoyevsky

“The one who lies to himself and believes his own lies comes to a point where he can distinguish no truth either within himself or around him, and thus enters into a state of disrespect towards himself and others. 51 more words

Sinners, All

“He who cannot find water in the sea is not more foolish than the man who cannot perceive sin in his members. As the salt flavors every drop of the Atlantic, so does sin affect every atom of our nature.” -Charles Spurgeon

Living by numbers

She lived her life by numbers, expecting good luck on days which were multiples of six, weeks which were multiples of four, months which were multiples of two. 712 more words

Considering Contentment in Church Life, Part 2

Last week I brought up the envy and discontentment that we can feel in church life because our church is as “x, y or z” as another church. 949 more words

Why We Struggle To See the World and Ourselves Correctly

“Therefore, we can postulate that the mirror of our consciousness became cracked by sin, and the reflection of the world on that cracked surface would provide us with a knowledge of the world that is not altogether incorrect.” -Abraham Kuyper