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False front

A winning smile
hides a heart in pain.
Lips mouth the scripted words.
Nothing more than empty platitudes.
Performing the routine,
motions by rote memory. 18 more words

The 42% - Part One: Delusion

Who are the “42%”.

Forty-two percent of the people on this planet have not heard the Name of Jesus. That means they have no reason to hope and no chance to be sure of eternal life. 687 more words

Bling, Rings, and Blind Spots – Alan Bond and the Capacity for Human Self Deception

“They say time is the great healer. But the extent of Australian gullibility when it comes to the life and crimes of Alan Bond seemingly knows no bounds.”

2,213 more words

We’ve All Been Dishonest In These 3 Major Ways

1. When we’re into someone

What many of us tend to do:

Lie, mercilessly. Pretend we’re not into them. Pretend we’re into someone else. Pretend we’re into that wall over there. 1,313 more words

Rabyd Philosophy – The Book of Rabyd 2:6 – “Life is the Future, Not the Past”

I am not a big one for living in the past.  One of the great problems of living in the past is that it really does not help us with the now or the future.  263 more words


50 All-Time Classic Quotes About Lying


Women lie about their age; men lie about their income.
—William Feather


Lying is the most fun a woman can have without taking her clothes off. 928 more words

How Self-Deception Makes Us Monsters

 Found these words in Iain Duguid and Matthew Harmon’s book, Living in the Light of Inextinguishable Hope: The Gospel According to Joseph. In the section quoted, they focus on Genesis 38 and Judah’s woeful choices: 413 more words