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Are you good at self-deception?

How scientists fool themselves – and how they can stop

In 2013, five years after he co-authored a paper showing that Democratic candidates in the United States could get more votes by moving slightly to the right on economic policy, Andrew Gelman, a statistician at Columbia University in New York City, was chagrined to learn of an error in the data analysis. 50 more words

Behavioral Economics

If You Tell The Truth You Never Have To Remember Anything

Prior to entering the  program, lying was a problem for many of us. We would lie to ourselves constantly. Not being able to admit to that we were addicted to drugs, or alcohol or food fueled our lying. 205 more words

Violence in the Society of the Spectacle, Culture of the Narcissist

The faces of perpetrators are plastered all over the news, accompanied by dissective dossiers on their lives and possible motives, as if there is some epiphanal  revelation to be gleaned from satisfying our salaciously voyeuristic appetites. 155 more words


Conflict Avoidant

She always ran away from the battle with herself. Even in her own heart’s privacy, she excused herself, saying, “If he hadn’t said so-and-so, it would never have happened.”

D.H. Lawrence

Rabyd Philosophy - Identity and Being Yourself

I have been thinking a lot about identity and what makes up a person’s identity.  Mostly this is because of English Class but I have to say when we look at identity and what we consider ourselves to be philosophically it becomes a bigger and deeper question.  485 more words



We here at the Internal Apparatus are simply trying to make the world a better place. The best way I can see to go about that endeavor is putting an end to all forms of deception. 558 more words

Self Deception

People lie to themselves for many reasons, the most prevalent of which, I assume, is that they like the comfort of whichever lie makes them feel like their world makes sense. 247 more words