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The Seduction of Alternative Facts

When truth provides
no real comfort,
hope wraps her
like sturdy arms,
murmurs alternative facts
with conviction in her ear.

Sometimes, she takes refuge there: 21 more words

Julie Ayers

Captain Playactor

Captain Playactor

Cap’s big head just got bigger — and lighter.
On his own line the prick is a biter–
and has reeled himself in. 29 more words

Self-Deception and Cognitive Dissonance

Can you hold two completely opposing or conflicting thoughts in mind at the same time and still be in peace. Not a chance. Human mind needs a resolution of conflicting points of view to maintain equilibrium. 771 more words

Evolutionary Psychology

Deception Falls

If you have never stopped at Deception Falls, while traversing Stevens Pass, you are missing a beautiful spot. Now about my personal deception falls.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, 131 more words


Myth Smack: We're Polarized

It sounds counterintuitive to say that we’re not polarized as a nation. We see each other as almost separate countries.

There are people from every state who say they are¬†willing to tear apart their communities and save the “good ones” from the devastation, whether that’s snarky liberals on a blog or gun-toting secessionists in the Mountain West. 896 more words

Citizenship 101

Delusion, Illusion, Mental Contusions

Does your head hurt? Mine does. After the last couple of years, it seems like reality has been warped and twisted that we do not know what side is up. 558 more words