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No Excuses, Just Results

Many people engage in a toxic self-deception that manifests itself in making excuses; they give themselves all the leeway they wish and manufacture excuses which they tell other people to elicit sympathy. 158 more words

Of All The Deception In The World, It's Self-Deception You Should Be Most Worried About

You deceive yourself into thinking you have enough time. That tomorrow you’ll begin, that tomorrow you’ll be ready. When in reality, you will never be ready; you will only become better at self-deception, more adept at short-circuiting the winding, buzzing parts of your curious mind. 277 more words

How To: Separate Real and Fake News

Separating fact from fiction is one of the most important tasks we have as citizens. Sure, there’s the high-minded political philosophy that we must seek truth to be whole, but I’m just talking about practical terms. 1,245 more words

Citizenship 101

Is regret regretful?

So many memes on regret and forgiveness these days. I’m not big on blind or universal forgiveness nor do I argue that regret is regrettable ( ;) )! 2,270 more words

Engaged Living

Logically Speaking

Logically Speaking

You teach logic, intelligent guy?
You’re a master of thinking? My, my!
Though my interest is slight,
I do read what you write— 15 more words

Day Seventy-Three: Affirmation

Daily Journal:

I am now almost two weeks behind on updating my blog, due to overtime at work, errands, and other activities. I will get back on this week, and work backwards through the last couple of weeks if time permits. 434 more words

Self Enslavement: The End to Individual and Collective Unreality...

Self Enslavement

Self Enslavement: 

The End to Individual


Collective Unreality… 

A life without fear…is the most simple and uncomplicated life one may choose to experience. 78 more words