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The Open God Through the Scriptures – Samuel – Eli and Samuel

If there is any evidence against the idea that Samuel was fated to his end as a prophet, it is probably the fact that he grew up in the tabernacle when the priesthood was basically corrupt.  356 more words


‘The sweetest melody is an unheard refrain’ (a poem)

Since I was put out of commission yesterday by Sneezefest 2015, I am posting a second poem today. This one is inspired by a line from the ABC song ‘ 106 more words


Finding Wellbeing in Film

In a slight departure from our usual specifically wellbeing-focused posts, today I thought I would write about the psychological themes in a film I watched and was particularly struck by at the weekend – the Boxtrolls. 849 more words


Her higher power

Her higher power neutered was,
An entity with no because,

A muted god without a word,
Unmovable away or toward.

Herself it seemingly ignored,
Her god was truly self absorbed.


No Lettuce or Tomatoes

Did anyone ever take your words and twist them into something you did not mean?  It is not hard to make a meaning different from what was originally intended. 1,615 more words

Why Does It Matter Whether Homosexuality Is A Choice?

I think that the reason people think that choice in gender preference matters is the same reason why people who ask that question are, so far as I’ve seen, utterly unwilling to follow that question to the uncomfortable places to which it might lead. 735 more words


The Impostor In Me

I am an impostor. I live inside this persona of brilliance and bravery,

Behind a blinding smile, and an eloquent tongue.

A gentle human being with a kind soul, and humility. 1,034 more words