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Why Self-Esteem is Self-Defeating (video/PragerU)

Kids nowadays are taught to have high self-esteem. They are told that they should feel good about themselves because they’re unique, which makes them special. This, though, is exactly the wrong advice. 43 more words

Intellectual Dishonesty

“There is no truth.”  This truth claim is a self-defeating assertion.  In order to assert it the speaker must exempt his assertion of a truth claim from the truth he asserts.   15 more words

Intellectual Dishonesty

Utilities fighting against rooftop solar hasten their own doom

❝ Several of the big trends in clean electricity depend, in one way or another, on batteries. How fast batteries get better and cheaper will help determine how fast renewable energy grows, how fast fossil fuel power plants get shut down, and how fast the vehicle fleet electrifies.

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Self-Defeating Social Media

Activism is very trendy on social media and in social networks. Someone in your network, I’m sure, is intent on saving something – be it trees, wildlife, the environment, some poor misunderstood politician, or something else. 464 more words


Resilience in the MODERN WORKPLACE

Zoe Foster, Coach, Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Why would a business be interested in resilience? It sounds like something for the individual to manage, right? Between 2015 and 2016, the UK workplace lost some 11.7 million working days to stress, anxiety and depression (HSE, 2016). 1,741 more words


How We Give Ourselves Away: The Perceived Virtue of Modern Martyrdom

Forever and a day ago, when I got my first car – one of those old Volvos that weighed two tons – I remember being told “Keep the gas gauge above half full. 2,521 more words


The Awestruck Leader

Leaders without a passion are merely managers. Managers have their place but management is not synonymous with leadership. Mere managers neither aspire nor inspire. Managers can be leaders but leaders are more than managers. 586 more words