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Venus Gave Me Furs

She wrapped them around me,
Mistress casting me out in the cold,
A savage beating left me breathless,
But she still tried to keep me warm. 278 more words


The Asocial Media

The Asocial media

No #1 Textbook Uncyclopedia

No longer can we take ourselves seriously

Hiding behind fictitious avatars mysteriously

Perusing through news satire incuriou… 18 more words


♫ Anything I Can't Do, Can't Be Done Better ♫

The US “can’t leave” Afghanistan (or Iraq for that matter), simply because that would be “self-defeating”, in their own words.

This post inspired by LA Times op-ed: … 195 more words

A Friend, Simply

As a friend you have much better insight

You ask a lot of me, but it is what I requested

You would like the mystery of my light… 162 more words

The self defeating mind

Our minds are set up for stability, for continuity. We preserve and protect the beliefs we learn as children. Yet we cause ourselves suffering as a result. 229 more words

#freekaren: Government's anti-radicalisation kit sparks ridicule on social media - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Social media users hit their meme-makers in support of ‘Karen’, the fictitious indie music fan held up as an example of violent extremism in a new Federal Government booklet. 16 more words


Post #3 of 15: Give Up On Self-Defeating Self-Talk

We are too hard on ourselves. It is a competitive world out there and we are mostly doing battle with ourselves. We need to pump the breaks, take a deep breath and remember to take the time to compliment ourselves. 198 more words