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By Charles Robert Lindholm

To The Fantasy
Of Being Rich Someday

To Face The Reality
Of Being Poor 32 more words


The voices in my head...The ongoing self-defeating, self-sabotaging conversations we have with ourselves.

Do you talk to yourself? I do. It is not a psychotic symptom. I am not talking about auditory hallucinations here which is part of Schizophrenia when one hears voices, mostly destructive. 921 more words


Is it failure or compromise?

I feel as though I’ve taken on too much and I’m at the point of tipping.

But isn’t that just an excuse for not trying? 412 more words


A different person at night

I sit here confused. Frustrated, even, about my confusion.

A ball bouncing around in my head as if two athletic people are playing a challenging game of racquetball… 321 more words


Why Self-Esteem is Self-Defeating (video/PragerU)

Kids nowadays are taught to have high self-esteem. They are told that they should feel good about themselves because they’re unique, which makes them special. This, though, is exactly the wrong advice. 43 more words

Intellectual Dishonesty

“There is no truth.”  This truth claim is a self-defeating assertion.  In order to assert it the speaker must exempt his assertion of a truth claim from the truth he asserts.   15 more words

Self-refuting Statements