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Things you should know about the streets & how it works.

Road and streets are
for commute, but some make it their home (not that they like it) and for some,
it is their workplace. While we try to keep the commute as short as possible, 1,060 more words

Krav Maga Chennai

Day 27 - Modern Day Self Defence

China 2019 – Day 27, Tuesday, 13th August

Today has been my last day at the tai chi school and as ever you have mixed emotions about these things. 1,520 more words

Tai Chi

Martial Arts Hoppers Crossing Point Cook can Make You a More Composed Person!

A person who is fit physically doesn’t mean that such person is also fit mentally or psychologically. There are many fit men in this world. But ask them about the fact that are they fit mentally? 236 more words

Martial Arts

Robopocalypse or Robotocalypse

Got to love these new descriptors of Armageddon.
Except while the scientists are still talking about morals and ethics in AI, some more feral militaries have already created Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWs) that are quite capable of taking out humankind. 225 more words


How Martial Arts Gives You The Confidence To Honestly Express Yourself 

Legendary actor and martial artist, Bruce Lee, once stated that ‘martial arts means honestly expressing yourself.’ During his short life span, Bruce Lee blessed us with  500 more words

Martial Arts


I don’t see it as being “reclusive” or being “anti-social”.

I see it more as “Self-defence against the stupidity of others…”