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Telling People To "Not Respond" To Negativity Just Might Be The Oldest Trick In The Book

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I’ve always heard people say “Just ignore it”, “Just ignore it”, or “Don’t Let It Bother You”, to other people who are dealing with someone who bothers them or does something negative to them. 363 more words

Society Norms

to flow fearlessly

I think I shared once or twice that I spent my whole life in and out of martial arts – since I was 4 to now, it never really left my life, even when I wasn’t formally taking lessons. 802 more words

Emotional Abuse


We at Wise Conservatism and Tom’s Place wish to offer our sympathies and prayers to the victims and their families of the Parkland murderer.

The bodies weren’t even cold when the usual suspects began calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment, banning assault rifles, banning all guns, create & pass more gun control legislation, etc.

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Gun Rights?

Choke Defense!

Here’s our approach to dealing with a choke.  The defense is simple and works from any direction.  The key thing to understand, though, is that learning self defense is not about acquiring a collection of techniques. 54 more words

Krav Maga

Female Empowerment

I’ve been a on a women’s leadership retreat this weekend and it was AMAZING. I didn’t expect to learn so much from so many empowering women. 125 more words

No More Utopian Claptrap, Please, to Address Existential Atrocities

I’m not interested in using this space (or any space in my life) to demonstrate to the world what a morally superior being I am.  I could protest the sadistic carnage inflicted routinely upon pencils as we grind them down to nothing, one after another… and you wouldn’t have thought of that, and your very shock would satisfy me that my conscience is lightyears ahead of yours… but I’d also be wasting your time and mine. 1,027 more words

Cultural Meltdown