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Annihilation (2018)

Hi guys! I know I usually review romantic comedies or romantic movies, but I thought I would try something new, which scares me since this movie is Sci-Fi, and I am certainly not a Science person. 2,760 more words


The Trail

What prompts one to find the trail of sadnesses

Until the day their imprints appear on the heart

Upon daily treading, the overgrown grasses perish… 72 more words



Sometimes those you desire are willing to give you a part of themselves. But you want them whole. Complete. And so you refuse to take the incomplete. 197 more words


Of Mountains and Avoidance Behaviours

I don’t know the science of depression. It’s not something I’ve ever studied, but have only ever had happen to me. I can only talk with any authority about my own personal experiences with it. 3,486 more words


Can't escape the Self

Shaky arms, cold limbs.

Spinning head.

Stocky breath.

It’s fear.

It’s easy to focus on other people and tell them how they’re supposed to live their life. 412 more words

Mental Health

Poète Maudit



consumed by the feather-pen fire

antithetical phoenix

destroyed in his very creations

accursed immolation by libertine ethos

deranged in a beautiful suicide

posthumous poetry

sewn with audacity… 20 more words


24 hours after Biggest Bender -- and breathing

After the Biggest Bender of my (gambling) lifetime, I want this one thing: Time to march ahead quickly.

Getting far, far away from the damage — is what I want. 394 more words

After The Gambling