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No way out

*Apologies in advance for possible incoherence, and please read with caution if you are any way suicidal or prone to thoughts of self harm or substance misuse* 661 more words

Mental Health

The Resurrection Man

I think you will recover

No more Mr Self Destruct for you

You were isolated from health and sanity

Walking on the path of total destruction… 41 more words


A crash course on self-destruction

From one post to the next, it’s somewhat plain to see that my moods are very much situationally dependent — what seems upbeat one day can easily sour the next.   515 more words


Why The Villain Is A Stronger Role Model Than The Princess

On our most recent girls’ nights, my buddies and I decided to re-watch some of the Disney classics (both the 1950s and 1990s era) to see how they hold up in modern times. 1,415 more words


Drabble 1

Breaking my heart is not an if, it is a when. It is a must. So forgive me for not allowing half measures. When I lay my eyes upon you, and my heart beats so fast I run the risk of it ripping itself away from my arteries and jumping out of my chest, I know the greatest inevitable mistake has been made. 124 more words

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Rhetorical phrases and

Incomplete sentences

Take me to a past

That I never really had

Should I let go?

Or embrace this newfound

Abstraction within?



Never will you understand my delight
That you have denied your spirit’s light,
In succumbing to the malnutrition
That emaciates your soul.
Now that puerility has dominated your will… 115 more words