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Chasing the Rabbit

DISCLAIMER: I do this from time to time…just write. Stream of consciousness. Felt like rambling tonight. I don’t edit it per se, but if I just posted it without some tweaking it wouldn’t be readable. 321 more words


Where are you

I am here waiting

Where are you?

I am here just holding out my hands

Where are you?

A life lived less freely is travelled… 36 more words


The Voice of Annihilation

The Voice of Annihilation
For the innocents

Not really like Bird Man..
but the voice is one we all know and fear.
The whisperer of deadly-bad advice, the coaxer to oblivion. 268 more words

Karima Hoisan

storytelling: the scary stories we tell ourselves

A knot ties in your stomach. Heat streams through your system. Palms get sweaty. Your heart somersaults between every beat and your mind goes blank. 440 more words

German Plane Crash

This is a bit of a deep post but some days humanity shocks me. We constantly create and invent things that are intended to develop and supplement our existence, but underneath it all we create things that also allow us to harm each other. 131 more words


Tell yourself NO when necessary. Learn discipline. Stop falling back into the same habits as before, being around the same people, making the same mistakes. 219 more words

Lies and Deceptions on the Left: The Politics of Self Destruction

Source: Global Research, by Prof. James Petras

Over the past year, what appeared as hopeful signs, that Left governments were emerging as powerful alternatives to right-wing pro-US regimes, is turning into a historic rout, which will relegate them to the dustbin of history for many years to come. 299 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies