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twisted and kinked
ropes of darkness
hang brains from
powdercoat gallows
transmuting the
psyche disabling the
organs of dreams
choking choice
freely burning all… 89 more words


nothing did we gain....

All these bottles

and syringes around me,

loaded with chemicals of pleasure,

ready to pierce our vain

waiting for a little pressure.

And as it spreads   13 more words


Loneliness and Solitude | Part 1

Loneliness isn’t new, and it isn’t going away. This post is about my loneliness, since I don’t know about your loneliness.

I can’t count how many times 634 more words

Spiritual Formation

we all have our beasts

When did this become a thing, these self destructive tendencies
Thoughts so harsh even my German grandmother would say no more
This from a woman who grew up in a time of war… 174 more words


Take a moment, a minute, or multiple to recollect your childhood. Close your eyes and remember. I’ll wait….

What is your very first memory? Is it your fourth birthday party, a Barbie dream house, the taste of your favorite candy, or your attempt at bike riding? 179 more words


Never to be chained again

I sold my soul
For a new ego

I gave away my 61 Travelall and 69 Harley for $900
And bought an 85 Maxima on payments… 97 more words


The decomposition of the brain

Substance abuse is one of the major contributor for brain damage; well on sarcastic level multiple options are available however I am here to talk about the negative thinking and over thinking. 657 more words