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A plea for help

Somebody please help me
I’m the mechanical engines
Rotating on nervy wheels
For any Henry and Percy
To ride me straight to hell.

Somebody please help me… 21 more words

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“Peace at last”-the last coherent thought he could form before removing the syringe from his forearm. As the dim lights blurred, he felt an embracing warmth. 307 more words

All aboard the titanic! 

I spend a lot of time of late wondering just why people go out of their way to shoot themselves in the foot, from the daft sods who on queuing up all night for the latest iPhone, manage to drop them on concrete on the first day, through people who get bad tattoos or take stupid risks with drugs to those daft buggers who go off on adventures with zero planning only for the rescue services to have to deal with it at insane cost. 796 more words


On Self Awareness and Self Destruction

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Isn’t the human mind a real mystery?

One day I feel low and self-doubting and the very next I am self-aware and self-loving. 231 more words

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Soon | A Poem

This is about a girl with a damsel-in-distress complex, she seeks a hero so she self destructs just to be saved. She like most of us forget that the only person or thing that can truly save us is in the mirror. 99 more words


For All We Care: Reconsidering Self-Care —

In this analysis, we identify the normative tendencies in conventional self-care rhetoric, discuss how to undo the unequal distribution of care in our society, and explore the potentially transformative power of illness and self-destructive behavior.

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The Resurrection of the Pre-Raphaelite’s “Fallen Woman” in Thirteen Reasons Why

The Netflix adaptation of Jay Asher’s novel of Thirteen Reasons Why has been well-received around the world. This is due to its freshness, beautiful-looking cast members and nail-biting plot. 1,256 more words