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When Hurting Stops Helping

I hurt so bad right now, and I can’t stop crying, just a fricking sobbing puddle of FML. The very nature of self-destructive coping mechanisms is that they stop working, they desert us. 852 more words

Recovery From Trauma


Comey: Have no info that supports Trump’s wiretapping tweets:

Mar. 20, 2017 – 5:44 – In testimony to the House Intelligence Committee hearing, the FBI director confirms that neither the FBI nor the Department of Justice has evidence to support President Trump’s claims alleging Obama ordered wiretap… 422 more words

Foolish People

SELF-DESTRUCTION: Aντί πολιτικής, «συνομιλίες»!

Kαβάφης: «Xωρίς περίσκεψιν, χωρίς λύπην, χωρίς αιδώ… ανεπαισθήτως».

Γράφει ο καθηγητής Χρήστος Γιανναράς 

Για πολλές δεκαετίες από την εκκόλαψη του μεταπρατικού ελλαδικού μας κράτους, σχεδόν δύο αιώνες, ζήσαμε με την καύχηση για τους αρχαίους προγόνους μας. 56 more words



she keeps running


refusing to face herself


truths await to be exhumed

unconsciously, she revels in her own demise– lost soul.

©2017 Liza Morales


Nigger: A Forbidden Truth Analysis of Race-based Ego Destruction in Amerikkka

Every 21st century society and government must and does engage in a systematic, lifelong campaign, begun on the day of birth, to destroy the ego of every human being. 1,084 more words

Social Commentary

Craving Darkness | 15/03/2017

Have you ever been so drawn to something without knowing why? You feel a pull in that direction, with no explanation but the desire drives you there no matter what? 447 more words



Piously robed in green she stands,

Bowing her head and folding her hands,

Was she praying before she ate?

No, just readying to prey on her mate! 39 more words