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The Voice That Says "You Can't"

His heavy booted foot hovered dangerously over the delicate patch of flowers, only fresh little sprouts at that point, saplings that were still tender and too sensitive to the sunlight. 224 more words


I'm Fine

I’m tired of seeing other women afraid to ask for help, believing instead they must shoulder the world themselves, to manage alone. I’m sick of hearing other women being called “bossy” when they delegate responsibilities to others, aka ask for help. 539 more words



In more ways than one, I am approaching rock bottom. Physically, psychologically, emotionally, financially. I am a disaster.

I left the hospital, but the truth is that I should still be there. 617 more words


As someone whose life has been highly influenced by chronic pain, fatigue and a lovely assortment of mental health problems it is unlikely to be a surprise that I┬ádon’t feel happy. 539 more words



Oh to see my curtains in a state of upheaval

My wardrobes and vanity reduced to ashes

The very bed I sleep on burnt to the ground… 82 more words


Things we want to think of as friendly, but aren't

During the Falklands War the Royal Navy’s destroyer HMS Sheffield was sunk by a single missile fired from an Argentine fighter jet. It caused some people to wonder if modern surface warships were obsolete, sitting ducks for today’s sophisticated missiles. 95 more words

Self Deception

#8 Your Write to: Stay Clean

Hemmingway was a boozehound and he’s a legendary writer! Why can’t I do it too?! In a very PSA style video, here are my thoughts on the romanticization of self destruction for the sake of creativity.