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Those Self-Destructive Weeks

I have a bit of a self-destructive streak that I try not to indulge actively. It’s not a seriously overt thing, really. I don’t take risky gambles with my life like challenging biker gangs to duels or riding a unicycle along the edge of a cliff or attempting to bake. 539 more words


Numb (2016)

A short film directed by Penelope Lawson, Numb tells the story of a young woman who’s in the wake of tragedy struggles to find an emotional connection, leading her into a dark world of promiscuity. 200 more words

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I think it is too late.

I will see other people fall in and out of love. I will observe them exchanging secret glances and looks full of promise. 152 more words

Not today

I am not a happy person. And that’s an understatement.

Whilst never officially diagnosed with any clinical conditions (and I never actually cared enough to self-diagnose, because it’s nothing, but a mere definition, that contributes to nothing), I can only say, that I might be just a tad self-destructive. 235 more words

Something I never thought I would say...

“Hello, I’m an addict.”

I am still uncertain if those words truly apply to me, but I had a call with a close friend last night who suggested I may want to consider the possibility that I am.   1,127 more words

The Resurrection Man

I think you will recover

No more Mr Self Destruct for you

You were isolated from health and sanity

Walking on the path of total destruction… 41 more words


Art or Self-Destruction?

Some view tattoos as a sign of prior delinquency and/or related to gang violence and some view tattoos as a sign of expression or inspiration of self-worth. 512 more words