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Away from Chaos

Few yawns, squinting eyes and lazy moments

Trying to settle down in an untimely reverie

A boisterous world wishes to invade the peace

Disharmony of recalcitrant minds at play… 93 more words


A Self-destructive Man

I held the phone to my ears with my hand over my mouth. I had been told that the father of my child, the man I loved had been arrested at the airport for drug-trafficking. 1,687 more words

Influencing Policy

Celebration of Homosexuality is a Sign of a dying Culture

I’ll look at meaning of homosexuality in comptemporary Western society from a secular, practical perspective. Modern Western society promotes and celebrates homosexuality. This is different from merely tolerating or accepting homosexuality, although one might argue that tolerating homosexuality eventually leads to promoting it. 558 more words


The Flute Player of San Francisco

You can’t kill my dreams cause I don’t fucking sleep

There are demons in my head and they’re making me weak

I don’t pressurise myself cause I can sing and not speak… 202 more words


Our CONSCIENCE: The Good, the Bad, and the Uncomfortable

LIFE is full of decision-making, whether we are young in life or old.  

I can look back today at my childhood and often wondered in making decisions, 1,362 more words

God's Word

Body Image: It's A Family Affair

My mom and I were kicking back in the grass of Sheep Meadow in Central Park last summer when it hit me–we needed to write the manual on positive body image in the context of the mother-daughter relationship. 939 more words


Custody of creation is precisely custody of God’s gift and it is saying to God: “Thank you, I am the guardian of creation so as to make it progress, never to destroy your gift.” This must be our attitude to creation: guard it—for if we destroy creation, creation will destroy us!

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