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I woke up today convinced i’d make things right, no more strife. I’d make you sure your decision to keep me was right but I don’t know why I do the exact opposite. 441 more words


She traced her fingers along the lacerations on her neck and thought of that night. How does one descend so deeply into self hatred that they’d tilt their own head back and take a knife from ear to ear? 232 more words


When I Hurt You.

“How could I do this?” She screamed aloud in her room as her walls became painted in peach. The sunrise was a treat for many but it had now became a sore reminder of her own indifference that kept her up until five in the morning. 115 more words

My Agony

I live in struggle with my agony
My mind is screaming, asking for relief
Let me free, save me from my misery
Take me to a place where there is no grief… 65 more words


Gangs of Wasseypur [2012]

A gang of heavily armed men scour and finally narrow down on a house in Wasseypur. They surround the house and unleash a wave of bullets and grenades on it with the intention of killing the family inside it. 21 more words

Feature Film


If dissonance were to settle down for long, it corrodes every possible organ 

Waiting for a miracle to rinse them with impure water is contradictory… 48 more words