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Home sweet home?

Food has been my drug of choice for as long as I can remember. My tool to self destruct. Sure I toyed with booze, exercise, a brief stint of stimulants… But food is the true way to hurt myself. 377 more words


Staring at the Truth

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Fractures and wounds

In my dream I’ve found a bird with a broken wing. The nightingale. Stubborn creature wanted to fly and kept on deepening the injury. I caught it and it started to peck my hands. 139 more words



Sean Michael, July 2015

The attrition is steady,
like water running over rocks,
the ebb and flow of a bloody sea,
as I contemplate suicide. 116 more words


a soup du jour

I was eating my soup du jour
for lunch in the old diner in the corner
and saw them from the window.

they were en route for the food and pleasures… 63 more words


ètude #19

I will dissolve my pricks of conscience in the bile of sarcasm and in the sweat from the palms every time I break another boundary. 44 more words


Is The GOP On The Path To Self-Destruction?

We have all seen it.  A close friend or family member on a path to self-destruction.  It may have been a buddy in your freshman year of college who was more interested in partying than hitting the books. 745 more words