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Second Chances To Do The Right Thing

Some of the most dazzlingly beautiful moments in life are when I’m making amends for past bad behavior. Perhaps because I was in trouble often as a kid (at school, at home, at friends’ homes, in public) I’m more comfortable with being in the wrong than others. 1,517 more words



A Promise to Betray

I see your longing desire for me

I see you’re hastening into me

I, your demise, won’t be unfair

If only you please give me a hear… 242 more words


Sustainable Suicide

Some people suffer from physical disorders or illnesses.  They are easy to see or diagnose, whether it’s from some blood work or an X-ray or CT Scan whatever.  364 more words

Self-Destructive Tendencies 

At the beginning of this month I intended to post about depression. Then I got depressed. Eighteen days later here I am wondering how in the f*ck it’s lasted this long. 397 more words

Possession Obsession

I’ve had a complicated emotional relationship with money since I became aware of its awesome power. As a kid I believed my family was on the brink of destitution. 1,092 more words



*artwork-via www.houzz.com

he was the lamb wishing to be the shark,
years of struggling, and he did get there, but i never came, 576 more words


I attached a strong stigma to feeling lonely, believing this natural human state of existence to be a sign of a major flaw–being unlovable. Or worse, “lame”, that defeated state all kids, from middle school to college so desperately try to avoid. 911 more words