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Dear Diary

Today I …. Ok, so not a diary entry but rather a memory. At the age of around 11 I began to write a diary. It was a real beauty. 424 more words

Mental Health

reflection #6

peeping on myself
through the bullet-hole
in the rear-view mirror.

(unfamiliar to the gaze of my eyes).

I discern this rusty armor
that is dejecting my lust, 32 more words


Waking Bells

Eyes fly their shutters open,

A horrid bell rings,

A funeral bell to be sure,

Its chime rouses me to greet the new dawn.

But in my dream I was in another place, 68 more words


Foreign Temples

I am as strange a substance to you as I am to myself. Uncomfortable with the inherent guise, I am not settled inside my body. Every curve and every twist is an itch that turns into a wound. 221 more words

Those moments… when someone who knows you well stops you and tells you to simply stop… and you do…

You stop. You breathe. And you realise the path of destruction you are on… self destruction. 396 more words



I am there

but it seems inevitable

to ask

how to survive on poetry



for the room is pulsating and pulsating

my breath shaking and trembling… 64 more words

If it's a trial he's set before me, then let me learn it's lesson quickly by staying close and connected.

I’m at a point in my life once again where everything is actually going quite well. And yet, I’m still running through the motions just to get through each day. 362 more words