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This is what we do for fun

Dancing in the strobe lights

Feeling the vibrations

Of the beat

Sweaty faces, swaying limbs

We’re all slaves,

Can’t you see?

Robots swaying to the bass… 120 more words

Watching Daylight Pass Over

Unmotivated. Surprised, no?

Yeah, didn’t think so. Mind’s reeling. Exhausted. Sleeping just seems to make me more so. Slowly storyboarding tonight. Whatever…

Self-destruction just puts me in limbo I’ve noticed. 420 more words

Self Alienation

Self Alienation

The slow suction of life itself
Trickles down my brain
Finding its way past hope,
Self absorption.
Seeping into the world of me… 45 more words


A-Z Challenge: Secretive S

The damage of silence

Was it her?

I ask in earnest, watching your lips stay firmly closed. I know that you think this method is the easiest, that somehow your silence on the subject will halt the conversation, stop my pursuit of the truth. 532 more words

Creative Writing

Saints of Decadence

Don’t know who the artist is or what the art work was actually titled.

I think of this as being symbolic of decadence though, in the same sense of decadence that was exemplified by Oscar Wilde via Dorian Gray. 96 more words


i. It's Like My Mother's Baking

This is the standard from

which I base my taste

for baked goods

I can tell when

it’s not her best

I can tell when she tries… 74 more words