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The Last Cigarette

He was smoking his last cigarette, sitting on a dirty pavement, staring at the crumpled empty pack lying in the muck of the streets; it had rained recently. 251 more words

Snake Eyes and the gambler's finished his drink

Riding off, following the dropping sun
Close your eyes
And go under
The fading waves
And the hate
Dimming far off star
That burns to the touch… 17 more words


Bungee Bastard

They’re using my insides as bungee cord
To see how close they can get to hitting the ground
The intestines unravel
Bondage before they throw me overboard… 6 more words


Killing Me Softly: What my First Tinder Date Taught Me

**** TRIGGER WARNING: Self harm, rape, and casual sex are discussed.

Sunrise In a Darkened Hotel Room in Washington, D.C. 

I woke to the sound of his labored breathing. 2,312 more words

Emailing Secret Information? You Can Now Send Self-Destructing Gmail Messages

(CBS SF) — Google has recently released two new features for its Gmail messing system to prevent disastrous emails from ending up in the wrong inbox, and now a plug-in to ensure confidential information stays private. 193 more words


Title me Poem

Nibbling on the cheese
At the great reveal
Call me man, call me monster
I am RAT
In my labyrinth
To move at all
Is to speed towards… 37 more words


A man walks into a bar...

Already pretty faded from San Miguel and smoking sessions with my friend. I walked to the bar paying attention to the cute Ukrainian bar maid, then ordered a Czech Pilsner because it’s what I used to get at the bar with her. 393 more words