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Dropping Out of College

There are many different paths one can follow to succeed in this world and they all don’t follow the conventional routes of school, college then work.  319 more words

Don't go broke building your business!

I am passionate about helping others succeed through owning their own business.  My joy truly comes from seeing their successes and watching them grow and become leaders.   1,022 more words


Solving Work Related Problems Methodically!

There will always be times in work when despite best efforts things are just going completely wrong and not according to plan.  If you take the time out to study exactly what has happened, you will usually see a pattern to it and in that pattern is always a recipe for improvement or a signal to change direction and quick. 288 more words

do you, DO YOU?

do you, DO YOU?

Its hard in today’s world, to go it alone, at some kind of level we’d all like to fit in, to share some common ground with some people. 494 more words


Moving into Management!

So you have put in hours and hours of hard work and your employer has finally asked you to take a step up to first line… 325 more words

Step 1: Love yourself

Loving yourself
Listening to your body
Respecting your needs
Honouring your intuition
Acting on inspiration
Expressing gratitude
Playing with creativity
Using your voice
Owning your power… 15 more words


You can not control every part of an interview!

I am so disappointed, I felt I did a great interview and I still didn’t get the job, What? This is not an uncommon occurrence as there are so many factors at play during the interview itself and broader hiring process that you unfortunately have no control over.  304 more words