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Do You Focus Too Much On Lack?

I think we can all be guilty of this. When life isn’t quite going our way we focus on just that – that life is not going our way! 559 more words


Facade & Fenstration

Exciting New Projects

Elk Recruitment, as winners of the Best Niche Recruitment Firm 2016-Global, can offer job seekers the chance of placement within the Fenestration, Façade & Window and Door industry throughout Europe and Asia, as well as North & South America.  301 more words

Self Development

MedTech and Medical Device Manufacturing

More College Graduates Entering Manufacturing Roles

One of the most misunderstood statistics in relation to today’s job market is the way manufacturing employment numbers are processed by the general public. 314 more words

Self Development

“You” are not Your Rational Mind*

“You” are not Your Rational Mind*

In the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Especially Compassionate,

Previously, I had explained why the best translation for the Arabic term… 1,899 more words

Mental Health

The Importance of Mindset In Your Journey To Happiness

Happiness is subjective – it can mean different things to different people. What will make one person happy may not make another feel the same way. 681 more words


Life Secrets 101 (Continuity) 3

Vision is very good, and mission also fuels one’s drive, but the space of continuity cannot be erased. The picture of the future is more powerful only if continuity has her way. 79 more words

Vitamin Of The Mind

Life Secrets 101 (Preparation) 2

The level of your preparation will determine the degree of your usefulness.

There are two things that preparation does among others:
1. Preparation creates space… 101 more words

Vitamin Of The Mind