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What Makes a Good CV?


What makes a good CV you may ask. Despite the plethora of free information available, 1000’s of CV’s have passed my desk for junior and senior candidates and most of which are simply not presentable! 331 more words

Self Development

The Four D’s of Productivity

Embrace a New System

Each individual whether looking for a job or engaged in medical jobs in India aspires to achieve more in less time, in other words wants to maximize productivity. 529 more words


Being Intentional

Wow – see how quick New Years Resolutions fade?  I haven’t posted on here in 3 weeks!  At least I haven’t been a total slacker – just been working on myself.   299 more words


Are you in or out of the closet?

I had to laugh when I read the second blog prompt as I don’t really know how to answer it. I don’t think it was ever a case of being in or out of it really. 302 more words

Self Development

Simple Kindness Promotes Big Happiness!

Sounds obvious, right? Kindness is one of those basic humanistic straits that is found in each and every one of us. We crave kindness from others and we project kindness towards those around us. 733 more words


Being Alone First: On Morning Prayer

Inspired by a dear friend to start a morning regimen of devotional reading, prayer (which for me takes the form of writing, natch), and scripture reading, I have begun to realize the power of being alone with God before I encounter anyone else, how it can not only draw me closer to Him, but also better prepare me to for the demands of the day. 388 more words


The Science of Sound – Proves You Are a Cosmic Instrument*

The Science of Sound – Proves You Are a Cosmic Instrument*

By Christina Sarich

An ancient understanding of the cosmological universe puts forth that inaudible music calculates the position of the heavenly bodies in our skies. 1,288 more words