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Seeking Approval

Why seek opinion or approval?

If you become dependent on others’ opinions and approval, you may lose touch with your own inner compass, your intuition, your inspiration, your enthusiasm, your love. 148 more words


Immigrant Designer Goes From Homeless to Wealthy, Then Sells Everything to Help Others*

Immigrant Designer Goes From Homeless to Wealthy, Then Sells Everything to Help Others*

What happens when you really believe in God….

By Brianna Acuesta

It’s likely that you haven’t heard of… 770 more words


Cultivating in 2017

In December, the sermons and messages around me were about sowing and reaping. Of course, you reap what you sow, but this time, the messages were about the in between time. 747 more words

Self Development

Setting Energetic Goals For Happiness

We all want to improve ourselves in some way. The start of a new year seems the perfect time to re-evaluate ourselves and think of ways we can make our outlook on life more positive. 336 more words



The dictionary does not tell us how to accelerate the resilience process, it only defines it:

1.  “springing back into shape, position, etc. after being stretched, bent or compressed.” 445 more words

Happy New Year 

I spent the new year morning in the sea,

I wake to the usual tug of the duvet and embrace of the pillow, I close my eyes willing sleep to come back knowing that it will be a solo swim today, 214 more words

Sea Adventures

The Disappearance of Silence*

The Disappearance of Silence*

By Edward Curtin

Silence is a word pregnant with multiple meanings: for many a threat; for others a nostalgic evocation of a time rendered obsolete by technology; for others a sentence to boredom; and for some, devotees of the ancient arts of contemplation, reading, and writing, a word of profound, even sacred importance. 1,682 more words