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How to get ideas- through framing, metaphors

When we try to communicate complex, abstract concepts, it makes better sense to use a metaphor. For example, while explaining a change management initiative- like introducing lean processes, or teamwork in a traditional organization, moving into a knowledge sharing or innovation-based culture. 589 more words

The Secret Home(16)…The Secret Of Preparation…Inspiration Unlimited

The Secret Of Preparation
If You Are Not Prepare You Can’t Get The Best Of Opportunity. Success Is Simply When Opportunity Meet With Preparation.

The Level Of Your Preparation Will Determine The Level Of Usefulness. 283 more words

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The Secret Home(15)…The Secret Of Question…Inspiration Unlimited

The Secret Question
Question Is Life And Life Is Question. You Can’t Be Known And Know More Than What You Are Willing To Ask.

You Might Know What You Think You Don’t Know And You Might Not Know What You Think You Know. 220 more words

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Pray, Put Some Lipstick On, & Continue Kicking Ass

This week has been a tough one for yours truly. The job that I thought was perfect for me (and I mean P-E-R-F-E-C-T. We’re talking money, location, pride) wasn’t meant for me after all, and I’ve spent the last few days crying, raging, and, when I’m on my game, praising whatever this new, better chapter may hold for me. 447 more words


Web of Life Connections - Hummingbird

I have worked with Hummingbird a lot and always love it see it come up in the cards. Hummingbird is firmly woven into my web of life :) 80 more words

Web Of Life

The Secret Home(14)…The Secret Of Number…Inspiration Unlimited

The Secret Of Number
Everything Has Its Root In Numbers. Economy, Time, Family, Wisdom And Life Etc. Numbers are the Secrets of Life That Paint the Picture OF The Level Of Success. 186 more words

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The Secret Home(13)…The Secret Of Waiting…Inspiration Unlimited

The Secret Of Waiting
Waiting Is The Force That Attract Unlimited Results, Compel Hope To Come Alive And Reward Genus Diligence. Waiting Is the Best Friend of Desire. 193 more words

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