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Construction Sector Encouraging Female Applicants

AECOM Warning

There was some surprise this week when government figures were released showing that only 1% of apprentices are women. Out of 9’587 apprentices, only 52 were female. 319 more words

Self Development

We Can't Fully Be Happy Unless We Are Truly Our Authentic Selves

It’s probably become a bit of a cliché to say that you should be yourself no matter what. But authenticity is a major factor in achieving a more peaceful, happy way of life. 800 more words


Growth In The Med Tech Industry

Skill Combination

This week saw further announcements of Irish MedTech Growth and new jobs within the medical-technology industry. As a leading recruitment firm in this sector, Elk Recruitment continues to notice particular trends which are becoming more prevalent and which can benefit a candidate tremendously. 332 more words

Self Development

Tough Interview Questions

Managers More Sophisticated

In a previous Blog post, we spoke about various preparation techniques which can help a candidate with nerves and apprehension relating to tough job interview questions. 332 more words

Self Development

The Journey To Consciousness

Occasionally I am asked how long I have been vegan and/or what the turning point/motive was for me. It is an emotive subject but for those genuinely interested I thought I might share my journey to it here. 2,757 more words


Do You Focus Too Much On Lack?

I think we can all be guilty of this. When life isn’t quite going our way we focus on just that – that life is not going our way! 559 more words


Facade & Fenstration

Exciting New Projects

Elk Recruitment, as winners of the Best Niche Recruitment Firm 2016-Global, can offer job seekers the chance of placement within the Fenestration, Façade & Window and Door industry throughout Europe and Asia, as well as North & South America.  301 more words

Self Development