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Top Time Management Tips for Work Life Balance

Someone very rightly said, each one of us has exactly the same number of hours as any famous and successful personality, be it Helen Keller… 590 more words

How To Think And Act Like The Most Successful Professionals

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, well I am pretty sure we have heard this adge one time or the other. All of us set goals in our lives and put in… 516 more words

A Field View of Reality to Explain Human Interconnectedness*

A Field View of Reality to Explain Human Interconnectedness*

“It is remarkable how closely the history of the apple tree is connected with that of man.” –Henry David Thoreau… 1,071 more words


Grown Men don't Cry?

The stereotype of course, men don’t cry, suck it up lad, don’t show your weaknesses to anyone. The trouble is that love expresses itself in tears, the trouble is this, there are tears of sadness, tears of joy and tears for many other emotional states and technically speaking, it shouldn’t be a ‘trouble’ or a ‘problem’. 504 more words

When a Prayer is Answered with a Test*

When a Prayer is Answered with a Test*

By Anisa Abeytia

Studies say that no matter where you were born, after living an average of five years in another country, you are susceptible to the same diseases as the native population. 1,069 more words


Wild Waters - healing depression and other ailments.

I was happily swimming in the sea just yesterday morning, I may spend up to 10 minutes in the water before I give way to the urge to return to my comforts. 765 more words

Sea Adventures


Debt…the pathway to the grave.

The most deadly and dangerous enemy of vision, dream, and revelation is debt.

It is the route to death. It is the easiest road to confusion and the shortcut to destruction and fear. 151 more words

Vitamin Of The Mind