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I'm 26: Coming to Terms with Feeling Lost.

I’m Lost ft. Confession: I’m lost in the sense that I have completely disappointed my 17 year old self. Goals? Un-check. Financial Stability? Nope. Job? Nope. 307 more words


Awaken Your Superpowers - Power Share Your Way to Greatness

Awaken Your Superpowers;
Speak truth to your subconscious mind;
Your determination
Is a confirmation
Of what ancestor’s left behind.

Awaken Your Superpowers;
The shackles from your mind will fall; 180 more words

The Anatomy of Marketing PART 1 - Jargon

Welcome to the anatomy of marketing – part 1, today I will explain all the most common “jargon” that marketers continue repeating over and over expecting you to understand what it means… 678 more words

Self Development

Qu: "what is my life purpose?" Answer: you actually have more than one!

Originally published on: leannehalyburton.com

“What is my life purpose… what am I supposed to be doing?” is something I am often asked – but it is not something that I am able to answer… at least not in a short and straightforward way. 2,301 more words


Your Real Competition

In the last fight scene of the movie ‘Sultan’, he mentions about his three learnings, from which the third one was, “Tumhe tab tak koi nai hara sakta jab tak ki tum khud se na haar jao” (Nobody can defeat you till the time you get defeated by yourself). 237 more words

Myself - May, Myself And I #19 (Catch Up)

May 19: Myself

I am constantly trying to work on myself. 

If you have been to this blog before, then you know that I’m all about self development and self improvement. 464 more words

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Being "Rich" Means More Than You Think

It’s about having lots of money, right?

Or owning one of the fanciest houses in town, alongside a collection of exotic cars to show off? 🏰🚘 601 more words