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Have you ever felt like you are drowning in life or your head is above water ,struggling to breathe with overwhelming painful emotions ,having piles of debt,broken relationships,unemployment or loss of a loved one?Pain is an inevitable experience that everyone has to go through.If you are reading this, you are either in the middle of a crisis,recently coming out of a crisis or heading towards crisis. 495 more words

Self-Care: The 4 Attributes...

Take care of you. A member of the writers group and a university administrator complained of a tummy ache, went to urgent care, then rushed to ER. 132 more words


How to Move into a Spiritual Life

So, you want to move into a spiritual life? Good for you and welcome. There are some things you should be aware of. First, you need to have a mindset or mind space of wanting and most of all needing a spiritual life. 493 more words

Spiritual Writing

Edge creation

Life has many bumps and detours. Life also can be too calm, like a sea without any waves.

When the life becomes too still, we get bored. 64 more words

Self Development

The roles we play

There’s a great subtlety in our existence.  We are not robots, fulfilling direct instructions.  We are human beings, with all our faults, glitches and complications, trying to make sense of a mass of contradictory requests, with only one body, but multiple roles to fulfil. 1,195 more words


What do you enjoy?

After I watched several YouTube videos of talented people.

I’m starting to think about what do I actually enjoyed so far.

I think 6-7 years ago all I want is nice casual clothes, and have a great cup of latte with someone special or my private inner circle… 19 more words


Emptied Out - Intentionally Part 1

I’ve just been sitting here thinking about writing my next post, I have a few posts I could do and a few things I can talk about, but I also really don’t want to. 855 more words

Self Development