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The Upside of Stress - Kelly Mcgonigal

The Upside of Stress by Kelly Mcgonigal is a very interesting book that reveals the upside of stress, shows us how to capitalize on its benefits. 410 more words


The Power of Vision!

Vision is the ability to see clearly.
The ability to see beyond the immediate circumstances that surround us to what could be. It is the driving force for anything that would stand the test of time. 1,684 more words


What I could call this 'living in the jungle' experience?

I’m struggling to match my thoughts with my emotions. It seems that the past few months of this whirlwind event-chain has now calmed down and it’s trying to find a place to rest. 509 more words


Writing is a Habitual Art

There is no one way to write well, just like there is no one way to cook delicious food. To write well, there are two basic requirements: the understanding of basic English language and the willingness to learn to write well. 240 more words


Likeable People Make $29,000 More Annually, Here How You Can Become One

It’s a misconception that only the good-looking, social butterflies, and talented people are naturally likeable. Likeability is a trait that can be learned like any other skills. 597 more words


Growing Forward When You Can't Go Back

Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back by Laurie Pawlik

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is simple amazing. It talks about how one can move forward with life even in the face of tragedy. 192 more words