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Day 4: Why do We Swallow Wood Even When We Know We Can't Digest it?

One time, I was leading a lesson on a sub-teaching assignment and a student kept making interjections while I was talking. It was clearly intentional. It comes from one of those “You’re not my teacher, so I’m not gonna listen to you” mentality. 852 more words


What Defines You?

I enjoy identifying values with my clients.  It is a simple exercise, but one that most people have never done for themselves.  I researched and read on the internet somewhere that if our life is a landscape, then the distant mountains or destination is our Vision, the road that leads to the mountains is our Mission and the vehicle or transport we are riding on, in order to get to our destination represents our Values. 523 more words

The Self

The merit of your super-capable-king-of-anything

When you actually have everything that you need, maybe you will start to feel that you can do anything you want. A super-capable-king-of-anything. Look up! 527 more words

Recovering from a spending hangover

I had a bad financial time a while ago, I was so insanely busy that most of my idealistic budgeting went straight out of the window. 777 more words


So you had me wondering, what is it that I really want?.

You asked me – do I want the moon and the stars?.

‘Do you want blessings from the skies?’.

145 more words

Tips for Organizing Your Finances

I don’t consider myself a financial guru but I do believe that there are practices that can help you get to a great financial place. 197 more words


Audiobooks and Skipping Class

I skipped class yesterday. I knew that going to class would make me feel worse. It felt guilty doing that because in my mind I have this voice that keeps telling me go to class no matter what. 534 more words