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I LOVE YOU... and I love ME!

Who would have imagined that showing love to others is a great way to love yourself – both on the inside and the out!?! Yes, you need to express your love to your friends, family, pet goldfish, the environment, – the WORLD!! 232 more words

Self Development

Top Tips to be tip top!

As we all grow there are some things that happen in the teen ages and sometimes we forget that we are pretty. We even think that we are not pretty at all! 574 more words

Self Development

6 Tips on How to take care of yourself

Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. Having confidence and satisfaction in oneself equals self-esteem. Here are some tips to increase your self-esteem:

Inner Voice… 304 more words

Self Development

Journaling questions

Here are some great questions that you could use to start off your journal.

  1. Do you do the things you like?
  2. Do you reward your self when you succeed?
  3. 31 more words
Self Development

20 ways to help you love yourself

First thing’s first, I definitely don’t love myself, not usually. I created the following list of ideas because I want to remember to do them, either because in the past they have helped or I suspect that they will help. 816 more words

Love Letters

Avoid Isolation (Meditation 26)

According to Seneca, “the first thing philosophy promises us is the feeling of fellowship, of belonging to mankind and being members of a community.”  Yet, it is often the case that specialized knowledge separates the knowledge holder from those around them. 87 more words

What if?

What if?

Often we say those two words after something has or hasn’t happened. ‘What if I had got up earlier?’, ‘What if I had only said….’, ‘What if we had spent more time listening to her’, ‘What if….’. 102 more words