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Playing Games

“The games stopped when I realized what I bring to the table has VALUE”


When you realize your value you will stop settling for less than your worth.

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Self Development


I know a great way to get nowhere fast. It’s the single thing that will hold you back if it’s present. Excuses! Excuses are always subconsciously in your mind. 199 more words

Self Development

Where is my life really going?

Okay so the Vegetarian thing didn’t go as planned. It’s hard going to work and all they provide is food with meat. Honestly I think they drizzle bacon on anything they see. 175 more words

Self Development

Afraid your business is failing? with this one change, you could see improvements instantly.

I believe that when you are in business for yourself you have to adopt the right mindset.

An online dictionary: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/mind-set states that the definition of mindset means: … 859 more words

Why you and I have to quit relying on this one person

The chances are that at some time in your life you had to rely on the approval of one person, one individual, one decision maker that held YOUR fate in their hands.   926 more words

Self Development

Konkordija Antarova “Du gyvenimai” - knyga keičianti gyvenimą?

Ilgai laukiau tos akimirkos, kai perskaitysiu šią knygą ir galėsiu pasidalinti įspūdžiais bei patirtais išgyvenimais. Ši knyga mano bibliotekoje atsirado labai mistiškai – užbėgau į Vilniaus Akropolio “Pegasą”, kad išleisčiau savo gimtadienio kuponus. 491 more words


Caught up in addiction

and I am not talking about drugs like heroin, I mean like the addictions to my phone or the internet, where I start with a good intention and then 5 minutes later , bam why am I watching puppies on youtube again? 597 more words