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Universal Laws 2.0

Universal Laws 2.0:

Anger finishes all wisdom

Ego finishes regard

Worry eats away your life

Bribery finishes all justice

Greed finishes all honesty

Fear eats away a human being… 45 more words

Self Development

The hike that changed my life - Goodbye Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

As I sat over my bowl of oatmeal and stared out over the beautiful mountains above Huaraz I was seriously questioning wether to hike up the mountain with my 3 friends. 1,358 more words


I was here.


Does anyone out here remember how back in school we would carve our names onto our desks in order to declare that we had occupied those desks during a particular year? 298 more words

Intentional Living

How I went from couch potato to gym addict

My fitness journey has been a roller coaster. We all hit walls and road blocks and bumps in the road and any other metaphor for the cycle of getting stuck, giving up, trying again, that you could possibly think of. 1,437 more words


Moment of excellence

It was one of those quiet mornings when life came easy and sparkling. I awoke smoothly to birds singing and a ray of sun on my face, both caresses of dreams and skin; and I opened my eyes confident and happy. 126 more words


Why Motivational Speakers will not change your life

Motivational speakers. How we love listening to them. They come, fuel us for a few minutes or hours, get us all excited and fired up, then leave us to ourselves. 608 more words


I want you to remind yourself....

When you wake up today or when you have free time!

I want you to look in the mirror and tell yourself “I Love You” … 45 more words

Law Of Attraction