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My Guide to Weeding Out and Separating the Good Friends from the Bad Friends

Take a deep look around the people you’ve associated yourself with. Few will be further ahead in life then yourself, some will be a little behind but most of them are pretty much right around the same level you’re in. 860 more words



Kene here.

You know, starting this blog is a big check off my new year to-do list. Believe me when I say I’m excited. 118 more words


“a person comes into being and knows herself by her achievements, and through her efforts to become and know herself, she achieves”

– Patrice L Dickerson (1988).

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Stay calm. Don't lash out,and this world will be yours to conquer,to hold,and to behold

I would like to share something personal
with you,a story from my youth.

It’s the story of how I first glimpsed at what true strength and power is and where they come from. 1,158 more words

Random Thoughts

Aspiring to high places

The ArcelorMittal Orbit is a bemusing structure to look at. Gazing up at it from the ground, I was of the firm belief that it would look more at home within the confines of some obscured amusement park than at its current location in the vibrant metropolis of Stratford; it is a hulking, outlandish lump of steel that, if capable of sentient thought, would surely be self aware of its own abnormality. 587 more words


First They Went to Paris

Circumstances found us in Paris on Bastille Day with not a lot to do and no desire to face an ill disciplined horde

armed with selfie sticks in the middle of the city.   501 more words

Self Development

A strange Lughnasa/Lammas ritual

Today is Lammas or Lughnasa/ Lughnasadh one of the four Celtic fire festivals and the time of the first fruits of the harvest, time to reap the rewards of work done or seeds sown earlier in the year. 358 more words

Self Development