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Spring Term Independent Project

The Salem Witch Trials and Mass Hysteria 

GOAL:  My biggest goal for this project was not only to understand the events of the  Salem Witch Trials more, but to understand how they escalated.  292 more words

Reviewing BPD Criteria Part 1

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the DSM) is the book used by psychiatrists to identify and diagnose patients with psychological problems and mental illnesses. 1,201 more words

Young Tradition Vermont

Young Tradition Vermont is a local organization dedicated to making folk music and dance accessible to everyone.

I have been very involved with YTV for many years at this point. 241 more words

Fall Term Independent Project 2016

For my fall term project I researched Joseph Campbell’s ‘the Hero’s Journey’ theory and wrote a short story based on it. I was drawn to this theory because I have always loved the idea that despite our diversity and beautiful differences, human beings are all drawn to the same type of story. 215 more words

Orientation Term 2016

Orientation Term is designed so that Big Picture students can get used to the learning environment and their peers, as well as discovering more about themselves. 376 more words


What's in a Sigh - An Artists Journey To Life: Day 786

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to sigh and give up, meaning where within my sigh, I accept and allow myself to actually give up in that moment and give into the mind, as all the inner justifications as voices in the head that come up in relation to Walking my Life and Facing the Challenges of my life where I will reach moments where I will, in a single sigh, actually within that sigh be giving into those justifications and the mind and in a way be making the statement of “I give up”, “I can’t handle this” “this is too much” 726 more words


PMEA in Retirement - What's in it for Me?

PA Music Teacher Retirees – Renew Your Membership!

On behalf of the 400+ retired members of the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (not to mention the 4000+ regular and collegiate members), let me congratulate and welcome you to retirement! 1,336 more words

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