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Day 726 - accumulating energy to create a preprogrammed outcome

A specific eqafe interview was recommended for me today. It made me aware of a phenomena that I have been both suppressing and denying within my daily living and application for quite some time. 1,054 more words

Can We Change The educational System

We all believe that there should be revolutionary changes in our educational system. The consent for this is ever so high. I have given presentations, talked to my friends and even teachers about the same and the response I got was overwhelming. 638 more words


Roadmap to personal achievement

This is my roadmap to personal achievement.  I want this to be a page, not a blog.

Personal Reflection

My Taxonomy of Personal Reflection

Self Direction

  • Identify resources and technologies
  • Set goals
  • Research
  • Allocate time and a comfortable working space
  • Be prepared – weekly readings, tasks, dates, forums, etc…
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Personal Reflection

Taxing Taxonomies: Lessons in Self-efficacy, Self-direction, and Reflection

A Taxonomy for Self-Efficacy

Last week we were required to create four taxonomies as a roadmap to personal achievement. As our lecturer aptly stated, we all entered this task with different “capital” or skill sets. 521 more words

Learning Spaces

Is "Goal Setting" a Bad Word? - An Artists Journey to Life: Day 764

This past week I decided to set myself a goal of creating art each day after I got home from work.

So the commitment I made was a 7 day commitment. 459 more words


A Personal Vision Statement

One of the first things I noticed on LinkedIn.com this morning was a short video by LinkedIn¬†CEO, Jeff Weiner, addressing Personal Vision Statements.* Comparing them to the vision statements of companies or organizations (their “true north”), which can inspire their employees, he suggests individuals can also create such statements to guide them and define their actions. 250 more words

Personal Development