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I am INSPIRED - not Retired

It is a word whose traditional meaning does not apply to me or to so many I know.

Retired implies tired again.  Yet, I have more energy than ever. 344 more words


Are You Rising? by Robin Trimingham

Are You Rising? by Robin Trimingham

“When we can rise to some level of hope in our own future, then we can multiply our happiness today. 454 more words

Quality Of Life

Are we finished?

I am a work in progress. I reflect on the past, predict the future, and live in the present moment. Nearly everything I do is a work in progress. 999 more words



This came through to me yesterday. I hit a wall, I felt completely overwhelmed, useless and ready to give up due to my lack of technical knowledge and understanding. 711 more words

Walking My Desteni Process: SELF WRITING - An Artists Journey To Life: Day 723

Walking My Desteni Process
The Principles – Part 1
The Forums – Part 2

Another way I have engaged myself and practically participated within walking my process with desteni since the beginning and throughout the past 8 years, is SELF WRITING. 364 more words

Journey To Life

30 Days of Thanks Day 5 - My Work Colleagues

Not everyone gets up in the morning and looks forward to spending their day at work. They gripe about their co-workers. They complain about their supervisors. 922 more words

30 Days Of Thanks

The Importance of being Self-Directed: My Sustainable Taxonomy

  1. Focus: Ensure that you begin by sticking to one topic or task at a time. Work out which one is most important and what needs to be done first.
  2. 115 more words