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Why Write?

Why do we attach such significance to the written word? What is there on the page that is not in the mouth?

Speech is living, is fellowship, powerful and fleeting. 608 more words


I Am The Cute One On The Right. On The Other Hand, I Could Be The One On The Left.

Have you ever been stumped? At face value, the request didn’t seem that difficult. In fact over the past twenty to twenty-five years, I’ve been required to include a biographical profile when I’ve submitted proposals for making presentations at both state and national conferences. 912 more words

Permission to Come Aboard

You don’t just buy a ticket to come in.
Reaching out is not enough,
Lending a hand is nice, but no,
Easy come, easy go. 177 more words


confessions of an introvert

Disclosure of endless rest

Being a lifelong listener
What if you were able to elicit self-disclosure
Would I tremble or be storm-troubled?

Unable to stop the froth of karma… 135 more words


The Art of Self-Disclosure in Therapy

Do you sometimes wonder how much personal information to share with a client? Or whether to disclose any information at all?

The truth of the matter is that we are always disclosing things about ourselves all the time in the way we dress, talk and respond to things that are being shared with us, as well as in how we decorate our offices and more. 636 more words


Wounded healer or undercover crazy? Coming out (quietly)

Back in 2013 I wrote a piece on this blog about navigating professional and personal identities online, particularly in relation to being a healthcare professional. 1,115 more words

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