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Therapists' self-disclosure of recovery status (not into coming up with a creative title tonight, haha)

I recently read this article about the pros and cons of therapists’ self-disclosure of their own eating disorder history. I’m not going to say a lot about this now because it’s something that I’m sure will come up more and more the further along I get in this journey, and I expect my opinion to shift some, but I wanted to at least mention it. 169 more words

this is how i try to clear my head...

i’m waiting to have a one to one talk with my ex, so, that we can talk about, austin. my plan right now, is to go to spend some time with him and be there with him, as he passes…then, see him off on his journey, at the crematory, as we have done with all of our other pets. 168 more words


Why don't I do things I enjoy?

Why don’t I do things I enjoy?

By: past me.

I am a person who looks at my motivations so hard, they often disappear out of fright. 519 more words

Philosophy And Science

election day playlist...

i will breathe a sigh of relief, when this election is over. i say,”may the best blonde win…good luck…do a good fucking job…please don’t take away my disability benefits…other than that let me live my life…chose whom i want to love and if i want to marry them.” … 198 more words


ethel and lucy, two happy halloweener's...

we never really celebrated halloween, when we were kids. my parents believed that it was a pagan holiday and that we kids shouldn’t celebrate it. so, on halloween, my dad would take us to baskin robbins for a small sundae. 434 more words


Happy feet!

I just love my new (at work) VariDesk.

Sit-to-stand whenever I want!

I’m in 7th heaven, and now so are my legs and feet.

Want to know why? 7 more words