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Self Disclosure

Self Disclosure:

“Self-disclosure is (1) a type of communication in which (2) you reveal information about yourself that (3) you normally keep hidden” (DeVito, 2012, 55)

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What you see in the mirror and what others do

Understanding the perception of ‘self’ as explained through the Johari Window

Have you ever been in a situation where an innocent, almost seemingly harmless comment made about yourself, throws you completely off?

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Although I have imagined this Blog to be only about my writing and art, I find it is becoming something much more personal.  Yesterday I wrote new material into the ‘About’ page, (now retitled “All About Me”). 236 more words


A Peaceful Moment with John W. Jones

Right in the thick of the crowded  Old City Market, on a visit to Charleston South Carolina, USA.  Just at the moment I knew I could not look at even one more hand crafted bowl, basket, cookie, or bracelet I stepped out of the throng and into the world of… 331 more words

Self Disclosure

The Fusion of Art and Architecture

Day Twelve: Architecture

Thought it would be easy to use  Pompeii for this assignment. So many  buildings not only intact, but the residents of that fated town must have just vibrated with a collective creativity in the way they  fused architecture and art. 159 more words

Self Disclosure

Breathe before it is gone.

Photography 101: Day Eleven: A Pop of Color

“Medieval” was the way Civita, located  in the Province of Viterbo, was described to me. I confess to having to look up exactly what that meant. 97 more words

Self Disclosure

A Thousand New Disguises

Photography 101: Day Ten: Mystery & Lighting Effects

Inside my  worn copy of “The Essential Rumi”,  were several old photos,  and a pen and ink. Reflecting back  a now mysterious entire lifetime ago deep in me.  64 more words

Self Disclosure