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The constant daunting, yet rewarding challenge of saying what you really want to say to people

I train myself to speak my mind freely, to express what I really feel. I daily hit the emotional gym. And even in the emotional gym you could say: … 742 more words


A Day with Me: LinkedIn Summary

Today, I was reading through one of my friend LinkedIn profile. I looked at her summary and think “she’s got a good summary! It’s well presented and simple, yet clear”. 269 more words


Patricia Gielis offers us an authentic glimpse of her mind

This fashionable lady sows Spring wherever she goes. Check out some of her creations here. If you are interested in taking music lessons, apply… 841 more words


Road trip :: Therapeutic racing across the German Autobahn

My Slovak father and I left Banska Bystrica, Slovakia on Sunday, at 6 am. We arrived in Aalst, Belgium past midnight. An 18 hour drive. Tuesday morning we already headed back. 548 more words


Explaining Myself

Over the years since I got my diagnosis, I have found it useful to explain myself, at least to some degree, in appropriate circumstances. it’s not always necessary to use clinical labels. 397 more words

Love Languages

News from the German tax authorities - Correction of incomplete or wrong information

The German tax authorities have now issued the long-expected decree about inter alia, the differentiation between the scopes of the correction of simple mistakes on the one hand and of penal legal matters on the other (including but not limited to the voluntary self-disclosure for exemption from punishment). 208 more words

Tax Knowledge


wrong /rôNG/ adjective
(1) not correct or true
(2) unjust, dishonest, or immoral

i struggle with being wrong.

i don’t mean that i hate not knowing something or being called on my bullshit. 299 more words