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i used to (conclusion part two)...

as i was saying before, people were getting drunk, obnoxious, and sloppy. they were spilling on me and pushing. and i wasn’t worried for myself, but i was worried, because my underage nephew and my partner were with me and i didn’t want either getting “manhandled” or hurt…they were my main concern, other than having a good time. 530 more words


Poem: "I really do"

I wish you happiness.

I really do.

I wish you joy that’s unspeakable.

I really do.

I wish you love that’s genuinely, sacrificially unconditional.

I really do. 124 more words



I want to share my poetry. This blog is as good of a place as any. Perhaps one day I’ll put them in a book. 20 more words


Blogging Flashbacks

According to WordPress, this is my first blog post :-)

Well, yay me! For finally getting back onto/into the interwebs. My blogging peaked in 2012 when I worked with the Black AIDS Institute to cover the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC. 50 more words


daylight savings time...

my mom loved daylight savings time. she loved setting the clock ahead an hour…”spring ahead, fall back.” she loved getting up earlier. and, she loved that extra hour of daylight…it gave her time to work in her yard and garden. 188 more words


Left Picking Up the Shattered Pieces

Have you ever shared something so precious with another,
only to have it be attacked?

There’s something precious that I keep within me and is a part of me. 114 more words