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sad panda (no more)...

i’m gonna’ be truthful…i’ve gotta’ be honest…

never saw you coming…knew nothing of your existence…

the same night…i lay sobbing…
amongst dirty rugs…on a cold cement floor… 201 more words


High Above Kayla

There isn’t time,
So brief is life,
For bickerings, apologies,
Heartburnings, callings to account.
There is only time for loving,
And but an instant,
So to speak,
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Self and Health

To be on Facebook or not to be? That really is the question that a lot of my clients have been asking themselves.

Personally, I find emails and texts enough to be keeping on top of, but I do have a Facebook page, albeit a rather dusty one. 308 more words

".... is the currency of intimacy" (James MacDonald quote)

How willing have you been in the past (maybe even now)  to put in the extra effort for a boss who did nothing but  bark out orders to you, showed little appreciation for your work, and seemed to care little about you? 67 more words


work (part three)...

this post, is a continuation of a previous blog post, “work (part two)…

i was still working at, framing concepts, while working a second, full-time job, at prints and posters, which was located in, grossmont center, in, la mesa, california. 578 more words


An Unintentional Insult

One of the greatest honors you can give to a person is to confide in them. This is what takes a relationship above the level of acquaintance to actual friendship.   826 more words

Misc. Writings

work (part two)...

this is a continuation, of a previous post, work (part one).

paula and i, wanting to spend all of our time together, both called in sick, so many times, that we were written up, at work. 769 more words