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ethel and lucy...

when i thought about coming to nevada to live with my ex and her wife of two years, i never expected to find such a kindred spirit, from half a world a way. 927 more words


my homework...

hey kid,

yeah you, the one surrounded by books, studying each and every one. the same books over and over, and over again…”the sea of cortez,””the sears and roebuck catalog from 1880,””the merriam-webster dictionary,””goode’s world atlas,””the old family bible,””the guiness book of world records,””the people’s almanac,”and,”the history of modern art.” 1,388 more words


mish mash...

here is a mish mash…

of this and that…

random bits and pieces…

of what i did yesterday…

made richard get up…

and, leave the house… 569 more words


There's this woman at work

As I wrote the title of this post, it felt like it might be interpreted as the start of some gossip. Yes, I’m going to talk a bit about that woman, but it’s definitely not gossiping. 441 more words

Pay It Forward

And Now for the Content?

It’s ridiculous that I’ve had this blog for a year and as of today I have only one post to show for it.  Not that there weren’t dozens of posts before I cleaned house in May… just that I have nothing to show for it today.   179 more words


The constant daunting, yet rewarding challenge of saying what you really want to say to people

I train myself to speak my mind freely, to express what I really feel. I daily hit the emotional gym. And even in the emotional gym you could say: … 742 more words


A Day with Me: LinkedIn Summary

Today, I was reading through one of my friend LinkedIn profile. I looked at her summary and think “she’s got a good summary! It’s well presented and simple, yet clear”. 269 more words