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voluntarily disclosed personal information online and susceptibility to manipulation 

From Untangling the Web, by Aleks Krotoski, pg 127-128:

As I wrote earlier in this book, if you stick “Aleks Krotoski” into an online search engine, you’ll be able to learn a lot about me.

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Personalisation And Escaping The Filter Bubble: The Iron Cage In Binary Code

the road to discovery

my road to discovery, is an ongoing process. sometimes, my road is long, and winding. other times, it’s short, and straight. at times, it’s been perched, precariously close, to the edge of a cliff. 843 more words


a great day

today was a pretty great day, even though i have been up for 48 straight hours.

i have been having a really hard time sleeping lately…i’m not complaining whatsoever…just trying to process a lot right now. 1,808 more words


15-46 When Too Much Information is Just Enough

Everyday Happiness: The Pajama Podcasts with Vicki McLeod airs November 17th-24th 

After a four-week hiatus, everyday happiness host Vicki McLeod is back on the air with some self-disclosure. 102 more words

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Self Exposure*

If I were a politician-
But then again, no…
I can’t think of any job worse,
Even though
The money’s quite fabulous
(Including expenses)
And when things get heated… 263 more words

The Gift

He saw Her differently now.

She had told him for the last year. She was shy. Introverted. Didn’t want others to “see” her. Her thoughts, Her feelings were Hers and Hers alone, held close to the vest. 117 more words


Today, Not Tomorrow

The future starts today, not tomorrow.
Pope John Paul II

I am struck by how the definition of  Future changes as I have gotten old. Once when I thought of future, it stretched far out ahead of me with often very challenging set points that needed daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, decades of focused attention. 305 more words

Self Disclosure