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i am so excited...

i just got a call from my friend, l***a, that used to be my neighbor. she was calling to remind me that, she and her husband will be arriving next sunday. 125 more words


two years in a row, perhaps several lifetimes...

i realized it earlier today.

that i’ve done this over and over, again.

and, not just during this go around.

oh, i’m sure that there’s been more. 50 more words


we are young...

well, here i am at elements salon, in lovely…downtown henderson, nevada.

and, a song…not just any song came on. it’s not a song that i hear very much on the radio anymore. 1,135 more words



sometimes, well maybe a little more than sometimes…i feel like rolling into a tight, compact ball…rolling into the closet and just disappearing forever…becoming one with the carpet and the dust bunnies forever…that would be easier. 834 more words


i used to (conclusion part two)...

as i was saying before, people were getting drunk, obnoxious, and sloppy. they were spilling on me and pushing. and i wasn’t worried for myself, but i was worried, because my underage nephew and my partner were with me and i didn’t want either getting “manhandled” or hurt…they were my main concern, other than having a good time. 530 more words


Poem: "I really do"

I wish you happiness.

I really do.

I wish you joy that’s unspeakable.

I really do.

I wish you love that’s genuinely, sacrificially unconditional.

I really do. 124 more words



I want to share my poetry. This blog is as good of a place as any. Perhaps one day I’ll put them in a book. 20 more words