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The Drug All Humans Are Becoming Addicted To

I love these small simple moments when I let go of “what should be” and just embrace the “what is”. I love the now because that is when things are the most perfect, it’s when I feel the most connected to my soul, to my- self. 351 more words

Self Growth

11/18/2017; Hour 70 Results

It’s been a real struggle making it through the night. I stopped 2 hours early than what I had wanted, but it’s been a real psychological war for the past 8 hours. 544 more words


An Open Letter to my Ex

Dear Ex boyfriend,

I miss you sometimes. You, or the idea of you, I’m not sure. Never mind. Today is one such day.

Let’s try to catch up. 685 more words


I shine

As many of you know, I’ve been completing a coaching diploma over the past 6 months and have started to coach a number of people… 637 more words


Behind the Curtain-- What People Never Tell You

Have you ever seen those people on Instagram whose lives seem flawless, incredible travel destinations and the kind of daily life everyone hopes for? Of course you have, after all, social media is a breeding ground for high expectations and beauty on a whole new level. 887 more words


A Journey of Self-discovery

Do not allow fear to make you become or act like anyone else but your better self.

Know that there is more to you than fear. 217 more words


WTF (#WhatThe!?Friday)

Huh?! Four months since my last blog post!? I really do suck at this….but seriously, folks. I have been experiencing a Renaissance, of sorts. As the layers of residue from over a dozen unnecessary medications get peeled away, I can see more and more clearly. 234 more words