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The Election Battle: Dealing With Office Politics At Work


When you start work, nothing will prepare you for what is in store. It isn’t only the realization that you have lived in a bubble, even though that is shocking. 497 more words

Self Discovery


In my mind, I planned to write this post some years from now. When I feel like I would have completely discovered myself and know for certain where I’m going. 889 more words


Life after College

When i left for college four years ago
hauling my luggage and my lunch for that day
I wept alone in my teeny dorm room…
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Self Discovery


For this one, I’m just gonna vent about Frank Ocean and how great he is lol. But no seriously, he’s a big part of why I’m obsessed with music. 470 more words

#soundtrack To My Anxiety

"To the Bone"

If you know me, you know how much I can binge watch “Shameless” on Netflix like its my third job. Recently, I decided it was time to put my sick obsession aside for a sec and watch something a little more worthwhile. 451 more words


What's in my wonderland pt 2

The word in my wonderland today is REMEBER.

I have this habit of anything bad that has happened to me I create a permanent block in my brain to the point where I cant remember it in present day. 87 more words


Regrets and Self-Discovery

There are many things I’ve done wrong in my life, like I’m sure is the same for everyone. If someone says they don’t have any regrets then I automatically don’t believe them. 694 more words