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The old, wooden tracks creak along. I’m scared and hanging on as it slowly makes it’s way to crest the high hill. It carries only me. 533 more words


Keywords: life crisis, self-discovery, passion, reality, question, 20’s


I often forget who i am. Why i am here, on this path, that feel as hell, full of obstacles and hardship.

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SDE 17-17 SDE Author Jennifer Noels Taylor

Self Discovery’s EBook series author Jennifer Noel Taylor hosted by Sara Troy 

Jennifer is a woman or pure loving energy, who exudes that energy to enable others. 167 more words

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17-17 Learning my Families History

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air April 25th on. 

I recently learned things about my family I never knew, and also came across some old pictures of my father and Grand Parents that I never had known before. 85 more words

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Making Peace With Your Hair

I have had a love hate relationship with my hair for as long as I can remember. In its natural state it is an uninspiring mouse brown with random curls that are prone to frizz. 215 more words

Pursuit Of Happiness

Presence of mind

Recently I saw the movie SULLY in which Tom Hanks character show how you can turn a situation around and not panic if you have a good presence of mind. 426 more words

Self Discovery

Eat Pray Shop

Four weeks after giving birth to the baby that was not mine I needed to escape. I was not back at work yet and I spent my days arranging and rearranging china in my kitchen cabinets while my daughter was at school. 934 more words