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Dodging Acorns

If life imitates art, then I guess it can also imitate fables like Chicken Little. My life is a lot like that lately and I find myself dodging acorns. 396 more words

Life Thoughts

I will try to fix you

Ever met someone who was in a perpetual state of distress? There always seems to be a crisis, dilemma, extraordinary circumstance that they just cannot power through without your infinite wisdom. 417 more words

Hallucinations Of Materialism

I often read statuses, Instagram & Facebook bio’s and they are like : “Slaying since (birth year), Bringing change since (birth year), rocking since (birth year) etc… etc.. 313 more words

The Road to 'Self Discovery'

​The road to self discovery is like the Lagos-Ibadan express way,

unpredictable, rough, Long without which you can go no where.
I took this road once, it was excitingly risky and dangerously stupid. 1,047 more words


Be Inspired: 12.07.16

Keep in mind that 100% of the journey takes place within…
the dark.

It’s brilliant design forces us to grow our light in order to see inside ourselves… 11 more words

Be Inspired

Lets Get To Know You

If society was a wolf pack, I would be the healer of the pack. So it is natural that women around me (And some men of course) come to me to vent out. 220 more words

What I have learned about NLP and myself so far is…

On day 1, going into learn NLP was to assist with the goal of learning how to become a good coach and a better serve others. 971 more words

Diary Entry