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You’re ingrained in my mind. Even though u’re not a physical part of my life now, i know i get that, but you’ll always be an important part of it; like when I see a particular colour or hear a certain sound I’d think of you, like when I’d see some photo, laugh at a joke I’d think of you, because I know you’d laugh at it too… I miss you, I want you and not saying it wont take this persisting need away! 40 more words



Mila punched his chest, and breathed into his respiratory tract. He vomited as he laid on the pasture circumscribing the building. His eyes opened slowly, and he began to grieve. 72 more words

By Ori Aander

No one knew me

A commenter graciously mentioned that he looked forward to hearing more about my discovery of autism spectrum membership, so with thanks and gratitude to him and hopes that this may provide encouragement or a little lifeline for others out there, here it is. 1,337 more words

Brothers on a mountain

This is a personal blog about the preparations, training and planning for a backpacking trip my older brother is leading to the Wind River Range in Wyoming.   172 more words



Mila noticed a boy, no older than eight, sitting in contemplation on the steps of a brown building, a government housing project; such epidemics were nonexistent in her time, there wasn’t a need for government, there never was. 86 more words

By Ori Aander

Chasing Epiphanies

  What drives our creativity? But the better question what is creativity it’s a sort of high an expansion of thought its uncalculated ideas that leave you in awe. 171 more words

Self Discovery

* Haiku - fortress


You think you are strong

Walls build by hand, block by block

Find your Middle Ground


Break down the fortress

Dismantle and declutter… 31 more words

Middle Ground