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To Disappear Completely

And the lights came up over that great place
where the night wasn’t ever quite dark
and we sat in between the street-lamps
hoping to disappear completely.



Dont be shocked, i’m still in Dubai! Just noticed it today though, Dubai Mall has recreated the Promenades of Agueda right here! Beautiful isnt it…? Countless beautiful umbrellas hanging from the ceiling… Reminds me of the countless abundant opportunities available to us but we somehow just miss noticing them! 121 more words


Incarcerated Innocence

The walls are performing a song of solitude,

 A jungle suddenly seduces my daydreams,

I instantly sense the warm sea caressing my wings granting me freedom.


By Ori Aander

That Lust For Power

Many people lust after power and never consider what it is that they are getting into. Power can very easily possess them and once it does, it changes them. 385 more words



Two butterflies, in love, enjoying clear hazel skies,

We were once two strangers in a strange place

Finding beauty within the unfruitful.


By Ori Aander


Songs sang from Poseidon’s sea shells,

Uproots the pathway to the philosopher stone

Holding the divine equation of singularity.


By Ori Aander

A little update

I didn’t run yesterday, I had a busy day after a bad nights sleep.
Today I was determined to do week 5 run 2 of #c25k. 194 more words

Self Discovery