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Caution: Curse words ahead

I keep thinking I have something to say…

My mother has cancer.

My father’s heart is breaking.

I can’t to anything to stop it.

I can’t fucking believe we have to live through this. 104 more words

Khom fi

Some people don’t believe in luck, superstitions, omens, symbols, or fate. But I do. The moment I became a believer was that when my entire existence manifested itself into a single paper lantern. 1,057 more words

Self Discovery

A Discourse

I am looking for some answers. I was hoping if you could help me.

Look within and around you, there are answers everywhere. Signs for everyone to understand. 1,578 more words


A Grateful Heart, A Grateful Life

We as humans struggle. We find the daily monotony of life to be overwhelming and humbling, sometimes in the same moment. We can forget to be kind, forget to take time for the ones we love, even forgetting to care for ourselves. 388 more words

Life Lessons

Autoimmune Protocol Predictions

The first time I did a Whole30, I expected to discover that I had a problem with dairy. The last thing I expected was to have any issues with gluten. 692 more words


To thine own self be true. 

So I quit my job.  Again.  The new job I was so excited about last year wasn’t all I thought it was cracked up to be.   728 more words


steps of the ryman

I…I’m an overthinker. If presented with a scenario, my mind quickly assesses the pros and cons of any given potential outcome that it might yield. This quality does have its perks, as well as its fair share of drawbacks, but as a glass half full thinker, I will credit myself fortunate to be classified as an overthinker. 1,022 more words