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At no time in history have we been so bombarded with the idea of discovering ourselves, our gifts and talents, software and potentials. So much that self help books never cease to be published. 188 more words

Self Discovery

Castles in the Sky

My old boss once told me that one of my greatest strengths is my ability to think of the most outlandish and craziest ideas and then have that idea become a reality. 667 more words


How to Make Big Decisions and Course Correct your Life

Lets cut to the chase.

Life is essentially a sum of decisions. That being said, have you been making the right decisions for yourself? This is the most important question you will ever ask yourself. 747 more words

Self Discovery

It Wasn't My Decision

I was told to wear the hijab when I was 15. I wasn’t willing. I only did it because my sister did and everyone in my family would say things like “You’re the older sister, you should be a rolemodel. 316 more words


The Resonation of Parashat Ha’azinu - Sounds Deeper Than I Actually Get Here

Sitting in synagogue last night I opened the one page folded “weekly bulletin” that always includes something about that week’s torah portion. Most of the time I peruse it and then put it away while I follow the service, but last night that did not happen. 276 more words

Mental Illness

All that Matters at the End of the Day Is Who You Are

I wanted to capture the thoughts I was having yesterday morning in anticipation of a 2 hour inservice in the afternoon. I ended up postponing my blog writing session due to trying to get ready for an overnight trip and then I forgot to write altogether. 798 more words

Self Discovery

Getting Old Ain't Temporal Pollution

George Carlin has one of the best outlooks on aging. The part that relates more to me is when he talks about getting to 30 (fyi, I’m a decade+ over 30)… 901 more words