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The Third Friend

I have, all my life, moved around a lot because of my father’s job; never lived in a place for more than 3 years, never made bestfriends. 352 more words



Sunday Inspiration.          Post by David Joel Miller.


“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” 68 more words


Out of Order - Raw Unedited

I wish when I am not feeling well or I am in pain that I could hang a sign around my neck that came with a warning and let everyone know to leave me alone or I might snap. 135 more words

Self Discovery

What Now?

This is a memoir. I say that to inform you what you are getting into while also using it as a cautionary statement. This is my life, my thoughts, and let me tell you- I am not very P.C. 1,134 more words

You Are Allowed To Change

You are allowed to change.

Your love is allowed to change. Don’t stay in a relationship you are committed to just because you have invested time into it. 459 more words

New & More

As a comedian once noted, “You can’t ever get enough of the stuff you don’t really want in order to impress people you don’t really care for.” 549 more words

Personal Awareness