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Love. Something so many girls and guys want to experience in life just once, and if we are lucky enough we will find a person to experience this with for the rest of our lives. 408 more words

Junk or gem, you never know

I never knew, but when I found out, I was not happy at all.

It was in college, in a course to study school counselling. We had to practice our skills as counsellors in mock sessions, and record them on tape to later analyze what we did right or wrong. 485 more words


Great people do things before they're ready: the importance of running

I am a runner. I don’t enjoy physically running but as a true Sagittarius at heart, I yearn to travel the world, to leave my comfort zone, experience new places and people and overall, grow as a person in places and with people so unlike my own. 730 more words


* Tao Wisdom ☯ - Patience

Like muddy water with mystery below the surface.

Can you wait until the mud settles and the way becomes clear?

Can you be patient enough to hold off acting until you are ready?* 39 more words

Middle Ground

Shielded love

Trickery and thievery dance amongst swords,
Crucifying the innocent with its lies,
Dear illicit dreams, remembering the good times,
Blood curdling screams reminding us of reality, 44 more words

Who am I that you are mindful of me? (A note to my readers)

I am but a flower… Still blooming when watered. A woman who believes that life’s limit is undefined and that time is but a figment of the imagination (although essential).  110 more words

Back in London 😱

So that’s it, London I’m back! What an adventure I’ve had for the past month. It’s been a life changing experience. I have literally learned so much about myself as a woman, that I am beaming with pride. 940 more words