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Question Everything

What is your truth?

Is it the same as another’s?

How do you know

What is truth

And what is imagery?

Dear One, what is your truth and how do you determine that indeed it is truth? 668 more words

Quiet Teachers

Super Troopers 2

So, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen this movie, so unfortunately, I don’t remember names or things like that. Disappointing I know, but I will say that I will not only be seeing it again, I will own this bad boy when it is out on BluRay. 176 more words

Self Discovery

Resonate With Black

Can you keep going with the venom in your veins
Keep pushing and ignore the acute pains

Ride the spiral down to hit rock bottom… 158 more words

I do Miss - II

It has been exactly seventy-two days since we first met, and exactly six days since we’ve seen the last of each other’s love. The emotions when somebody breaks your heart into pieces equal to the number of memories you’ve made with them, is weird, unacceptable, humiliating and pretty shamelessly, you still hang on to them. 710 more words



When the truth is too difficult and burdensome to accept fully it can be tempting to start doubting your perception, to start fiddling with the configurations, to adapt to less than optimal conditions as a tradeoff for remaining in the shadows. 48 more words


All is Black

In the room was a black wall stretching from ceiling to floor.  The blackness of it was complete and in conflicting contrast with the cheerful yellow wallpaper with the daises imprinted in white. 664 more words

A Year Into My 40's

Tomorrow I will have completed my first year of being in my 40’s. I was more than ready to leave my 30’s, just as I was more than ready to leave my 20’s. 1,003 more words