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The Journey Begins

Good Afternoon, 

It’s raining today! My favorite weather, I’ve spent most of the day inside with Archer (my beautifully staffy cross fur baby)  cuddled up reading a book!
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Stopping in San Francisco

Thirty years ago, I came to San Francisco as part of my honeymoon. It was my first visit to the west coast, and to California. The city completely charmed us, as we visited the sights, and took part in local festivities. 345 more words

Personal Blog

Writing a New Blog Post to Procrastinate Reading Old Ones

Today for a project I am working on, I felt the need to read through all of my old blog posts looking for ones that focus on my anxiety disorders. 371 more words

Mental Illness

The Floating Exchange of Beauty: a very brief theory of aesthetics

The Scientific age of empiricism has left a daft hole in the popular understanding of beauty. There are two common understandings. On the one hand, beauty inscribes absolute value. 2,336 more words


My every thought is you

because you steal my pain away.

Your actions make me feel beautiful

and I find myself wanting more of you. 44 more words


Resounding revelation.

Well, well, well. If it isn’t my good ol’ childhood, haunting me like tradition. This post is going to be personal and I am not interested in holding back. 1,701 more words

Catch and release

The key to being happy is knowing that you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go! And sometimes being strong means knowing the right time to let go! 275 more words