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From Discouragement to Finding Renewed Hope

I have now been at site 6 months and lately with the second semester, I’ve sort of hit a wall. I’m not at the point where I thought I would be. 955 more words


Broadening your horizons

With the new year now in full swing, we caught up with Atlas Productions’ author Dr. Amanda Apthorpe who intends to broaden her horizons in 2015. 409 more words

Amanda Apthorpe

Run run as fast as you can...get as far from this insanity as you possibly can!

Someone should stick a fork in me, cause I think I’m done. I’m done with Relationships that are 1 sided. I’m done with putting my trust in someone only to have them slap me in the face with it, over and over and over again. 1,704 more words


Get Jiggy with your Fears

Have you ever felt like you are at a standstill in life? You want something or you have this great idea and the only thing holding you back is fear. 530 more words


Letters All

As the Green Kettle whistles away and signals me that my tea is almost ready, I realise that

We head each day towards the unknown, 295 more words

I am on the internets! But why.....

Hey I am Jenn. Nice to meet you. Why am I hear and what am I doing? Well, I am going through a rather large change in my life. 128 more words


7 Ways to Stay Strong When Everything Goes Wrong by Invigorated Solutions

“Today, on my 47th birthday, I re-read the suicide letter I wrote on my 27th birthday about two minutes before my girlfriend showed up at my apartment and told me, ‘I’m pregnant.’ She was honestly the only reason I didn’t follow through with it. 1,912 more words

Overcoming Stress