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Panic, Whispers, and Ghosts

My heartbeat seems to be taking shorter beats, closer together. I’m freezing, it’s so cold in here. I’m sweating, it’s so stuffy in here. There’s a tunnel in my throat and it’s collapsing. 460 more words

Greetings Love!!!

I have been practicing releasing ALL judgement for a while now but especially as of late.  It’s something I’m aware I had to do for my own wellness and sanity!! 173 more words


I recently started an email thread with my family, somewhat of a daily devotional type of deal. The idea behind it is to provoke a spiritual thought and to look at the world from as many of the changing aspects as possible. 485 more words

The Sun Is Shining, And So Is This Blog!

The sun is shining, and so is this blog!  Thank you to Ally L Mare for nominating my little corner of the internet for the Sunshine Blogger Award!   792 more words


Pocket Mindfulness

​What mindfulness teaches us is that we can’t control the past because it doesn’t exist. The only moment we have is now, and that moment will be gone in a flash, just like that.

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Plato's Dream

So I borrowed a random book from the library a few days ago, called ‘A Time for New Dreams’ by Ben Okri. I had no idea who the author was. 1,054 more words


안준희 (an-joon-hee)

My name is Amy. No that’s not the name I was born with. No that’s not my “American” name. But that’s the name I grew up with. 147 more words