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“Tadaima” is what Japanese say when they get back home from work. It’s usual translation is the simple “I’m home,” but today in the anime I was watching the subtitle read “I’m back.” It was alluded to the main character coming back to her self, or her senses so to speak, after having fallen in love with a person who really is not as good for her as she makes it to be. 198 more words



Last weekend when I got home I saw my parents cooking with few lights on. Puzzled, I reached for the switch on the wall. Mother stopped me, saying that we were running out of power. 292 more words

Chinese Teens

My Ex-boyfriend looks like my father

When looking at pictures on Instagram this morning with my teenage daughter, she showed me a picture of one of my ex-boyfriend and I had the disturbing realization that he looks exactly like a younger version of my father, who passed away 11 years ago. 104 more words

Portal Magic

Window in the sky

makes me wonder:

What’s beyond?

Walking the same paths and sitting in the same spots rewards the soul. I love seeing new places, exploring and discovering things for the first time. 31 more words

Writer's Life

My Millionaire Mindset Journey.

Yeah yeah yeah…

I know its been a while and really yes I know you’ve missed me, and so do me, really (lols) I miss myself too….you know we experience days and moments like this when we become so lost and left out that we begin to feel like a shadow of ourselves. 734 more words

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