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The Loneliness of the Night (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Neil N.

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Hey everyone!

It’s 1 am here and I found myself writing this. 283 more words


Picking up the pieces. 

I’m not afraid of my truth anymore. Little by little I accept the woman staring back at me in the mirror. The days that become stiff and uneasy are reminders that feeling stuck is only temporary. 582 more words

Mental Health

Building My Armor

“The more you work at being yourself, the more likely you will feel purposeful and significant in your life” – Wayne Dryer

Hello World,

This blog is my next step towards owning my unique authenticity. 295 more words

The Third Day, The Magical

“The third day, the magical

A way to believe I’m born again”

– The Third, The Magical (Kalmah)

On the topic of self discovery there should exist a plethora of books, songs, works, arts. 414 more words

Revelling in Victimhood...

“Oh bless… you poor thing… it’s so unfair… you didn’t deserve that…”

The culture of victimhood abounds…there are adverts on the TV for people who will help you claim your rightfully deserved compensation….We collude and are partners in crime with all the poor victims out there. 252 more words

Self Discovery

You Are Hated

Do you concede the notion that you are hated?  Seriously, have you ever settled yourself enough to acknowledge that you are detested, and then to understand… 392 more words

Spiritually Speaking

Living in the moment 

I’ve always been the shy friend. Like, the kid who was a mute at school and constantly got asked “why do you never talk?”. Over the years my social skills have improved but my lack of social confidence is something that has held me back a lot in life. 326 more words