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Like Father like Daughter?

I’ll be heading off to Orlando this weekend to visit my dad after not having seen him all year. A whole year… It doesn’t feel like that long, but at the same time it does. 1,370 more words


A Gem of a Post - please find out what "IDGAS" means -

I need to grow older and just not give a rats tail!!! I laughed so hard at this post. A definate share – if you feel embarrassed by older folks – do not be; grow some backbone by reading why they IDGAS: step back and be prepared to be jealous. 16 more words


Somebody there...

Staring at the long roads emerging into those scary routes,                           shaking, I saw myself fearing, crawling in those fragile boots.                                       A strange rope of sunshine and I felt somebody there. 111 more words


Why is Life a Drama? Part 2.....

Weird and Wonderful forgot to mention about those having to deal with those who are attracted to Drama in Why is life a Drama? Part 1.  28 more words


As a kid . . .

As a kid you are often taught not to lie.

It’s a good thing to learn. Lying can be bad. It’s not healthy and it can get you into a lot of trouble. 188 more words


Those few moments of pure bliss . . .

Each morning I wake up and for about 3 minutes I am happy.

I feel re-energized. I feel positive. I feel like this is a new day. 139 more words


'Hardest thing to Say'

Today I read a status on Facebook by public speaker Sean Stephenson that actually made me cry.  It simply said ‘What’s the hardest thing you ever had to say to someone you love?’.  117 more words