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Tiny Wardrobe: Notes on Not Buying Clothes for One Year

For over a whole year now, I have not bought a single item of clothing. Wait, except for this one very important press release at work, I have not bought clothing for myself. 313 more words

Diamond Hill, Ireland

In 2003, two social psychologists by the name of Emmons and McCullough did an experiment that involved counting blessings vs. burdens. Their results found that participants who practiced exercising gratitude (over the course of the ten week study) reported better emotional and physical health than their control experiment counterparts. 957 more words


Falling in love with solitude

I sat on a covered porch in a rocking chair with my knees to my chest and listened to the thunder tear through the silence and watched as lightning cut across the sky between the gaps of the trees. 1,053 more words


Commencement Ceremony

Tchin, tchin! 

That’s what people say in Québec when they clank glasses together and that’s what I would like to kick off this blog with, raising my glass to you! 515 more words


Still Doing Silly Things

I dropped the top on my sports car convertible and drove into the city for a dance rehearsal. Yes, I have agreed to participate in a little dance show my posse is working on. 298 more words


Are you flatlining?

Change can be hard. Change takes you out of your comfort zone, out from under your safe and warm blankie. Yes, change can sometimes be scary. 63 more words

Daily Prompt

Bow to the wonder of YOU!

Bow to the wonder of YOU!

Take time to appreciate YOU, to appreciate your very presence in this life. When you allow the natural flow of life, accept yourselves as we are and find gratitude in everything around you; you are experiencing self-love and peace right where you are. 122 more words