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For the past few weeks I have been struggling to work out. I have felt myself get lazier and lazier. What’s even worst, I have started to see myself make really bad food choices. 529 more words

Life Lessons


Everyone needs a therapist at some point or another.

That’s right, everyone.

It is impossible to go through life without feeling the weight of its problems. 2,260 more words

Genders: Why is being 'Girly' bad?

Until recently I had never imagine people felt strongly about their genders, however this year at university there has been more and more to do with them and what they actually are. 442 more words

Self Discovery

Losing Sight of the Shore

PART ONE: A Little More Than a Three- Hour Tour; or, I Wanna See You Be Brave

After a day in Sarasota of provisioning, resting, and anxiously reading and rereading the instructions for the life raft, we took off at 11:30 on Thursday from Clearwater, and headed into the Gulf of Mexico. 2,975 more words


People Judge YOU Assess

Judging comes from with out                             Assessing comes from within

Judging is more negative than positive           Assessing is more positive than negative

E.g. People can’t judge your thoughts, but YOU can asses your thoughts. 205 more words


First ever blog post

Never in million years had I considered having a Blog. To be perfectly honest, I was strongly against it until recently, where unable to order my thoughts, I started to write them down. 223 more words

Self Discovery

More Than One Type Of "Palace"

This morning I have been talking a little about renunciation and leaving things behind. I used the story of Siddhartha leaving the palace. Not all of us are princes or kings so there may not be an actual palace in our lives. 197 more words

Self Discovery