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Persistent Denial

People can deny stuff long after it becomes apparent to everyone else. Some are quite dogged in this. They can cling on to power for a long time. 228 more words

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a letter to valentine’s day humbugs

Dear Valentine’s Humbugs,

I used to be like you; I hated Valentine’s Day. I would say how stupid it was that people celebrated love on a day created by Hallmark. 346 more words


Young Love Part II

February – the month of love. However way you like to call it, V-day or Single Awareness Day. In my childhood, brought up with countless fairy-tale stories, I always had the perception that V-day only celebrated the union of a cute couple. 1,061 more words


Improving Relationships One Step At A Time

Psychotherapist Dr. Erin Leonard offers three important ways to improve our relationship with our spouse. Watch the interview here.

1) Resolve Conflict productively

  1. A) Do your best to understand your spouse’s perspective- even if it differs from your own.
  2. 344 more words
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Meaning and Intuitive Painting

Why Do We Keep Meaning Out of the Intuitive Painting Process?

Part of the process of painting spontaneously involves letting go of interpretations while painting. When forms and colors show up on the paper it is natural for our mind to want to find a meaning for why they are there. 377 more words

Was Napoleon Right?

This statement attributed to Bonaparte has wide applicability, certainly in the sphere of business and politics. I hope that it is not universal in its application, though fear it might be. 318 more words

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Dear Patrick,


Thanks for writing so much in the last mail. I read it three times. I watched the YouTube vid from Phoenix TV which features General Wu, who led the taskforce in the Tai’erzhuang Campaign. 1,088 more words

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