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The Happiness Project: Day 3


What is a good habit you want to start this month?

I want to be better with being alone. I want to be able to spend time by myself and be absolutely fine by it. 319 more words


static .

what happens when you’re raised by a lot of static?

you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, you used to see galaxies, now its just two piles of mud, and you’re stuck in the muck. 210 more words


The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

New York: Katherine Tegen Books, 2017 (501 pages)

Monty (Henry Montague), Lord Disley, is all set to go on his much-anticipated Grand Tour of Europe with his best friend and secret crush, Percy. 1,049 more words


house of jenga

To have a good life, one has to have a strong foundation. The core of your existence has to be strong enough to withstand all of life’s unpredictable tremors. 458 more words

Raise The Bar: Are You Practicing What You Preach?

Standards: Beliefs and Actions On One Accord.


Raise The Bar: lower (or raise) the standards that need to be met in order to qualify for something.

915 more words
Self Examination

The Search For Happiness

Much of my life and I’m sure many would agree with this, happiness has been this – “thing” – that once you possess it, consume it, wear it, do  209 more words

Self Discovery

Who would’ve thought

Yes, this picture is exactly what you think it is… me, and my teddy bear, in the elevator, on the way to therapy today. I will finally admit that there might be something to the hugging teddy bear theory. 495 more words