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Opinion: What we can expect from an Apple Car if it really goes on sale in 2020

What a difference a couple of weeks can make. We knew on February 5th that Apple was offering quarter-million dollar signing bonuses to Tesla engineers to persuade them to jump ship, but the idea that the company planned to make a car was just a… 1,542 more words

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Apple aims to start producing electric cars by 2020 - Report

Reports last week that Apple is secretly developing an electric car triggered a frenzy of speculation in the tech and auto industries. Now, another report suggests it could only be five years before the tech giant produces its first automobile. 278 more words


Your (Driverless) Carriage Awaits, Milady

There’s a family tale about my great-grandfather. Every Saturday (a local market day) he would take his horse and cart into town. There he would visit a pub (long gone now, but I remember it) called the Dog, and drink exactly 8 pints of beer. 559 more words

How Can the Government Learn from Current Experiences Regulating Uber and Lyft?

Unlike all of the driverless car bloggers and journalists, I am not going to write about the Uber/Google competition. I feel the media outlets have more than covered that story this week. 291 more words