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Technology Regulation and the Hybrid Approach

On May 25, 2016 he European Union released new proposed regulations for communication technology, copyright, audio-visual media and more.  While the new proposals will take several years to sort out, they take a tailored approach targeting specific regulations to each industry.   937 more words

"policy Futurist"

Google to open self-driving R&D center near Detroit, will focus on Chrysler partnership

Google today announced that it will open a self-driving car technology development center in Novi, Michigan, which is about 30 miles outside of Detroit. Google has had teams working from Detroit for the past few years, but this marks the company’s first physical presence in the area. 243 more words


Video about Google new opening of self-driving car center in Novi, Detroit. New Technology especially for elderly, disabled and handicapped - CWEB

CWEB.com – The Company is locating in a building at 46555 Magellan Drive in Novi in the Beck West Corporate Park, according to two sources familiar with the transaction who are not allowed to speak publicly on Google’s private plans. 138 more words


Human Fly Paper

Google patented a sticky surface on a car so when a person is hit, he doesn’t go out flying and suffer additional damage. This idea is quite useful but reminds of the… 120 more words


How Google Tests Self-Driving Cars

When Google first invited employees to join its self-driving car project, some of them doubted its future success.

One worker—a Porsche owner—said he only wanted to participate because he loved gadgets, Chris Urmson, Google’s director of self-driving cars, said during an… 409 more words


How Tesla Is Rolling Out Self-Driving Cars

Eighteen months ago, Tesla Motors embarked on an initiative that would sow the seeds for its self-driving car project.

The Elon Musk-led automobile company wanted to give its vehicles the ability to drive themselves, but it didn’t just want to introduce the technology without thorough testing, Sterling Anderson, Tesla’s director of autopilot programs, explained on Tuesday at an… 472 more words


Tesla reveals new details of its Autopilot program: 780M miles of data, 100M miles driven and more

Today the company released new data related to its Autopilot program and is now reporting “~100 million miles” driven with Autopilot active. The figure includes Autosteer and/or Traffic -Aware Cruise Control – the Autopilot’s main convenience features. 416 more words