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Robots That Will Make

Your Job Obsolete

A Mechanical Revolution is taking place all around us. It’s still in its inception, but progress is constantly accelerating. 1,476 more words


Self-Driving Cars - Coming to Your Highway in June

I included self driving cars in my science fiction novel, Glitch. That book is supposed to be a vision of the future, but I’m barely ahead regarding cars. 333 more words

Neat News And Thoughts

Google's Self-Driving Car May Come With Airbags on the Outside

Google’s latest idea might be its craziest yet. The tech company has secured a patent for airbags that go on the outside of the car to protect nearby pedestrians. 189 more words

Driverless Cars – what might the future look like?

When I speak to my friends about driverless cars the immediate reaction is that these are 20 years off. But is that the case? Below I highlight a few areas of influence to the success of driverless cars. 1,111 more words


Self Driving Car Starts Cross-Country Trip

NEW YORK, New York — Apparently even driverless cars need to stop for lunch.

Auto parts maker Delphi launched its cross-country trip Sunday, starting at the Golden Gate Bridge and heading to midtown Manhattan, in a car that automatically drives itself. 350 more words


Automated Car Set To Drive Itself From San Francisco To New York

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — A road trip from California to New York that starts on Sunday is about to make headlines.

It has been billed as the longest journey ever for a self-driving car. 344 more words