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Just Keep Driving: Say No to Self-Driving Cars

By Owen Corrigan

Self-driving cars are the future of the automobile, right? Well, maybe.

A few weeks ago, though, Ford Motor Company invested one billion dollars in Argo Al, a startup focused on developing self-driving automobile technology and artificial intelligence. 639 more words


NVIDIA End-to-End Self-Driving

On January 19th, Nvidia hosted a tech talk at the University of Toronto. For this talk, NVIDIA shared some updates regarding their research in the self-driving car and End-to-End Learning, as well as some experiences and fun fact about AI development. 1,178 more words


Lane Detection - Self Driving Car Nanodegree

I started the Self Driving Car Nanodegree in January 2017, I was initially selected for the October 2016 cohort but for personal reasons I couldn’t join then. 73 more words

Galaxy S8 Pay Surpass iPhone $$; Apple Acquired Facial Recognition Startup; Chevy to Test Thousands of Self-Driving Bolts; Bill Gates & the Robot Tax

Usually, smartphone rumors are pretty exciting…especially about the handsets from Samsung and Apple. Here’s one that has a bit of a chill to it…bgr.com says that the upcoming Galaxy S8 may pass up the iPhone 8 in price! 271 more words

What is the Potential Impact of ‘Smart Trucks’ Within the Trucking Industry?

I’m happy to introduce Justin Fox, a graduate from the University of Kent, who is my next guest blogger. Casting an eye to the future, Justin has identified automation as one of the primary issues set to dominate international affairs, , as human workers are made increasingly obsolete. 514 more words

Self-driving Car

From self-driving cars to model and dataset sizes

So I am done with teaching a vehicle to drive itself!

Errh, not quite there yet. I did it on a simulator, in an easy environment where there is only one lane, and no other traffic. 1,443 more words

Machine Learning

Watch What Happens When a Self-Driving Car Encounters Rain at Night

Spotting a self-driving car navigating the streets in Silicon Valley or San Francisco isn’t that unusual anymore. Spend 10 minutes near a busy intersection in Mountain View, Calif., and a self-driving car from Waymo or another startup will likely pass by. 238 more words