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I have to admit I’m enjoying self-editing my book. Prior to this, I had little experience of editing, let alone self-editing. Consequently, I researched lots and, as per normal, ended up finding my own way. 305 more words

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The Not-So-Great Imposter: Paraphrase Generators

Many writers have been hounded by ads for Grammarly, and nearly everyone has been shafted by autocorrect a few times. Here at the Writing Center, we’ve been noticing some paragraphs that are either inaccurate, or don’t sound at all like the rest of the paper. 1,103 more words


Writer's Tips: #Editing, #Formatting, #Bookdesign, helpful links

Author, and Sister of the Fey, D. G. Kaye (Debby Gies) shares some helpful tips and links for writers for book design, self-editing and repurposing our unused writing. 15 more words

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Guest Post: What's Missing from your Self-Editing by Ryan Lanz

Thank you to Ryan Lanz for this suggestion-packed article, which first appeared on his website, A Writer’s Path.

For some writers, editing strikes fear into their hearts. 330 more words


Today's Writing Tip

A fellow author/friend told me she uses a text-to-voice reading app for proofreading as well as finding typos and awkward wording in her novels. If your book will eventually become an audio book this is an even better idea. 28 more words

Read and Revise – How Many Times Should You Revise Your Own Work?

Continuing on the subject from last week, the question naturally arises: “How often should an author reread and revise their work before sending it off?” Those of us who are perfectionists (Hi!) worry about over-revising to the point that we become mired in a single story/article. 984 more words


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Rant/Thoughts/Lack of Forethought and Consideration/Connected But Less Than Premeditated 

A fret is deepening; rotting my fortitude. I’m not wealthy, and by not wealthy, I sincerely mean it. 463 more words