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A Collection of Editing Marks

Reasons to still edit on paper manuscripts:

While a lot of editing nowadays is done directly on e-file manuscripts using editing software such as Microsoft Word’s “Comments” and “Track Changes,” there are still good reasons to do hands-on editing on paper/print-out manuscripts: 407 more words


The Importance of Sensory Details to Believable Writing

I had an acting teacher a long time ago who was obsessed with sensory input; she wanted us to always be touching something, or imagining the smell of something to add richness to our acting. 481 more words


Editing Tips

Top 4 Ways to Edit Your Own Writing by Sagan Morrow

2) Read backwards.

This is an effective way to check for typos

Writing Tips

Self-Editing – The Bane of a Writer’s Existence

Self-editing is a double-edged sword that will certainly test not only the mettle, but the integrity of an author on many levels.

To self-edit your own work, you must be prepared to be your own best and worst critic. 307 more words


Critique Meat

The critique goal is to improve your writing and editing skills; the fall-out is helping another writer do the same.

As writers, we understand noun and pronoun usage, plot movement, character arc, overstating, under-explaining, but they are at times hard to gauge in our own stories. 776 more words


5 Tips for Better Self-Editing

So you’ve finished your short story, novel, academic paper, etc, and are ready to start making into the polished diamond you know it can be. Editing and revision is one of the most important parts of creating. 279 more words


Tips on Giving and Receiving Critiques

Some overall tips about critiquing:

Penny Smith, author of Wanted: Ogopogo Lake Monster, Dead or Alive and a co-founder of the Penticton Writers and Publishers ), once presented a very useful talk on critiquing to the PWAP group. 751 more words