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Completing your own tax return on-line

If you haven’t completed your own tax return on-line before, now is the time to get the wheels in motion.  The first step is to get registered with the HMRC and you need to do this before the 5th October following the end of the tax year you need to send a tax return for.   67 more words


Setting up a business with no money! 

I started playing with the idea of opening my own cafe around 3 years ago.

As I had managed one of my mums cafes for a number of years now I knew the ins and outs of how it ran. 861 more words


Wowser Wednesday! Experience The New English Conversation Approach!

This time next week it’s going to be just as HOT honey! So plan some time off today and join us in Berlin on Wednesday for a free trial of language energy, because combining language learning with movement makes learning English so much more effective. 371 more words

Accounting and Visualization — Drivers of Freelance Business

All my life I’ve been living in Russia. Moreover I live in the Urals and summer is something unreliable and unpredictable here. For example, last year most summer days were cold and rainy. 775 more words


Independence = Collaboration

One of the reasons I deferred working for myself is because I want to work with other people. Not just have people in the room and chat with them, but build together, solve problems, launch from one another’s ideas. 162 more words


Is AdvoCare a Scam? Everything You Need to Know About MLM's and Direct Selling

It is very common for MLM’s to be automatically thrown into the mental “scam” category. My story is a bit different than that of most people, which gives me a really unique perspective. 701 more words