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It’s nearly April! You know what that means for all us self-employed? Tax Returns. Oh joy. Oh rapture.

I’ve just started slogging through my accounts. This is me about now (with a bit less stubble). 55 more words

Meredith Debonnaire

Monday Musings: Working from home: the good, the bad and the crazy

Recently a video went viral. It was a hilarious video of a professor being interviewed by the BBC. Although the professor looked to be dressed very professionally and in a professional setting, with maps and books and other workplace-type items, he was actually working from home and as you’ll see in the video, right before the eyes of the public, all hell breaks loose as his young children realize the door to his home office is actually unlocked, and they proceed to steal the show. 2,014 more words

Jennifer L. Cowart

Meet The Tech Monday featuring Clare Kirk...

Well hello lovelies!

What a better way to kick start the new week than with our brand new series ‘Meet The Tech Monday‘… and just as the name suggests, each Monday we’ll be welcoming a Nail Technician onto our very own virtual sofa, answering all those questions so many of us would love to ask! 821 more words

Sole Trader vs Limited Company - Which Is Best For You?

This is a question we field fairly often at Active Accounts, as such, we thought we’d pop down some of what we felt were the more pertinent points for self-employed professionals to consider. 539 more words