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Technology, it's time you and I had a chat

Devices, my dears, we have to talk. You have not been my friend lately. And you do realize I have a home office, so your existence in my life is more necessity than luxury. 513 more words


Letting go of an employee can be HARD

We’ve done it.  Twice.  Now three times.  Or rather, we’ve had to do it.  Because to say “we’ve done it” sounds crass.  It leaves out an important part of the story.   1,363 more words


Freelance work and self-employment

Self-employment and freelance work is a flexible and innovative way to work in our modern economy. Whether your skills are utilised for creative or technical work, having control of your own brand and expertise (not to mention work hours and bureaucracy) is a major plus. 572 more words


...and breathe

Soothe gently calm (a person or their feelings).

It’s the first word I think of when I remember this moment. Soothed by the space, the rhythm of the waves, the breeze. 247 more words


Becoming A Successful Work From Home Mom


Being a stay at home mom is a dream for some but others don’t have that option. My dream as a solo provider is to be a successful work from home mom! 305 more words