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The gig guide: A new model of work?

Hoping for long-term, secure employment with one organisation? Or perhaps you’re planning to build your career on a freelancing model? Whatever your personal preferences, the world of work is changing, not least in the extent to which people are employed on a permanent basis.  

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A change is as good as a rest

I know, I know, it’s been ages since I last posted. In my defence, I was on holiday the last week of June, another fabulously relaxing and battery-recharging… 1,011 more words

Freelance Translator

Serial Entrepreneur Part 3...4....5

So I think I must be a little crazy. I keep trying all these new ideas in the hopes that one will take off and show me the way to make enough money to help support my family yet keep me from having to go back into the traditional workforce. 394 more words


Tools for Translators

I felt very honoured recently to be asked to contribute to a great new initiative by Alina Cincan, of Inbox Translations. She’d had the brainwave of asking 72 well-regarded translators to describe two or three inexpensive tools or apps that really made their professional life easier. 242 more words


Trusting your Gut

As freelance business owners, we’re all assumed to be ultra-professional and efficient – as indeed many of us are – yet there are times when choosing whether or not to work with a new client or take on a new project comes down to nothing more than gut feeling. 1,464 more words


Spending your (time) lotto winnings

For three minutes today, I fantasized about how I would spend $429.6 million in lotto winnings. Then I realized that since my thrilling combination of being super cheap and strongly analytical has prevented me from ever having purchased a lottery ticket, these were three minutes sorely wasted. 649 more words


Six questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking about self-employment.

Making the decision to work for yourself, freelance or start up a business is a big one. At the beginning, you’re often thinking about all the practical things you’ll need to do, like telling the tax man. 581 more words