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Tips For Starting Your Own Business

We know you all love a success story, so what could be better than combining one with some tips for you? So today we’ve got Clare Arnott from To Sew Arnott to Sew (clever!) to tell you a bit about how she runs her business, and what she thinks you should consider before starting your own. 496 more words

Armed Forces

You Gotta Have Hope

Consider: In terms of your life and particularly your career, are you a person who tends to be hopeful about your future? Or do you tend more towards despair that things will not improve, no matter what you believe or do? 734 more words

Personal Growth And Healing

Currency Woes

Working as a translator inevitably involves dealing with other countries, often using different currencies – well, at least if you work in the UK or the US, for example, and your source languages are based in the Eurozone… There is therefore always a risk that the amount you bill will not necessarily always represent the same ‘value’ by the time it reaches your bank account. 1,419 more words


Self-Employment Opportunity -- Ceramics & Pottery

Again, another great opportunity for those with artistic abilities or those you wish they had artistic abilities.  There’s a studio in Long Beach that will provide a group or one-on-one lessons on how to turn clay into a beautiful sellable vase.  312 more words

Creative Opening

Self-Employment Opportunity: Animal Psychology Course

I know nothing about animals or animal psychology, but if you’ve ever been interested in working with animals and people’s pets, Groupon has an offer you might be interested.   295 more words

Certifications/ Certificates


Since taking the leap into self-employment, I have struggled with keeping and seeing friends on any sort of consistent basis. To start with, teaching lessons requires me to work afternoons and part of the weekend. 232 more words

Breaking Away from Ideal Worker Culture as a Freelancer

Brigid Schule’s book, Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has The Time just blew my effing mind. From the fact that constant stress and overwhelm causes our brains to physically shrink (something of which I am already in… 916 more words