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The Key is Consistency

The truth of the matter is, to be great, to get ahead and to be where you want to be in this life, you gotta keep doing what you’re doing in you’re already on the right path.

Career Vs Job

Taking Advantage of Freelancing: Going on location

It’s easy, when you’re buried in emails and to-do list tasks, to focus on all of the stressful parts of freelancing–running your own business, paying tax estimates, pleasing all the clients, marketingmarketingmarketing–and forget to take advantage of the amazing parts. 357 more words


How to Be Whatever You Want When You Grow Up, or, How Lois Became a Dog

Lois has recently become a dog, an aspiration neither she nor I knew she had.

For more than three years, our boxer/pit bull/dummy-dumb-dumb mix has been quite the social media star, famous for being as weird as she is large. 618 more words

General Life Whatnot

Geez...  Time.  Flies.

It’s been two weeks since I last posted? I’m not sure how that happened. It feels like I just posted. But I guess w/ what little sleep I get and being that my day(s) consist of one way conversations w/ an almost 2 yr old and a 5 mo old, the days/weeks are going to run together. 135 more words

Self Employment

A Time for Big Ideas: Freelancing & the 3-day weekend

Having grown up in a small tourist town in Northern Michigan, Memorial Day weekend has always been a different experience for me and mine. Tawasians don’t leave town for three-day weekends. 508 more words


Oops: Cash Flow for Freelancers

If you pay tax estimates, you know it’s currently the worst time of year. While everyone else is planning to blow their tax return on a Memorial Day excursion, we have just paid our tax bill for last year and our first quarterly estimate in April, and for some infuriating reason, the second quarter is about to be due in June.  1,020 more words

General Life Whatnot

Story Ideas: I hate you; I love you; I need you; where are you? Confessions of a lazy writer.

Story ideas: They are the hardest part of writing for me, with no close contender for second place. I wish this was due to that mystical concept that inspiration is elusive, requiring a muse or divine intervention or some such nonsense. 652 more words