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Coping strategies

My recent accident was a timely reminder that we really need to make sure we have contingency provisions in place to cope with unforeseen situations. I’m rarely ill (touch wood!), but having a wonky knee as a result of a skiing crash only goes to prove that accidents can (and do) happen to anyone at any time. 1,602 more words


How to Sell on Amazon [Infographic]

Submitted by Jake Rheude, Director of Marketing at Red Stag Fulfillment

Making extra money online and escaping the nine to five grind often becomes possible when you set up a stream of passive income to supplement your regular income. 814 more words

Alternatives To The 9-to-5 Job

How not to treat your customers....

…. especially when they need you most.

This is the next instalment of my ongoing knee saga – please look away now if you can’t take any more! 2,065 more words


When you know you’re working too hard....

An extremely busy spell since Christmas, if not before, turning down job offers left, right and centre, and struggling to accommodate favourite clients’ pleas for help, had left me desperately in need of a break last week. 1,309 more words


Praise indeed...

I’ve been spurred on to write this post by the warm reception to a tweet I posted last week, commenting how nice it is when clients take the trouble to pass on good feedback about our work. 691 more words


Online 24/7 - really?

This post was inspired by a recent early bird booking period for the BP2018 Conference, which was announced on a Saturday, but scheduled to finish at midnight on the Sunday of the same weekend. 934 more words

Freelance Translator

The Art of Delegating

Back at the beginning of the year, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to finally get myself a cleaner. I’ve had a cleaner before, when I lived in the big family house pre-divorce, but for some reason just hadn’t got around to filling the gap since moving to my current, much smaller house 12 years ago. 1,049 more words