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In which a professional writer asks, "I actually have to write during working hours? Whaaaaa?"

Writing between the hours of 9 and 5 is really difficult for me. And it’s taken me six years as a professional, full-time writer to recognize that it’s sort of a problem. 597 more words


That Time I Drunkenly Ranted About Hating Libraries

I don’t often go on drunken rants, but the one time I did in recent memory, it was about how much I hate libraries.

Whoa there. 819 more words


Bullying – alive and kicking in the freelance world?

You might think that bullying is a phenomenon restricted to the schoolyard or to the world of employers/employees. Freelancers, surely, are free to throw off the shackles of a restrictive working environment and treat “school bullies” with contempt. 1,181 more words


Keeping client statistics: how organised are you?

If the last statistics you ever came across involved the Poisson distribution at school, you may well be forgiven for running a mile from keeping any kind of statistics in your professional life. 1,333 more words


New Year's Eve Post : 2016

My new year began in November when I realized that becoming self-employed some way, some how was a necessity.

This year taught me the value of time over money and that my youth doesn’t guarantee that I will live every single day. 390 more words


Ask the Employment Specialist: The challenges of remote work

Dear Joanna,

I’ve been working remotely over the past five years with a large financial company. I show up at the office one day a week as well as for mandatory meetings. 523 more words

JVS Toronto

Lark or Owl?

Earlier this week I found myself in the position of having to get up at the crack of dawn to do a (paid) test translation for a prestigious international tender. 790 more words