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Is Being an Entrepreneur “in” You? Here Are Five Signs that May Reveal the Truth

Are you someone who is meant to be running their own show?

In a piece for Entrepreneur.com (what else?), Brian Evans, himself a successful entrepreneur by trade, identifies five tell-tale signs that reveal someone has the nature of a classic, business self-starter woven into their DNA. 436 more words

Entrepreneurial Success Begins in Your Mind

How powerful are your thoughts? Psychologists, philosophers, and spiritual teachers have been saying that the quality and content of our thoughts has a direct bearing on our potential for happiness, success, and self realization. 1,090 more words

Startup Business Ideas

Taxation & the new economy - Rise in self-employment

The new economy is known as the driving force of economic growth, and its characteristics are technology driven which are penetrated in the consumer and business marketplace.  938 more words


Platforms and the ongoing fight over self-employment

The other day on PMQ, Philip Hammond announced a reversal of the Conservative plan to raise the National Insurance contributions for the self-employed. The papers last week interviewed a number of people whom it might have affected; some took it less as a blow to their income – rather contributing to their feeling that there is a general lack of government support for self-employed and small businesses (The I Paper, 09-03-2017). 1,004 more words


Do You Owe Self-Employment Tax?

Did you work as a sole proprietor or independent contractor in 2016? If you earned more than $400 during 2016 from the work you did, you may owe self-employment tax. 186 more words


Past paper - August 2014

I have posted  a copy of the August 2014 paper on Blackboard.

Just work on the questions I have identified there to prepare for the exam. 56 more words


Great News!

My first article for Constant Content was rejected! ;)

It actually wasn’t that big of a deal at all. They wanted me to change “earth” to “Earth” (whoops) and reformat another sentence, which in all fairness did read kind of funky on a second glance. 318 more words