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December Snow

Who would have thought it after having such a mild Autumn that we would then have a sudden downfall of snow, with more to come, just in time for Christmas. 118 more words


Depends on What the Customer is Worth

The bulk of eBay sellers I know sell second hand stuff, aka thrift store items. You’d be amazed at what you can find at a thrift store, but at the same time, it’s time consuming to dig through bins of 90% garbage just to find that pricey item. 534 more words


Five Benefits to Having a Side Hustle

We all know that, on average, the more someone works, the more money they will have in their bank account. Many people try to pick up a second job or additional hours at work to be able to accomplish this. 1,598 more words


Be An Entrepreneur

Working for someone to earn your bread and butter is one of the simpler ways of earning them. Let it be as an engineer in a reputed multi national firm or as a cashier in a small jewelry shop. 295 more words

Way Of Life

“A Miscellaneous Menagerie”


There is a buzzard that has take to perching for extended periods on a particular concrete post just outside the prison fence.  A few days ago, I was watching it from my window, contemplating its elegance and majesty, when it lazily shuffled itself around to face away from me, carefully raised its tail feathers, and copiously defecated squarely in my direction.  1,020 more words

Am I an Overnight Success Yet?

Contributed by Rachel Arnold, content creator and Medium blogger

It’s no secret that we live in a society in which delayed gratification seems to be a dirty word. 779 more words