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Working on "The Plan"

I hate being on Disability.
Like, a lot.

I also really hate  depending on my family for any support, since it never comes without strings. Also Dr P and Dr T are both convinced that the only way for me to be safe and heal completely, is to get the eff away from them. 1,116 more words

Autistic Adult

No one has ever asked me this question; but as I’ve done a lot of pondering lately on who I am as the photographer me, and I asked myself, “what has been one of your favorite sessions over these past few years and why?” 408 more words


Working on holiday?

I recently read an interesting (and possibly contentious?) article in The Times weekend supplement about the benefits of working on holiday! Apparently, it’s not particularly good for us to go completely into sloth mode. 337 more words

The Leap

Sometimes the universe gives us a nudge. This summer, it’s been hurrying me along with a finger in the back, steering me in a certain direction.  1,042 more words


Life Self-Employed

Sorry for the accidental hiatus last Friday! Last week was my first full week of DOING MY OWN THING and the days sort of got away from me. 352 more words


Business Opportunity

About a year ago I understood, probably for the first time in my life (a whole 49 years!) that it’s actually ok to want nice things, to… 485 more words


How Others See You

How others see you can sometimes come as quite a surprise especially when you think you’re working hard to promote a good image on social media platforms, on your website or through the great service and customer care you take pride in delivering. 350 more words