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#100) Quitting my day job

For musicians and other creative types such as myself, the million dollar question is: when do you quit your day job?

In my case, it was ten years ago, a few months after I turned 30. 674 more words

FSB Connect Launch Event – Leeds

I’ve just come back from a two-day event held at the rather swanky Metropolitan Hotel in Leeds, to attend the official launch and inaugural conference for FSB Connect. 349 more words


Careers sessions for researchers: self-employment

The Graduate School are offering a couple of brand new workshops on self-employment for researchers and the first is coming up next Tuesday 1st December. 256 more words

Postgraduate Research Students

5 Hard Truths for Every Black Woman Creative ~ Dee Rene

Being a creative is equal parts struggle and triumph. With a dash of doubt mixed between layers of relentless pursuit of your dreams. But although this is an incredible journey, it’s not one that you should enter into without understanding the realities to come. 1,024 more words

Review, Op-Ed, And The Arts

On the Verge

Today is the day we prepare to launch ourselves head first into the “holiday season”, which, in my book, has always meant those weeks starting with Thanksgiving and ending on the first Monday in the New Year when I pretend I’m still working but I’m really not. 615 more words

10 Reasons You're Told To Avoid Unmonetized Work.

Many people are unhappy to do unmonetized work. And that’s fine. It’s your choice to only do work you’re paid for and to pay others to do your unpaid work. 895 more words


A little privacy, please.

When you run your own business you are how the public will judge it. Big brands have millions to spend on advertising, public relations employees to keep everything ticking over and even if they have the odd snotty employee on the front line, the overall image of the company remains intact. 431 more words