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The Ultimate Guide to Finally Stop Worrying About the Financial Uncertainties Associated with Being Self-Employed

In a previous article where I narrated my very simple story about why I chose to become self-employed, I also promised that I shall be writing about how any self-employed person can successfully deal with the well-known troubling issue of financial uncertainty associated with becoming their own boss. 800 more words

Self - Employment

My Simple Story of Why I Became Self-Employed


Here is my story of why I became self-employed. I believe strongly that you’ll take some inspiration from it or you’ll relate to aspects of it. 862 more words

Self - Employment

Antique Atterbury Milk Glass Plates

Last week I had the good fortune to discover this set of four delicate white milk glass plates at a thrift store.  It is amazing that such breakables have survived with no chips or cracks.  309 more words

Phoenix Farm Store

10 Reasons Why a Cup of Coffee is Better for You than Kafkaesque Torture

One of the most pervasive pieces of advice in articles on how to be “successful” is to put aside hobbies in favour of extra graft on your job or a side-hustle. 575 more words

Seeking A Better World

Freelancing: Between A Rock And A Hard Place

In true millennial fashion, my major life change started on social media, with a scroll down my Twitter feed.

After taking the elevator down from the corporate world, with a heart full of passion, enthusiasm and determination, I walked up the steep stairs of self-employment, equipped with my laptop, serving as a portal to a recondite realm of unexplored opportunities. 552 more words


Cut-Throat World

Colin is a trained chef. He built a small but flourishing business cooking gourmet, restaurant-quality food and delivering locally to people hosting dinner parties, people trying to impress on a dinner date and, more lucratively, to small businesses attempting to dazzle potential new clients. 905 more words


Tier 1 Graduate Entreprenuer Workshop for GCU international students.

When: Wednesday 1st November 2017

Time: 12pm

Where: Seminar Room 2, Campus Lounge, Level 1 George Moore Building

Are you looking to start a business in the UK when you graduate? 136 more words