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Self-Employment is still work, even if...

Oh yes, a proper rant again. I apologise for all the wishy-washy stuff about my life, if that’s not your bag. If rants are your bag, let’s talk about self-employment. 1,317 more words


Inspirational Quote 

So true! The path may change from time to time but the goal remains the same! 🌞🌠


Time and Money

I have about a 3-4 month that I can keep living off my unemployment if everything goes well. I look at it as my grace period. 100 more words

Personal Finance

2018: Incorporating Web Design 

Next year I will be studying web design with my diploma in communication studies. This means that after I graduate mid 2018, I will be incorporating web design as a service within my business. 🎓📚💻


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about Being an Entrepreneur

For my second article in the “Good, Bad and Ugly” series, I have decided to talk to you about a subject that is completely different to the usual Yoga, Nutrition or Travel, but which a lot of you have asked me to share: the entrepreneurial life. 2,478 more words

Yoga Journey

Kids Can Learn To Care for Their Own Things

I’m in the process of figuring out all of the neat things I can share with the world, every day this blog is constantly evolving into more than just a blog full of poor-people recipes. 453 more words