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The Savage Mind

Those that exist outside of the natural order of life are subject to corruption. They are filled with fear, and fear leads to hate, and therefore, “ 333 more words

Value Of Judgement

There is no wisdom in judging others. There is nothing beneficial to be gained from the act for anyone including yourself. However, there is plenty to be gained in learning to understand. 20 more words

An Expansion Of Source Of Healing

Never A Rebel

She ain’t your rebellious Sophia.
Aye, she fought tooth and claw to oppose the gravity but the beasts chained her wings. So, she cut’em: not the chains but the wings… 12 more words

Broken Wings And Soul

Emerging From the Darkness

I have been absent from the blog for the past few weeks as I was tending to my own self-care.  Some physical and emotional issues came up that required my full and undivided attention.   383 more words


Light Of Love

When the Light of Love
touches our wounds
we are set free.

(For Ms. Vee)

Photography/ “Light Of Love” 2015©AmyRose



Live your dream

“Do your own thing, on your own terms and get what you came here for”- Oliver James.

I reconnected with a friend after two decades. He said ,”You have become bold”. 593 more words