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In my search for the meaning of Infinite Intelligence, I was referred back to Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and grow rich. It is described as something within all energy and it is eternal and purposeful. 748 more words


Seek it

All bitterness comes to an end

When self improvements are from within

To seek better judgement

One must know thine

Stay true

And it shall lead to the… 30 more words


Your Morning Routine: The definite deal-breaker and habit-maker.

So I’m not coming into this post as one who is an expert NOR knows what she is doing. I am coming as a concerned professional and creative, who is worried about her inner thoughts and ideas that have been flushed out by the day-to day priorities of life. 443 more words


[Book Review] You Are The Awakening By Zen Gardner

Zy Marquiez
July 25, 2016

There are many people in the alternative media/research community that are putting out good information, without a doubt.  Then, there is an even narrower set of individuals putting out even better, more thought provoking, yet discerning information.  364 more words


Day 2 • Why can't I breathe? Fear of failure.

I’m pursuing a spontaneous dream I had. I’m going back to school to earn an Associate in Business degree. I’m scared that this will fall through like everything else did. 91 more words

The Journey Continues - Spirituality and Religion

You would think someone who has been consciously traveling a path of spirituality for decades would be less troubled by what’s happening in our world and, in particular, in our country in recent days, weeks and months. 867 more words


Who needs validation? Short answer: All of us, especially when it comes from ourself. #I AM ME.

Here is the longer answer….

But firstly, what the heck is validation anyway? Been swallowing another pop psychology paperback again Imani? No :) Validation isn’t a pop psychology concept. 1,457 more words

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