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Want to Get Outta Your Head, Get Into Your Body?

A common question that I received in response to my survey is: “How do I go from knowing what to do to doing it?” (If you didn’t get a chance to respond to my… 254 more words


Daily Mantra: "I speak no evil, hear no evil, and so I see no evil!"

Though evil is truly too harsh a word, so much of what we say, hear and observe are negative, which only serves to attract more of the same into our experience. 431 more words

You Yourself

You are the master of your happiness
The boss of your own joy
Don’t be a slave to anyone else.


Ditching my Niche

I’m going back to the basics. I’ve changed my theme back to something more simple. I think it will help me tremendously to stop trying to be an online magazine and go back to being a blog. 183 more words


Daily Mantra: "Worrying is wasted energy!"

Everything that we worry about is inadvertently given power by the act of our worrying. That which we focus upon sends vibrational energy to the Universe read as “I am interested in this, more please,” and so, vibrational matches to it are drawn into your experience. 332 more words