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Educating Yourself and Spreading the Awareness

Recently I was able to catch up with the Chicago chapter of the African Unification group for a free viewing of the critically acclaimed Hidden Colors 2 documentary. 92 more words


5 Ways To Live Life Outside Your Day Job

Do things that keep a balance in your life and don’t let any institution define who you are.” – Margaret Avery

Do you work a job you dislike? 938 more words

The Body and Self-Empowerment

March 1 marked the end of the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW)! While I was a little disappointed about the lack of outreach programs at my university, it was very pleasing to see the amount of media attention this topic created. 352 more words


Finding Wisdom in Your Enneagram Type

This past weekend, Kacie volunteered at the Wisdom 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. In an era where mindfulness practices are increasingly utilized in the business and tech world, Wisdom 2.0 provides a platform for like-minded people to connect and strategize around bringing empowered conscientiousness into the workplace. 472 more words


Have a cup of monday mornig wisdom

As I lay there, yelling at my sister “it takes two to be in a relationship, stop putting the blame all on yourself!” I realized I’m not only yelling for her but I’m yelling for myself, for all the women who feel like “its their fault” the relationship with a lover/ almost lover didn’t go well. 246 more words

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