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The Art of Knowing

Hello, my dear friends,

I am your brother Jesus.

I will teach you how to know what you need to know today.

This may be a strange issue for some of you and for some of you, you will have waited for this, perhaps for a long time. 815 more words

Free Meditations

Hello, my dear friends,

I just uploaded 3 free meditations for you.

You can listen to them online as much and as often as you like. 48 more words

Toxic people, energy vampires or dark entities polluting your life?

Here is the one and only reason and at the same time the ONLY remedy against all kinds of negativity coming from others and draining you, depleting you and violating you: 1,412 more words

"Why Not Just Get a Guy?"

The image from this post is from an amazing site I found cruising the internet. Meg Allen has a photography site with a project entitled BUTCH which pretty much sums up the simple answer to my question. 1,987 more words



It’s time to start showcasing your passion because doing so will attract potential dream builders, supporters, partners that can help with taking your passion to the next level. 405 more words