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Self Empowerment: Single Parent Dating 

Ebony Hood | January 22, 2017
​Raising child/ren alone is easier than loving a grown person who’s always “getting it together”. After asking repeatedly if staying with that type of BEing is really the strong woman thing to do, I learned that it is the EASY thing to do. 205 more words

Self Empowerment

The long forgotten terror of the 6 year old : the sting of the narcissists stare.

After you have been pummeled by those stares of evil, good luck trying to explain your fear and confusion to others. And, if confronted, a response from a narc will be: “What?

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Self Awareness

Watch the Pieces Fall in Place

I must first apologize for not posting anything since the beginning of the year. This lack is not due to the fact that I didn’t have anything to say. 457 more words



Proverbs 4:19 KJV

“The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble.”

This scripture reminds me of the importance of self-reflection. 764 more words


NEW Service Available: The Domino Forecast

What Is The Domino Forecast? The Domino is one of the most used divination tools of Afro-Latin Spiritual practise, and a very important part of Canarian folklore as well. 284 more words


Some insights into how emotional intensity triggers others.

I’m feeling very sick this morning from all the blood I have swallowed from the nosebleeds of the past week.  The past few days have been so painful I am sure my body is trying to drive the point home how impossible it is for me to be around those who are shut down and there is no way in to connect with them, or at least how that felt as a small child, almost like being invisible on some level. 1,234 more words

Self Awareness