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Don’t Let Setbacks Be the End of the Road

Fall down seven times, get up eight. – Japanese proverb

How many times have you had an idea or dream about doing something and before you can even process the thought, the laundry list of reasons why you can’t accomplish it pops into your head? 540 more words

Self Empowerment

Who Controls YOU?

Are you a puppet? No offense, but seriously, is someone controlling you? Is someone conjuring your life and making you play along? Is someone else writing you in as the unwitting character of your own story? 396 more words



There are two types of “channeling” commonly used today for communicating with other dimensional beings. With the first type, you contact the energy with which you wish to communicate and allow its energy to borrow your voice for a bit, or you take dictation if you are writing instead of speaking. 532 more words

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I Survived Another Psychic Attack!

I survived another psychic attack – and lived to tell the tale!

Okay, so that was supposed to be an eye-opener ;) No, it was not an attack as dramatic as the one they sent me more than 2 years ago when they attempted to rearrange my face – heh! 1,541 more words

Crystals For Psychic Protection

AsktheCoach in the Coach's Corner - Following Your Dreams

Following your Dreams – Sharon AsktheCoach Parker in the Coach’s Corner

It is important that while you are in “pursuit of your dreams” that you learn to follow the bread crumbs that lead you to your dreams. 554 more words

Self Empowerment

Believe in Yourself - Sharon AsktheCoach Parker, Your Motivational Messenger

Good morning everyone,

As we approach the day I just want to encourage all of you the importance in believing in yourself.  I bring to you this topic because with all the things that we are face from day to day we can sometimes find ourselves in a position of depletion, discouragement and disillusionment.   101 more words

Self Empowerment

Path Of Love

Yesterday while conversing with Jodi, the following words were created.  Thank you, my friend, for assisting me in my Creation Process.

When you step on the… 38 more words