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Choose to Travel Light

In order for our highest wishes to be fulfilled, we must first begin to accept things as they are, fully, completely…as they are. Wonderful creative genius minds developed via this deed. 664 more words

Self Empowerment

Anxiety, IBS, and Insights

The whole point of this blog to try to help others through my own distressing experiences. If just one person can benefit or learn something, it makes it all so worth it. 1,168 more words


Welcome to your Vortex: the land of your highest excitement

What exactly does it mean to be in your Vortex? Well, It means: to live a life within your highest excitement, within your very best enjoyment, experiencing right in this moment what it is exactly that gives you the most fun, fulfillment, peace & happiness. 290 more words

Self Empowerment

Gratitude and your Brain

Nowadays you hear about gratitude everywhere. Be grateful, stay grateful no matter what, even during trying times. This can be difficult to say the least. 243 more words



A shell is defined as “a hard outer or protective case.”  It’s meant to keep some things in and keep others out.  We think it gives others the allusion that we have it all together. 922 more words

What is leading you?

Some will refuse to admit their flaws in the tragic events they’ve come across. Life is slowly but surely a progression of self-love and self-encouragement. Being a co-dependent female; finding shame in myself for the situations I’ve been in, that I had zero control over. 252 more words


Mid-Year Affirmation

I believe in affirmations. Used well, an affirmation creates a new habit, making the affirmation is no longer necessary. At the beginning of each year, I create one or two. 366 more words