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writers block

I have been indulging myself in a mad case of writer’s block. Sure, the subject matter of my book is pushing me to my utmost emotional limits, but there is also a sense of refusal to finish it. 858 more words

Choose Love


Women.  We are being tested.
Not in old, patriarchal ways.
But in a new, empowering way.

We are being asked to grow beyond… 504 more words


Down with Education: Bring Back Educetion

No, it isn’t a typo.  There’s a subtle but world-changing difference, you see, in the vowel.

Education comes from the Latin educare – to bring up or train. 957 more words

Weekly Gypsy Palace Tarot Reading

2nd to 8th May 2016

Weekly reading by Author Tirza Schaefer, using the GYPSY PALACE TAROT CARD DECK. Copyright by Nora Huszka.

CARD 1 is for Monday and Tuesday, CARD 2 for Wednesday and Thursday and CARD 3 from Friday to Sunday. 781 more words

Tirza Schaefer

Living my Dharma Splendiferously

Enough was enough with such  misery.

Crushed the pernicious spirit of  negativity.

Killed  the self-destructive extreme insensibility,

Even defied to wallow in that past adversity, 137 more words