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no problem

By emptying her mind of beliefs and concepts she found that she was present, here now . . . and there was no problem.


First group meeting - March 30th 7-9pm

Hi everyone,

the group meetings will start on Monday March 30th at 7pm in the Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury road http://salisburycentre.org/

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes


transforming pain

When she let go of the rigid idea of being a person whose life was bound to the inevitability of death, any pain that she experienced was suddenly transformed.



When I recognise belief as belief, I have the chance to accept each and every situation just as it is with no idea that it might be different.


no need to understand

She was simply able to be here, with no idea of what was going on, or where ‘here’ was, or what she was . . . and no need to understand.


abandoning belief

She recognised that if she wanted to eradicate her suffering, then the abandoning of her belief was a necessary part of the process.