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Arunachala ashram. My spiritual home in Canada. Not visited yet.

I’ve found a place in Canada that I can call my spiritual home. It’s Ramana’s ashram in Nova Scotia, the 2nd one in North America after New York. 286 more words

Consciousness - stuff of existence

I exist. I am conscious.

I sense my surroundings. I sense myself.

I know. I can learn, and increase my knowledge and understanding.

I can feel my surroundings. 560 more words


Q: How do I 'turn within' or 'turn towards the Self'?

Q: How do I ‘turn within’ or ‘turn towards the Self’?

Tom: There is no turning within. Turning within is just a turn of phrase! Everywhere you turn is outside. 228 more words


How to practise self enquiry

Self enquiry is very beneficial on the path, it can help you in many ways, it along with contemplation can help you fully detach and rest as yourself, this is very important for liberation and many where seeking God yes, but also seeking liberation and liberation comes much sooner with these practises. 45 more words

Instructions on Self-Enquiry Meditation with Ram Dass

There is a way in which you can know things by linear thought process — by one thought, after another thought, after another thought.

There is also a gestalt phenomenon of an experience of understanding how something is.

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Guided Meditation

Unleash the pearls within

What would be if the every human being becomes an intellect?

The first appearance of Homo sapiens in Africa was discovered around 200,000 years ago in a Middle Palaeolithic era. 590 more words


This vast universe can be seen to be made up of five great elements – the Pancha Mahabhuta: 

Earth – Bhumi, Water – APA or Jala, fire – Tejas or Agni, air – Vayu, Aether, or Space – Akasha.  170 more words

Self Enquiry