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A few more of my Fabulous Friends

Do you want to build your home on the bank of the Ganga where the villagers call you Mataji and offer you the chance to give your heart away every day? 122 more words

Self Enquiry

How do I deal with craving sense pleasures and neglect of spiritual practice?

Q: What would you say to someone (me) who persistently or often craves and desires so that remembrance of the Self seems to get neglected for spells, like it is sometimes a second priority? 178 more words


Clarifications on Self-Enquiry

Q. ​Hi Tom, when Ramana says in the book ‘Who am I’ ‘cultivate the constant and deep contemplative ‘remembrance’ (smrti) of the true nature of the Self’ – would this be like repeatedly bringing the attention back to what is here now with the understanding that the Self is all that is? 128 more words



Shackles of misidentification

with an imagined being

Separated and alone

self-contained in its fable

of pleasure and of pain,

fantasies of loss and gain

seeking, searching… 25 more words

Self Enquiry

What do you mean by cleansing of mind or Chitta Shuddhi?

To understand the dynamics of mind, we have to turn inward. Mind is logically split into four aspects called antahkarna as per vedanta.

1. Mano… 529 more words

Self Enquiry

Who am I (II)..

In my last post of Who am I, I’ve written about us being “consciousness” or “soul” and how our body is just an instrument and we feel through it.. 277 more words


Knowledge is always stale

You stand in front of the mirror, who looks at the image? You! And who is there in the image? You!

You project and you look. 386 more words

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