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Yoga v Self-Enquiry

In the last few weeks I’ve been reading a book called “Be As You Are – The Teachings Of Ramana Maharshi”. It’s a very interesting book; although a bit difficult to grasp at times. 570 more words

From The Heart

Vedanta and Quantum physics ll

I don’t mean to dismiss quantum physics, for its findings have applicability in terms of the apparent reality. Nor do I mean to disregard the relevance of understanding the non-dual nature of reality, for certainly non-dual vision provides the foundation for self-knowledge, which is the goal of Vedantic self-inquiry. 273 more words


sure that I am

The ‘I’ that exists may or may not be some kind of entity. ‘I’ may be some absolute, space-like presence or pure awareness. I have no idea what this ‘I’ is. 7 more words


There is always something new to see.

The other day I drove to my home town in country Victoria as I have done for about 30 years. I was in my new car so was noticing a slightly different experience from the many times I have driven up that road before. 229 more words

Who am I? Meditative self-enquiry

Gary Weber shares with us another lovely meditation in the spirit of Ramana Maharshi: Who am I? The first one shared on Beyond Meds is here:  299 more words

Mental Health

something going on

Clearly something is going on here . . . though I have no idea what that ‘something’ is or where ‘here’ might be.


Who am I?

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