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Unleash the pearls within

What would be if the every human being becomes an intellect?

The first appearance of Homo sapiens in Africa was discovered around 200,000 years ago in a Middle Palaeolithic era. 590 more words


Realization of Inherent Innocence

We are spiritual beings expressing as humans and this spiritual dimension present in human form is referred as Jeev (Being) in scriptures and voices of Sages, until it realizes its true identity.   2,660 more words


This vast universe can be seen to be made up of five great elements – the Pancha Mahabhuta: 

Earth – Bhumi, Water – APA or Jala, fire – Tejas or Agni, air – Vayu, Aether, or Space – Akasha.  170 more words

Self Enquiry

Living Light

The belief that any role that we play is who “I am”  separates us from our Creator/Source/God. In Truth we are none of these roles, we are the very light of Creation it’s Self. 34 more words

Self Enquiry

There Are No Strangers Here

You as a child of the father/mother God have a function to fill, and you must begin here an now. 

It doesn’t matter what your role is, shopkeeper, teacher, builder, artist, father, mother, clerk, unemployed, on the street, in jail. 226 more words

Self Enquiry

Friendship Poem

Let my face cave into your SELF.
Every picture of my thought
spills out of being wordless.

Let my fear of you go,
let lion talk.  314 more words

Relationships And Healing

A few more of my Fabulous Friends

Do you want to build your home on the bank of the Ganga where the villagers call you Mataji and offer you the chance to give your heart away every day? 122 more words

Self Enquiry