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What is aware of everything other than ourself is only the ego and not ourself as we actually are

In a comment on one of my recent articles, Why does Bhagavan sometimes say that the ātma-jñāni is aware of the body and world?, a friend called Ken wrote, ‘Ramana states: “The ego functions as the knot between the Self which is Pure Consciousness and the physical body which is inert and insentient.” Therefore, there is nothing that can experience other than the Self. 74 more words

Self- Realization

Who Am I? Mind Or No Mind?

Many people are trapped in their mind throughout their lives – will quickly tell you, who they are; their name, occupation, past, achievements, goals and whatever else they identify with. 328 more words


Sunday Questions

Is it a far away place I’m looking for,

a place far away from here.

Will I be leaving what is real,

what I already have very near. 101 more words

The Most Precious Thing in my Life Is?

I was in a workshop yesterday, I was given a piece of paper with the words ‘The most precious thing in my life is…’ I had to finish this sentence off.   223 more words

Self Examination

Self examination is to look into ourselves deeply, in truth and without ego. This can be beneficial to our development and growth if it is done in honesty.   92 more words


The reflection in the water shows us only what we wish to see. We see with our eyes and mind only what we allow ourselves to see, everything else we hide. 33 more words

Discovering Self-Observation

I’ve been spending more time digging into resources and learning about personal power. Self-awareness comes up as a part of this time and time again, so I’m wanting to give more space to this topic and hoping to do that in part by taking time to write about it for myself, and for others if so compelled. 264 more words

Self Awareness