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Ramana Maharshi: remaining quiet and aware is the state of mind to aim at

Questioner:  There are times when persons and things take a vague, almost transparent form, as in a dream. One ceases to observe them as outside, but passively conscious of their existence, while not actively conscious of any kind of selfhood.  238 more words


Am I important?

I’m confused whether I am important or not.

One side says I have good intuitive understanding & vision towards life which most people don’t have. I have the required values, skills, intellect, inspiration, energy & character which, if channelized properly, can benefit the world for better. 71 more words


A love affair with altered states

How did I get myself into such muddled and dangerous states? As far as I can tell, it was down to drug use and a major identity crisis that would cause me to question- well, everything. 1,073 more words

Spiritual knowledge cannot be learnt

“There will come a time when one will have to forget all that one has learned.” 
from ‘Who am I’ by Ramana Maharshi

Ultimate truth is simply that which never changes.

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To Seek the Self (Part 3)

In this final part of the series, we’ll be looking at the natural experience of our own being.  A few things will come to light in the process.  2,852 more words


Let's Get Un-Physical

I used to think that yoga was about stretching and being flexible.

When I was introduced to Ashtanga and vinyasa flow yoga, I realised that yoga was also about strength. 254 more words