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The deepest work is usually the darkest. A brave woman, a wisening woman, will develop the poorest psychic land, for if she builds only on the best land of her psyche, she will have for a view the least of what she is.

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Robert and the Tanya

When I met Robert Adams in 1996, the surrounding Arizona landscape spoke volumes to me of his teaching and his face and eyes.  I walked and explored each day into the sacred red rock wilderness:   Robert’s Ashram.   787 more words


Robert's Imponderables: Part Four

Completing this series of Robert’s sayings in Transcript §85:

“There never was a time when you were not, and there will never be a time when you disappear.   405 more words

Advaita Vedanta

Why Wake Up to the Reality of Yourself?

Never mind what the so-called experts say, or what anybody says about
what you should do with your experience of life!

It is YOUR experience. 294 more words

Robert's Imponderables - Part Three

Part Three of extracts from Robert’s satsang transcript §85 – see previous posts …

“You have absolutely nothing to do with pondering anything, for the truth is already present, shining in all its glory and splendour, and you are That . 473 more words

Advaita Vedanta

Robert's Imponderables - Part Two

See previous post for more soliloquies from the late American sage and jnani, Robert Adams, who sat with Ramana Maharshi …

“You are not what you appear to be.   453 more words

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