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A Love Note

Happy Valentine’s weekend, my loves!

I wanted to pop in and send some love to each of you, and to thank you for taking time to read my blog! 284 more words


That's all folks.

I watch my cat retrieve his favourite ball and I reflect on how awesome it is that my cat can play fetch.

I’ve been home for 3 days and I realise I haven’t written on the last and I dare say the most important part of my entire trip. 1,509 more words


Who's Your Valentine?

Ah…Valentine’s Day… the red and white, lace-edged, chocolate-covered day dedicated to love…  What a great opportunity to remind our loved ones just how much we care. 438 more words

Goodbye to the Glorification of Gaunt: 5 Reasons Strong is Superior to Skinny

“Strong is the new skinny” is a trendy phrase traveling around the Internet via personal blogs, fitness site articles and even Pinterest pins.

To be clear: There’s absolutely nothing wrong having a naturally thin body type. 736 more words

Articles I've Written For Money

A note on Valentine's Day for girls with low self esteem.

Even whilst being in a relationship, I have never been too bothered by valentines day. When I was single I was told that I was just bitter, and I was, but I always knew deep down, that the reason was not because I was single, and that was confirmed as it has never really grown on me since I became attached. 892 more words



Hey Mow.

I understand. Trust me, I understand. I’m not saying that you’re confused but you need to realise that functioning under the assumption that it will be easy to do what you want to do and what you need to do in unhealthy, not to mention unrealistic. 78 more words


Treat Yo' Self(the importance of self love/self care)

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and a lot of people have strong feelings about that.

Personally I don’t go all out as I think it’s silly to confine your affections and treats for someone to one day. 950 more words