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Be that kid in this world full of fake grown ups

All grown-ups were once children…but only few of them remember it. – The Little Prince

As I was taking a ride to work early morning of a Thursday, I sat just beside the window by the right—the seat I always find myself comfortable in—the same place I get to see places pass by me and life unfolds into a new day as the sun peeps just a little bit from behind the clouds.

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A missive for my expected child

Dear My Anticipated Child,

If ever this gets to you, it means that my life has turned out perfectly well after the heartbreak and the immense hope and you are the commencement of all the laughter, the tears, the pain, the pleasure and every word you can think of that comes along with love or marriage. 552 more words


Yoga Poetry

I was looking on the good old world wide web for a good poem to read during savasana today and I found a nice one to use, however, it soon occurred to me that there was a much easier solution. 235 more words


Burning Out The Fuse Up Here Alone

The subject of tonight’s blog has been floating around in my head now for a couple of weeks. However, when I’d come to write it, the words would elude me and whatever writing session I did have just wouldn’t read the way I wanted it to. 1,388 more words

The Blog Life Chose Me

Life is a bizarre mix of chances missed and opportunities grabbed.  And whether you intend to miss those chances or grab those opportunities, sometimes you find yourself somewhere unexpected.  890 more words

Make-up : a complicated relationship.

My relationship with make-up has been virtually non-existent and yet frustratingly complicated for the majority of my life.

The only time I wore make-up as a child was for ballet shows and school plays. 625 more words


When Your Brain Tells You Lies...

…it’s hard not to believe them. When your brain is always telling you that you’re fat, ugly, stupid, et cetera, it becomes so much of a pattern that it’s hard to believe otherwise. 580 more words