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I Am So Proud Of Myself! I've Been Establishing Boundaries Like It's Second Nature Already~~

I have the worst toxic people around me since I’ve moved to Ohio!

There was yelling and emotion, but I stood up for me!!!!

Self Improvement

How Important is Self-Care to You?

There are certain things, as women particularly, we simply must do. For myself, brushing my teeth and having a loooong hot shower are of utmost importance. 393 more words



They told me that
beauty was in the
eye of the beholder.
And that there was no-one
left to behold my beauty.

For years I let them… 21 more words


Boost of the Day #113: Walk with purpose

You are worth as much as anyone else in the world. Walk down the street with your head held high, look people in the eye and be confident in who you are.


How to grow wings and a tail

As far as I can tell, it all comes back to self esteem. I’ve read a lot about depression and anxiety and the gist goes like this: Rest, make time for good things, look after yourself, don’t push through pain and exhaustion, don’t keep going when you feel threadbare, take your needs seriously. 750 more words

Thinking About Feeling


As a society are we becoming to judgemental? Too hard on ourselves and others?  Too fat. Too thin. Too greedy. Too poor. No job or education quite good enough and judged on all aspects of our lives. 431 more words

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