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DRESS CODES AT CONCERTS (Insert Snort Laugh Here)

The music industry is what it is. Not everyone in it is there because they have natural talent and instinct. Some are mostly smoke and mirrors, kind of like me most days. 774 more words


Jelly shoes.

It was the summer of ’97, and jelly shoes were all the rage. I met up with two of my best friends, and we ventured over to the middle school to pick up our schedules and see what teachers we’d been assigned to, crossing fingers that we’d share a class period or two. 438 more words

Know your worth!! You are beautiful, you are valuable, you are strong!!


I’ve recently embarked on a “self- love”, Soul- searching journey. I have cut out negative circumstances, habits and relationships from my life (slowly over time). 1,166 more words


On Self-Love

Self-love. Urgh. Another cringey article about saying mantras in front of the mirror is here guys.

Or maybe not quite!

What is self-love anyway? Is this stuff real and doable if you’re not all sunshine and butterflies, naturally gifted Instagram sweetheart? 496 more words

Life Philosophies

Summertime Romance: Becoming Wonder Woman

Have you seen the new Wonder Woman movie? You are missing out if you haven’t, and I’m sure you won’t go too far on the internet without seeing an article about it. 866 more words

Ambivert Adventures

Welcome to the Psych Ward

I’ve often alluded to my time spent in the psych ward for anxiety and severe depression but I’ve put off writing about it directly as it was an extremely difficult time. 769 more words

Mental Health

ACoA Report Card: Part 1

Once we become aware of the effects that trauma has had our lives, at what point do we progress from being victims of our circumstances to being accountable for our choices? 844 more words