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Why You Should Wear Accessories No One Else Has

10 years ago, I picked up a hook and taught myself to crochet. Every winter, my accessories are unique – I never run into another chick in the subway wearing the same scarf, slouchy hat or mittens. 172 more words


Self-Esteem and Hope

I have struggled with self-esteem issues for most of my life, and didn’t really realize it was an issue until about three years ago.  There are people in your life that will make you feel small.  566 more words


Humble Pie

I love pie.  Apple pie, sweet potato pie, mixed berry pie.  Chocolate chess pie, pecan pie, banana cream pie.  I love baking pie, and I especially love eating pie… a fact that might explain why the best descriptive I have for my current fashion style is “Mumu Chic”.   1,453 more words


10-Year-Old Olivia Allen Holds "I Can Be" Conference to Teach Young Girls to Be More Confident

Olivia Allen, 10, has already taken her first steps to becoming a philanthropist.  Allen, who lives in Louisville, Kentucky, hosted a free conference for her peers on August 22 titled, … 473 more words


Practicing aloofness

Despite my intentions to keep random people out of my medical business, my automatic response is to be nice and sociable. I can’t turn it off! 198 more words


My scar

My scar

I was “challenged” and I use that term loosely by Heather to post my scar from the other days #loveme challenge. She said she’d post a scar as well so check out her blog. 40 more words

An Open Letter To Trolls, Drama-Seekers and Narcissistic Jerks

Recently I came across a nasty comment that was solely intended to provoke me. Someone actually took time out of their day to read what I wrote, which was just an amusing anecdote about my day, and then write something hateful. 578 more words