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Don't Fight Over A Man


Don’t fight over a man.

If he wanted either of you bad enough, he would have left one of you for the other.

Instead, he is keeping you both around until he finds something better. 12 more words


Forgiveness Is for You, Not Them

Forgiveness is a dirty word. It causes people to do things they don’t understand and then shame themselves for doing so. Having a sense of what this word means only comes when you are more fully aware of what choices you need to make in your life. 1,083 more words


How To Deal With Comments About Your Height Nicely

A few weeks ago, I decided to start a series of posts about body confidence from the perspective of a tall person. My article on… 897 more words


The Aftermath of the Dream

I had a dream about a week ago, that I have not been able to dismiss. The dream involved my husband and his feelings for me both emotional as well as materialistic. 705 more words


Michael, a Reflection of Ourselves

Today marks the 6th anniversary to the memorial services for Michael Jackson. Yes, it’s been 6 years. I stumbled across a writing I posted on that day back in 2009 as a reflection and warning of “believing our own press.” As Leonardo Dicarprio put it, never base your self views on how others see you, whether those views are good or bad, they can change.. 333 more words


30 Day Self Esteem Challenge: Day Thirty

Day Thirty: Are you happy with yourself?

It’s the final day of the challenge, so I guess ideally I would say yes to this and all my problems would be cured! 80 more words