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Believing in Me.

Sadly, NZ lost the cricket world cup yesterday. In all fairness, Aussie deserved the win. I confess though halfway through the game to having serious trouble with my eyelids. 651 more words

Can someone pass the confidence please? 

Hello everyone.

Time for a bit of an update.

Since I last wrote I’ve joined a new gym. This is as well as training with Chris once a week. 423 more words

The danger of freedom

I’m learning to think through what I hear in sermons and what I read.  When God wants to impress a truth on me, He tends to funnel the same message through multiple media.   914 more words

Christian Growth

I Don't Care What Noone Thinks, Yo.

Acting as if one doesn’t care what anyone thinks of them creates the illusion of confidence, since confidence in the redeeming quality of ones other features is necessary in order for one to so boldly express opinions which would regularly be seen as repellant to others.


When You Finally Realized Your Worth

Sometimes walking away has nothing to do with weakness, and everything to do with strength. We walk away NOT because we want others to realize our worth and value, but because we finally realize our own. — Unknown


Rise above the purr

Rise above the purr

to bask in the delight

to dream

to purr

to live

if only the ghosts would be forthright

and haunt another scream… 78 more words


Earth Angels are in Mastery of Failing Forward

It is common that we are the last ones to be aware of our own greatness.  We may find ourselves busy chasing some external standard of perfection like the six-pack abs on the cover of the health magazine at the grocery store check-out stand, and the stylish hair, house, car or wardrobe that we think makes us look successful to others.  212 more words