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Fortune Favours the Bold

“Fortune favours the bold” was said to me this week by a colleague. It followed me giving the news that I have a new job, but more than that I got the job after I had quit my current job, with nowhere to go. 724 more words

Body Positive


All day I was busy, working, moving, and momming. The kids were bopping around, alternately playing and arguing, requesting snacks, audiobooks, help with something, and more water. 623 more words

Becoming A Better You: Tip 1 - Determine What You Want/Need To Change In Your Life ūüėĀ

In this series called “Becoming A Better You”, I am going to share some tips and tricks that I have learned over the years that will help you to be a better version of yourself!! 231 more words


Hello sadness

“Hello sadness, hello. What are you? Unexpected, always on time, you never change. I live and I look at myself from the distance and I feel in my bones your arrival.

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Is Tom & Jerry really for kids?

I loved Tom & Jerry like crazy when I was a kid. I probably didn’t spare any opportunity to watch it on TV. My parents were very happy that Tom and Jerry kept me entertained when I was not at school.¬† 342 more words


What the Men I Date Taught Me About Self-Worth and False Expectations

I am a walking, talking cliché.

Unfortunately, I had this rude awakening awhile ago. Yet and still, up until this point, I have done little to change it. 1,175 more words


Different kinds of pains after the breakup

Yes, pain can have different colors, different smells….. Breakup, admittedly, is never nice, but mourning it can bring up quite different feelings. I am not going to go over of the anger, the feelings of wanting to payback…no this post is about different kinds of pains that breakup can bring about… 263 more words