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Mission Accomplished (so stop trying to get it done)

I have a recurring dream…one I hear many people share with me.

Or some variation of it. It’s the “education” dream, the one in which it’s finals weeks and you haven’t been to class all semester. 441 more words

Personal Growth


I was messing around on Facebook this morning, when I noticed that most of the inspirational quotes that people were sharing there had to do with judging others or being judged. 719 more words

How to Combat Mental Health Issues in Primary Aged Children.

Recently the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along side Prince Harry, have been in the news to promote awareness around the issue of mental health. So much more needs to be done in this area, but vitally this awareness around mental health issues needs to start from an early age. 465 more words


Turn it Around

Don’t like how “it” is going?
You can take action, and turn it around!


"Likes" Aren't Real Life

It’s been some years since I entered the land of social media.  It is its own entity.  It should have its own zip code.  Maybe even its own country code.  441 more words

Difficulties in enforcing the borders

I find enforcing borders still somewhat an alien concept. It is as if I have read somewhere that I need to enforce borders in order to make other people respect me, but something inside of me still wants to say “yeah, but what if they abandon me”. 328 more words


You Are Extremely Valuable!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You are extremely valuable! When you realize the permission and approval God placed, upon you. Then you realize you, never needed the approval or permission of others, TO BE WHO YOU ARE. 51 more words