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Know Your Worth

Never be afraid to walk alone. It is better to walk alone than to walk with those that don’t know your worth.

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Why your weight DOESN'T matter when it comes to yoga!

I’ve never been a skinny girl. My body structure doesn’t allow it, I am pear shaped with strong legs and the truth is I love food too much and my metabolism is not one of my best friends. 806 more words


"I had a low self esteem, got Pregnant and lost my baby"~ Anonymous

I thought being with the opposite sex would make me feel better, so I had tons of boyfriends, gave my virginity away and I got pregnant. 434 more words



For many years, I’ve felt so broken, all jacked up, like I can’t be fixed and it all stems from my past.  I’ve had issues with trusting people, knowing how to deal and interact with men, very low self-esteem, standing up for myself, and being fearful of any and everything. 616 more words


The Insecurity of Others

I was up early watching the snow fall and feeling cozy inside because I got a snow day from work whoo hoo! That is the only good thing about snow. 557 more words


What I Wish Someone Told Me About Adulthood

Growing up, I was always under the impression that someday, I would hit my twenties, and I would suddenly feel like an adult. I’d suddenly have myself figured out,  I’d have money, a career, a new car, and I would have a ton of people in my life who truly cared about me. 782 more words


Time For A Change...

It’s no secret that since Izzi was born I’ve been in a constant state of exhaustion, terrible moods and no self-esteem (I sound like a post pregnancy cliché!) 1,256 more words