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My rant about consignment stores

Ladies, do you have trouble selling your stuff to consignment stores? The shops where you can bring in your “gently” used clothing and get cash back for them. 279 more words


Body Image and Myths

When I wake up in the morning, things usually have a bit of a swing or routine. I make some breakfast, wash some dishes from the night before simply because I was too lazy to do them sooner, swatch a cleansing cloth all over my face, brush my teeth and then lastly, stare at myself in the mirror questioning why I look like a chubby boy-of-a-human-being when in reality I am… 964 more words


Sliced & Stitched

Sliced and stitched; my head, my chest, my back, and my abdomen have all been subject to this. I have been put under anesthesia more times than I can count, and have even undergone aggressive IV treatment. 650 more words



It was Summer holiday;a period every child(even adult) anxiously anticipates. During this period, most children get more actively involved in fun-packed activities ranging from :visits to fun-park,friends and more importantly a holiday at the Grannies’;where they innocently turn their grand-parents to the  Chief Justice of the Nation,because at Grannies’ ,every parent shall be prosecuted for allegedly “spoiling the rod to spare the child” But dear parents,never you relent anyways, kids will always be kids,they must have a case to be judged against you at their grannies’ court of law! 683 more words

Ugly am I, Beautiful I try

There is a memory that I can recall with as much blurry detail as possible. I’m young, eight years old and standing in the bathroom with my mother standing in front of me as I step on the scale. 588 more words


Shades of Me - Day 12

I have an idea of how things should be
and because I am not living up to the standard
I feel like a fraud, like I’m not worthy… 269 more words

Mental Health

The Weighting Game

When I started out this year—overweight and disillusioned yet somehow determined to make a change—I promised myself one thing: If I hit my goal weight, I will post a picture online of myself in a bikini. 574 more words