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Move Over

My step-daughter is planning to move in when she flies here from California on November 2nd … Groundhog Day.

Would that I could go underground like the Ground Hog and sleep through all this. 626 more words

Running Too Fast

Lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been rather harsh with myself for not being where I think I should be; for not having yet reached the goals I’ve set for myself.  396 more words

Being alone isn't being lonely

Standing in the rain absolutely freezing, dressed as if I didn’t get the memo on the recent season change, I could count all the single people around me on one hand. 1,011 more words

Being Alone

Behind the Mask

I’m feeling pretty lost and broken today and have been for a while, so I want to reflect on a time that I didn’t feel that way. 350 more words

A Reassurance To Myself

There are people in my hometown, still upset that I had the opportunity to go to my dream school and they didn’t. Some actually had the chance, but chose to let outside factors like peers and family influence their decision. 366 more words


The Negative Side Of Body Positivity That We Really Need To Think About

I prefer to emphasize a positive mind over “body positive”

Don’t get me wrong- I 110% support the body positive movement. I believe in everything it stands for and I think it’s something we really need in today’s society. 610 more words

Your Most Badass Friend

People talk a lot about how we need to love ourselves more and how self-esteem is one of the most important things to develop but I’ve never heard anyone talk about the real reason why it’s so hard to do that.   422 more words