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Late night ponderings.

So. I am awake. It happens. And oddly enough when it does I manage to do some of my best writings. It’s like this is when my mind is clearest. 285 more words


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It really is the little things that hurt…and heal. Seeing affection and pride felt by those whom you wish were proud of you. Or who paid enough attention to see who you really were. 89 more words


Positive Self-Talk Promotes Physical Health

When a person indulges in negative self-talk, he will tend to perceive things and events as more stressful. For example, when a person thinks to himself: “O God, how difficult it is to deal with the situation,” it but naturally becomes extremely stressful for the person to handle a given situation. 287 more words

Letter to my anxiety

Dear Anxiety

When you are at your worst, you fight with my self-esteem and I really hate you for that. But when you are at your best, I think one day you may just disappear and that would be the end of you. 147 more words

Mental Health

Put on your tiara, and celebrate your uniqueness

Today 24th of May is International Tiara Day

Tiara Day is as much about women celebrating being empowered, intelligent leaders in control of their own lives as it is about wearing tiaras. 150 more words


Not Winning

Everyone has defining moments in their upbringing. Moments that are so ingrained in the psyche that they will never be completely erased. There’s moments that make you smile and moments that make you cringe, no matter who you are. 626 more words


12 Quick Tips to Help You Feel Confident

None of us go through life with our confidence meter stuck on 100% all of the time. Why do we feel confident? Why don’t we? Improving our confidence takes self-reflection and practice. 1,136 more words

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