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You’re suffering from low self-esteem!,That was what woke me up from my beauty sleep.
I was shocked as well at why somebody would say such demeaning statement to another individual. 591 more words


The Loophole

Friends, I have figured something out!

…Er rather, I have uncovered the answer to a personal inquiry by means of internet browsing. Credible, I know. 808 more words

Organized Ramblings

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.



Moving Forward

We don’t usually see change as it happens.  In some instances, there is a sudden – perhaps catastrophic shift.  Generally speaking though, it is one small step at a time. 902 more words


Being 24 (And Why It's Awesome)

MIND FUCK: 24 was the age all the characters in Friends were when the show started and that’s the age I am now (and have been for a wee while). 654 more words


Respect Yourself

I am angry

I want to be seen and heard. Noticed. Jump up and down, throw a tantrum like a small child in the grocery store. 422 more words




I decided to set up this blog today, Sunday 19th November 2017 as the first step towards becoming a visible woman of a certain age on a personal journey of reinvention.  287 more words