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learning to avoid resistance

For the past year I have been on this journey. I realized that I am on a path, much like everyone else on this earth and it was up to me and me alone to figure out which way the path was going to go. 128 more words

Life Path


I haven’t logged into, let alone written in wordpress for a while so I was very surprised that two days ago my views had spiked drastically..until I remembered I was re-reading my blogs that night. 1,315 more words

Personal Growth

woman to woman: we need to talk

I didn’t have very many female friends as a young teenager. I didn’t have many male friends either, I have to say. A combination of moving around a lot and being pretty socially awkward and (with hindsight) not finding it easy to… 1,392 more words

My Opinions Let Me Show You Them

Announce it and it will be true

Hello big wide WORLD!  I’ve recently come to the very slow conclusion that I really am meant to follow this crazy notion that I’m meant to construct sentences, tell stories, put words on the page or screen.   206 more words


I'm not LulaMae anymore

Pretty girls are a dime a dozen, how much change do you have?
When I wrote memoir of a dirty girl I was reminiscing about a time I thought I left behind. 420 more words


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I am fierce, unapologetic, bold, fearless, firmly rooted and grounded in the love of God. 577 more words

Spoken Word

Poem: Strong

Today I learned I am not weak

but I am in fact strong

I am unique

and that is not wrong/

I face adversities

That bring me to tears… 54 more words

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