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So How do You Guys Know Each Other?

Day 28 – Make educated guesses as to how random groups of women know each other, and then ask them. Approach until you receive an indicator of interest from a woman in one of the groups, or until 5 approaches have been made.  3,232 more words


Time management: perhaps you should have departed sooner…

Time management: perhaps you should have departed sooner…

That’s my new bumper sticker. Well, it soon will be once I receive it in the mail next week. 514 more words


Starting Over...

As I lay awake last night, pondering a personal situation where I am being forced to start anew, I was reminded of something a mentor once told me. 209 more words


The Making Of A Miscreant: What's In A Name?

ManUp has gone all audioish on you. Feel free to read the text version below or enjoy the audio version of this edition of The Making of a Miscreant by hitting the play button. 1,178 more words


Reflection and self-evaluation on presentation

For my presentation, I overestimated my ability to present without much preparation. My past week’s busy schedule did not permit me to prepare as much as I wished. 268 more words


My Sanctuary

I enjoy people in the real world; I enjoy the customer service aspect of my job as I also enjoy karaoke.  But when I am home with my wife and the furry kids, I so enjoy my privacy. 115 more words