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Morning Coffee AFFIRMATIONS #2: Always Learning

“If you think you’re done, you’re done.” True enough statement, right?

Paid the bills? Check. Fed the dog? Check. Scheduled the appointment? Check.

These are no-brainers. 456 more words

Emotional Evolution & Spiritual Growth

Separating The Real From The Unreal AKA How I Stopped Myself From F*cking Up My Life (Again)

During these last few months, it’s become crystal clear just how much perspective and interpretation create a situation. The more I detach from feeling hurt/angry/offended, the more I see how much me feeling hurt fucks things up. 769 more words

Changing Perspective

New Phone "Bah Humbug!"

I need everyone to sit down. Are you sitting? I was complaining to my wife again on Wednesday that I wanted a better camera. (I must have done this more than I thought) My wife Stomped her Technological foot down! 484 more words

Ryan Hacking

Higher choreography

Having had higher dance on our curriculum for two years now we have done a thorough self-evaluation of what has gone well and what needs improved. 172 more words

Context And Culture (Dance)

Get to Know Me. Again

Some of us,
​Get bored of the ones that surround us,
Not because we are more interesting than the next,
Not because we are more complex than the other, 192 more words


The main ingredient of a good ending story is love not self-love.

Confusion about the nature of narcissism and struggles to understanding whether narcissism is a sign of vulnerability or of grandiosity has grabbed the attention of many studies in the field of psychology, over the past decades. 2,937 more words


If all had been like you (part 2)

If all had been like you,
Would we have been better
Or worse?
If all had been like you,
Would others have been happier
Or sadder? 98 more words