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Impressive Talents

What is it about seeing others’ success that makes us want to be able to do the same thing? I always feel more motivated to work out after watching an action movie with a lot of skilled fighting than I do from reading about how exercise is good for me. 715 more words


The Compound Effect

Today let’s talk about why the little things really do matter. Let’s talk about the ripple effect we can get from the choices we make, called the compound effect. 378 more words


Internal Benchmarks

*Not an original idea — I saw a woman recently do something like this, but with words from a page in a novel.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember who it was now, but I thought it would be a fun exercise.   9 more words


Time & Chance

Time and Chance are two very potent forces that even the bible and other religious books recognize their potency. In life, almost everything is affected by tome and chance. 344 more words


Revaluating Past Work: My Oso Guitar a.k.a. The Bumble Bee

Back around 2003 while I was building guitars in the shop off of my father’s art studio in Tucson, I experimented with an Oso body.  I call it that because it is similar to the Zuni bear fetishes in shape.   758 more words


The Year That Was!

On the Monday before last, at exactly 10:11 AM, I made a year since my first blog post on wordpress. Now, I wish I could have celebrated it better but I was in a village hospital with no signal and not a lot of time to spare on my hobbies. 890 more words

The Internet

What Are You Lookin' At?

If you look in the mirror before peering out the window, you will throw less rocks and break less glass.