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FOOD-FUN -Art education course assignment 2/2

So here is the independent assignment and the closing remarks and self-evaluation, that I promised to have separately from the other assignments ;)

Independent assignment : 518 more words

UNI Studies


3/26/2015 I was recently tossing the baseball around with my son and I noticed our afternoon practices had improved his throw and catch. A few days ago a passerby would have thought we were playing dodge ball the way my child was running, ducking and dodging the ball. 1,340 more words

Week 5: Simplified Home School System-Teach, Evaluate, Repeat

While in college I had to take a course completely dedicated to criticizing my own teaching style. I had peers that reviewed me, an instructor that reviewed me, and worst of all “self reflection”. 321 more words

Home School

Own Worst Enemy

Everybody falls prey to this once in a while, we beat ourselves up for acting foolishly or for not doing something that later we regret and wish we had. 558 more words

According To My World

Sometimes I

Sometimes I feel guilty
When I want to be alone
Sometimes I feel lonely
When standing in a crowd
Sometimes I feel crowded in
When left all by myself… 821 more words


Mission: Rapport Test with an Unknown Attractive Woman

Sunday – Bookstore
She looks like she’s probably attractive.

Brown hair. *Clomp*. Original first editions. *Clomp clomp*. Short. *Pause*. Mystery. *Shuffle*. Short brown hair. *Rustle*. Non-fiction. 2,465 more words


What's Your Legacy?

Have you ever written you own eulogy?  It seems a bit macabre, but it’s serious inquiry.  What do you want people to say about you when you’re gone?  132 more words