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But Everybody Else Is Doing It!!

My mom can testify for me that I have been a mess this semester. If you sit her up on the witness stand, she won’t even need to take an oath to tell the tale of my dramatic attempt of looking at adulthood right in the eyes. 312 more words


Imprisoned Within: Book Excerpts

Check out excerpts from my book Imprisoned Within to be released January 2017….


The sounds of the gates shutting behind her brought Tina back to her senses. 486 more words

Self Help

Pep Talk Wednesday: Imperfectly Amazing

Today’s pep talk is about being imperfectly amazing.  So, here goes… 306 more words


Rochford Review Pop - up conference at Swiss Cottage School #scspopup

The Rochford Review and its implications for our learners with SEND is such a significant landmark for those of us who work in the sector so when news of the conference held at Swiss cottage School came up with the opportunity to listen to Diane Rochford, Barry Carpenter, Richard Aird and others came along – it was too good an opportunity to miss. 1,065 more words


Date 10: Friendzoned

I always thought I was a realist, but according to Anna, I am a pessimist. Maybe I do not see a difference between realistic and negative view.   1,240 more words

The Price of Not Creating Your Own Identity

The vast majority of people would agree that identity and sense of purpose are hard work so you’d rather drift with prefabricated life roles and it’s as good as the real thing because everyone else is doing it, anyway. 405 more words


Self Evaluation

This is my third year on the newspaper staff and so far I think what I have written has been some good work. One of the articles I have written was a point/counter point about inexpensive vs expensive movie theatres. 460 more words

Self Evaluation