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Self Evaluation of Package

My package is now written, recorded, edited and produced.

Whilst I did encounter several issues and problems when making this package, I feel that overall the package successfully made and a lot of the information I wanted to include in the package was included. 1,810 more words

He Who Defines the Terms Wins the Argument

A question I have been hearing (and repeating) frequently over the past few days, weeks, and months: “How could the moral compass of the United States change so radically, and especially so quickly?” I have no definite answer – but I think I have a pretty good clue. 878 more words

Christ And Culture

14 Questions for Spiritual Growth

Self-evaluation is crucial for spiritual growth and leadership development. The questions below show how you are doing. A few ground rules:

  • Ask yourself these questions about once every 4-6 months…
  • 254 more words

New Beginnings Starts With You

It’s interesting to know that you can actually run a self-analysis without having to be a professional Psychologist. Yes it’s possible.

So let’s talk about you… Give yourself a sincere answer to these questions. 426 more words


• cave diving •

We all get depressed sometimes.
There’s no shame in it:
In point of fact, it may be best
To have plumbed the complexity
And profundity of thought, 415 more words


DAY 04: Hmmmm…All My Feelings are "Real"?

It’s common knowledge and pretty widely accepted that many women are “crazy” during various points in their personal moon cycle and I am no exception. … 210 more words

Self Evaluation



STUDENT NAME: Elliott Dean

With reference to the Learning Outcomes for the Unit write a summary or bullet point list of what you consider to be: 294 more words