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It happened, NOW WHAT?

A lot of times we become stuck at the experience, unable to move forward because we can’t see past what has happened.
We continue to play and rehearse the scenes over and over again in our head. 548 more words



Rest is a necessary part of our well being.  Often, because we think of rest as doing nothing, we either avoid it because feels like laziness or embrace it only after we have completely exhausted ourselves and can’t move. 493 more words

Growing Up

The Big Black (Life Management) Book

If you’re like me, you’re a “make things happen,” driven, motivated professional who may (sometimes) have a tendency to lose focus or remain intensely focused on a task, or tasks and events, who is… 697 more words

7 Habits

Guybrush McFly and a bit of self evaluation

On my very first animation lesson, after some basic explanations, we were given some paper, some black markers, and told to animate anything we wanted. The markers were dark enough to show through the paper even without a light-table, because most of us didn’t have one at home yet. 258 more words

Xen Things

Three Scriptures Christians Hate (III and summary)

So far in this series we have seen how Moses eliminates our ability to boast in our numbers. We cannot be proud to have the most numbers or that we can claim to have popular or “influential” members, nor is boasting that we are the ‘righteous remnant’ any safer. 653 more words


Moral Courage: Imperative for Success

Moral courage is about being able to take action for moral reasons; courage entails deliberation and is a pre-requisite to action.  When you objectively take yourself through the process of introspection, this may reveal particular dimensions that were not obviously apparent to you.   334 more words

Needed Words from an Ancient Prophet

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The prophet Jeremiah struggled with being who God called him to be. Mind you, he was a great prophet, and some of the most beautiful words in the English language come from his pen. 420 more words