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Giving vs Getting

It always feels good to receive good things, doesn’t it?  Help with some hard things, hugs, money, wise counsel, birthday presents, etc. are all exciting things to get. 348 more words

Contemplating Life

How Tough Can I Be?

In yesterday’s entry, Getting Tougher, I wrote about my new-found motivation and how I would change my view of, and approach on life.

It was a rather productive day. 1,330 more words


What Are We Left With?

I got to thinking the other day. What started it was the ever-present demand by those who want to re-construct our understanding of biology (and especially of the roles of male and female) to eliminate from Scripture any reference to gender differences and the roles attached to the separate genders. 702 more words


The surprisingly simple way to test your risk tolerance.

Starting your own business requires a special mindset. You have to have both a tolerance for risk, and a confidence that you will succeed despite the odds stacked against you. 588 more words


Focus On Your Greatest Self

Focus On Your Greatest Self

How well would you rate your focus on a scale of one to ten when something tough, dark, or bad or an obstacle comes at you, and then you are not able to focus on your business? 803 more words


A Self-Evaluation

I haven’t been here very long, and I have actually written quite a bit. With that, I figured that maybe I should put on the brakes and evaluate the nature of what I have written. 732 more words

Mental Health