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Now that our busiest time of year is behind us, let us head into our evaluation season with an open mind. Before receiving your year-end evaluations, be sure to do an honest self-assessment. 220 more words

Sabbatical, Step 2: An Exit Plan

Research. Reading. Mulling it over. Think about it. Ponder. Discern.

To heck with it. Sometimes, you just have to do it (sorry, Phil Knight!) 2,446 more words

Career Change

The Christian Response to Racism (Part 2 of 2)

In my first part, I attempted to point out how pervasive and systemic racism is in our American culture, and how it has been so from the very founding our our nation. 1,151 more words

Self Evaluation


I am now currently starting to begin my planning of the project, even though I already have a bit of my footage I still have a lot of footage to create. 52 more words


The Christian Response to Racism (Part 1 of 2)

I have often thought of broaching the subject of racism and Christianity, but I have always ultimately shied away. This was not because of a lack of interest, or because I thought the subject unimportant, but I never really felt like I had an adequate entry point to fully express my thoughts. 1,229 more words

Self Evaluation

No one asked you

Sometimes I feel like I’m only trying to live my best life to show gratitude.
Living life to show that there are good, genuine people, for the people who are less fortune, always trying to give something back. 218 more words



Today I have realized I have wonderful people in my life who have an amazing view of me and are there for me despite what I say, do, or may think. 65 more words

My Mental Health Journey