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Seven Weeks Single: Let's talk about Tinder and Boys.

It is insane to me that I was broken up with almost two months ago. For someone who has never been broken up with until this, it’s been really weird. 555 more words

Step two: Spend -> Save -> Invest

Dear Future me,

If I could capture my learnings in the recent past in the shortest, most succinct way possible, here’s how:

Spend. Save. Invest… 347 more words


Silent Thoughts

Sometimes they are like fire, words burning holes in the mind of life. Inspired by contempt and frustration of the game of life played.

Sometimes there is an intimate chamber, reserved for less than a few.  102 more words

Evee Hope

The Unexpected Truth

Ciao Bella(o)s!!!

I’ve missed you guys! It seems like haven’t blogged in forever. Today’s blog is near and dear to me so I hope you enjoy! 1,132 more words




When I stare into the dark abyss that has suddenly absorbed my being, I see the nothingness engulf me. I am the darkness, I am the silence. 816 more words

Self Evaluation

Step One: Self-evaluation

Dear Future Me,

I have decided to be on the path to financial independence. But how long will it take me to reach there? Easiest answer is – it depends. 450 more words


Point of Sale/Final

At the end I focused on the function, the final product.  The supermarket I choose as a reference is well known for the quality of it´s products as in the brief and I test my illustration with his image. 140 more words