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A Mind-Bending, Spirit-Shaking 60 Days

The last 60+ days of my life have been anything but normal. Even now, as I sit after pondering for many days what I would write, I still find the words elusive. 458 more words

Self Evaluation

Writing Wednesday: Rejection, Criticism and Discouragement

Goals, goals, goals…

12 new stories this year:  Still sitting at 10. “Schitzo the Magnificent” awaits a final revision, and then I will need one more story for the year (“Date Night” is still trying to make me write it.) 1,322 more words


Meandering Monday about Single-minded Purposefulness

In 2004, I took a Franklin Covey course, the main purpose of which was to become more organized, and by doing so, accomplish more. Some might argue that the purpose was to sell more planners, and, yeah, I’m sure there was some of that from the company’s part. 781 more words


Dealing with Creative Block

This fifth week of Computer Arts Practice was about understanding what causes a creative block and a few ways to deal with it. In this short post I decided to take some time to reflect upon what are the external and internal factors that affect me on a personal level and how I usually react. 541 more words

Abertay University

Focus On Your Greatest Self

Focus On Your Greatest Self

How well would you rate your focus on a scale of one to ten when something tough, dark, or bad or an obstacle comes at you, and then you are not able to focus on your business? 803 more words



Is there a way to have it all.
Is there a way to do it all.
Is there a way to make it through. 497 more words


Let's write a story.

The most important parts of a person are invisible. 

How many times do we think we have someone figured out based on all the things we can… 569 more words