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Self Evaluation

I am not a glorious poem

I am not an effortless song

I am not a comforting poem

I am not a warm home.

I have no rhyming scheme… 43 more words

Me as Myself

                                                  I am an ordinary person but with extra ordinary dream for accomplishment in life. Life has been a roller coaster for me. I do not know why my life resembles to the nature of roller coaster as I move with great speed of life, sometime up and down. 200 more words

Get Your Act Together

Do you remember 00:00 01/01/2015? Do you remember the ‘better year, better you’ list you had when the clock struck 12 (oh yeah! MTN did a little thing with that, even though we know it was just an… 1,186 more words

Day 78: Urban Beauty

It’s past 2 am Central time in Chicago, IL. I’ve spent nearly two days here. The time has been filled with surprisingly reasonable amounts of sleep, tons of walking, new places to eat and hundreds of pictures that I still have to develop and comb through. 285 more words

Writing Everyday

Let's Get Naked

As I sat there with my eyes glued in disbelief to a Facebook article about the acceptance of Pedophilia in American culture, I heard the confused tone of his seven (soon to be eight) year old voice say to the man who I know as “Husband”, “I’ve been wondering this for a while, can you explain to me how a person can kill another person for no reason?”…wait, what? 690 more words


Day 76: Photography

I don’t think I’ve written a blog post about photography before. The art form frequently gets forgotten as an art form, instead thought of as a way to hold memories in a visual format. 239 more words

Writing Everyday

Adventure Seeking Again

Life has a funny way of directing me lately. Two years ago, I was able to step away from a very good job with all positive feelings knowing that I wasn’t in the right organization at the right time. 435 more words