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It's always good to be YOU.

It’s always good to be YOU.

Life can be hard, people can be cruel, Hell the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Life is very unpredictable, isn’t it? 206 more words


Personal Storms

My love is an ocean

If the conditions are right

It will crash into your shore

While my own feelings

Will come and go

Ebb and flow… 133 more words



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Faith is something coveted, cherished and sought by many.

It is like a mirage

something you chase and chase,

and you start to doubt if it ever existed, 110 more words


The Choice You Do Have

By Michelle Stensby
Illustration: Sally Nixon

In life, you don’t get to make a lot of choices. You don’t get to choose who falls in love with you, you don’t choose which company hires you for the job, you don’t get to choose which university accepts you, you don’t get to choose how history plays out, you don’t get to choose which family you are born into, you don’t get to choose when someone falls out of love with you, you don’t get to choose when death pays a visit. 464 more words




Explaining himself
Beyond his capacities
Structural problems

Wee Poems

On Not Being Small

I am 31 years old now, and I am done with being small so that boys will like me better.

I don’t know when I realized that being little and shy and pathetic was cute to them, and it made them love me, but I finally realized that it is making me not love myself. 354 more words


Sweet Honey Tea


Sweet honey

stirrer around

in fresh, light

orchid aroma,

steamed in my

tea cup, poured.



the warmth,

savoring the


mixtures in… 12 more words