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What really happened in ‘C’ Field Sophia?

I know nothing of mobs. I know nothing of clashes between police and civilians. I know nothing of burning cars. I know nothing of Molotov Cocktails being thrown at homes. 1,054 more words


Suppress thy hatred

Purge this loathing for my fellows that lives at the center of my heart for while it may be roundly and richly deserved it does my peace of mind no favors. 165 more words


Of Popes, Luncheons and White Hats

The Luncheon

The aged Dr Roger Forbes Luncheon has always been seen as a pillar in the PPP/C administration having been at the helm and hierarchy since the Party attained office in 1992 and now in 2015, Luncheon, almost a septuagenarian is again on the PPP/C lists of candidates seemingly ready for another five years in office, if the PPP wins the elections, that is. 604 more words


Monsters Under Our Beds While We Slept

List of The Monsters Under Our Bed while we slept

I. Pride

It always came before everything else.

2. Hypocrisy

You told me to grow up. 309 more words


I Kinda Sorta Wrote You A Poem

You told me to write you a poem, sometime.
Well, I was planning on it.
And the first seven lines will build like the sexual tension between us, heavy like a freight train about to run out of rails. 141 more words


Poetic Graffitti

Since I was fifteen years old I’ve imagined what it would be like

To pour profanity out of my mouth and onto your skin,

To stain your clean, white exterior… 186 more words


The Oppressors, the oppressed and the revolution

We live in a society where the governments preach that everyone has a right to their freedom of expression. Indeed in some parts of the world the former is true – we do have freedom of expression. 446 more words

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