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The Breath of the Almighty

One of my common expressions at work is “that’s a strange one.”  The context is based upon items and products that I stumble upon which I have never heard of before or seen.  210 more words


Social Media Show-off

There I was, on the kitchen counter, with a new MacBook. I am elated. Never in my life, did I imagine myself getting one. I was a die hard Bill Gates fan but here I am, a traitor. 290 more words

The Dream

We are people of dreams, we grow up wanting to becoming heroes. Someone that society can look up to. We would like to champion the cause of the poor the homeless and the disenfranchised. 560 more words


Enough is Not Enough

In our culture, we take everything to extremes. Is no one else bothered by how the term binge has become socially acceptable? It means “a period of excessive indulgence.” Sure, I’ve done it, but no way that’s healthy! 848 more words

Carole Sparks

Self Enslavement: The End to Individual and Collective Unreality...

Self Enslavement

Self Enslavement: 

The End to Individual


Collective Unreality… 

A life without fear…is the most simple and uncomplicated life one may choose to experience. 78 more words


Draft of Devotion, The Definitive Fine Line

Peace & Grace My Beautiful Shugas,

Self-gratification is but a mere act of braggadocios boastfulness.  Sincerity is sweet in its sacred silence and in the application of its acts some that are random at times.    89 more words

The Beautiful Lizard Lady

I might believe I was beautiful, I didn´t know any better. I might believe I looked younger than my years, and sexy, if I wasn´t so self aware. 433 more words