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Am I Too Fat To Have An Eating Disorder?

Since this week is Eating Disorders Awareness Week, I thought I’d share my experience and thoughts on eating disorders. I, like most people, used to think that you had to be frail, stick-thin to have an eating disorder. 392 more words

Mental Illness

So, please, tell me what it's like to divorce a borderline.

I really try not to take things personally, especially when it comes to mental disorders. But I admit that I hold them close, almost cherish them. 543 more words

Mental Illness

Got my blood work done

The nurse taking my blood was so sweet. We’re just to chatting like friends for the whole like 20 minutes it took to do everything. She didn’t mention my scars but she did see them. 41 more words


Where's My "Rock Bottom"

Another encounter with my ex, and I completely went nuts! I’m not even going into the details of the event. It was just bad. I’m starting to think that things will never change. 113 more words

Mental Illness


In my renewed effort to not act like a crazy person, I’m trying to curb my reaction to distressing situations. I’m always saying that “I lost control” or “something came over me”, but that’s not true. 115 more words


I Don't Want To Be Crazy

Two months ago I went to the ER for a suicide attempt. My tenth hospitalization in ten years for emotional crises.

My ex husband revealed to me that he was getting married. 307 more words