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when cognitive dissonance tears you apart, give yourself grace.

i believe that each and every one of us on this earth is searching for and striving for the illusive feeling of wholeness. trueness. authenticity. the place where all of our sides of ourselves match up completely; where we feel in line with our truest selves. 720 more words

when thanksgiving is far from perfect, and falling in love with that anyway.

i have had too many thanksgivings spent in excruciating loneliness. some thanksgivings surrounded by a cold hospital bed instead of my family, with the sounds of medical machinery engulfing me rather than laughter, some thanksgivings states away from the place i call home, where my loved ones gather and celebrate without me. 723 more words

a feeling, an emptiness, and a bridge.

i am a girl to whom self-awareness feels almost like a necessity to existence, and yet recently, i have been at a loss for what is going on inside of me. 535 more words

The Importance of Feeling Vulnerable

I find myself discussing the concept of vulnerability a lot in my life now.

There are so many things in this world that make me feel vulnerable, and I never really realized that until I could identify what vulnerability feels like to me. 487 more words

Every time I took a blade to my flesh,

the world went quiet as could be.

My demons leaned over my shoulder,

they encouraged me. 59 more words

Low: An Explanation.

I wrote this post a while ago with the intent of getting some pent up feelings out, but a few friends have read it and said it helped them understand me a little better. 906 more words


Today is a Big Deal (To Me)

Before I get going with this, I want to put a trigger warning out. If you are triggered by self-harm or related topics, do not read this post. 1,538 more words