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Thinking of You

Dear you,

I’m laying here, trying to fall asleep, but all I can think about is your face. Now that I have my readers thinking I’m talking about a sexy hunk of a man… I’ll say that you’re a she and you could very easily be my mom. 387 more words


Progress! Self-harm Recovery.

Before I dive into a little of my story and my progress I have made in recovering from self-harm, I’ll give you a little bit of info on self-harm. 1,497 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

The One that I Didn't Proofread... but Isn't Super Depressing

Last night, I came home from youth group to a newly engaged sister, two sinks and a stove of dishes to wash (sans dishwasher– because economical), and one blog post due for writing. 800 more words

Life Thoughts

What May Be the End of Writers Block... Or at Least a Story

We were stopped at that intersection with the bank on the corner when my barricade just sort broke.

My brother was driving while I was in the passenger seat, and we’d been talking about my friends (or lack thereof). 322 more words

Life Thoughts

Childhood Memories of Butchering Chickens

I was walking up my driveway this afternoon, mail in one hand and dog leash in the other, when all of a sudden… my butt was where my feet should be. 519 more words


810 Words and the Beginning of Self-Harm Recovery

Dear Reader,

I’ve been sitting here, staring at this blank white screen as I try to pluck out the ice breaker post. There’s so much I want to say, and to so many different kinds of people I want to say it to, with frankly no idea how to even write a blog– much less a… 795 more words


learning to cope

you can give me your list of neatly written alternatives,

  • bullet pointed
  1. or numbered

in carefully colour-schemed felt tip bubble writing or an easy-on-the-eye¬†Arial… 95 more words