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Update!- It's been a little while.

sorry I haven’t posted anything in a little while! My excuses are- a mix of me slowly slowly regaining a social life and working through some tricky topics in regards to my mental health. 412 more words


Self-harm scars-a new treatment?

Back in July I asked my GP if there was anything that could be done to help reduce my self harm scars, thinking at best she would offer camouflage makeup or silicone gel strips, but instead she referred me to a plastic surgeon, saying he might use laser treatment on them. 1,097 more words

Mental Health

So, I actually drew this as a little inspiration for myself (I’ve been having a hard time lately), but I figured I’d post it here too :) 24 more words

Free From Cutting

Against the odds...

I currently have a diagnosis of Borderline personality disorder, PTSD and bulimia. I am in recovery for each of these illness’ and I am giving it all I’ve got. 260 more words


After that whole week of tattoos, it’s time to put mine! I got it on the 6th, it’s my first tattoo, and I love it :) 

Free From Cutting

The Truth

I want to write the truth and i’m already ashamed. This isn’t the truth that i want to share. This is the truth that makes me seem like a bad person. 771 more words