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You’ve made it this far, kid.

The sun will rise and we will try again. . .

I don’t really remember much of high school. The only part I can tell you and promise to you it happened was senior year, the rest is a blur and the reason isn’t something you just bring up at a friendly dinner.

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Happiness: An Unknown

For a reason that still escapes my deepest wonderings, I thought for years that happiness was an unrealistic rouse. Today, however, I realise that happiness is a choice. 439 more words

grounding yourself, soothing your ache, even in pain.

many nights, i ache of an emptiness that i could never explain.

many nights, i feel so deeply in my core all that i am is an vacant cavern of crumbling walls, a candle that will not hold her flame, the moment before a breath of shivering air enters your lungs when you are so close and yet so agonizingly far from being alive. 1,110 more words

I have accepted what happened, and I forgive myself.

We have this horrible stigma that’s tied to what we’ve seen and heard about both mental hospitals and people with mental illness.

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Scars show the pain and suffering since I was fifteen years old, but they also show my will to survive; they’re a part of my history now, and they will always be there.

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Even after a little over two years, I sometimes feel the temptation.

My arm got a little cut. A small little ouchie. Nothing to fret over. 119 more words

when cognitive dissonance tears you apart, give yourself grace.

i believe that each and every one of us on this earth is searching for and striving for the illusive feeling of wholeness. trueness. authenticity. the place where all of our sides of ourselves match up completely; where we feel in line with our truest selves. 720 more words