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My Story - An Invitation to a Door to Hope

The sound of grace is really, truly, soul-touching amazing. My life didn’t use to sound like grace. In fact, until I had to choose an “alias” for a new job three years ago, I had no idea what “grace” was outside of how a deer bounded through a field. 524 more words


The darker side of pregnancy

I have thought hard about posting this. About whether I would be opening myself up to criticism or even ridicule, but sometimes ‘taboo’ things need to be talked about, because there are people out there that need the support of knowing that they are not alone. 1,166 more words


I'm being bullied...by myself 

It’s well known that we are our own worst critics. We question our value as people, question everything from whether we can ‘pull off’ that outfit to whether we are good parents to whether we should tell that woman sitting oppose us on the train that the label from her top is sticking out. 660 more words



I’ve been self-harming a lot lately. It’s not something I talk about much because it tends to get me in trouble, but more than that, I’m ashamed of the adolescent habit that’s followed me into adulthood and turned my life upside down. 397 more words


Learning to put yourself first

I’ve spent such a long time worrying about what other people think of me, how other people feel about me and how I am viewed, I don’t think I ever really put myself first in terms of priorities. 616 more words


Summer and Scars

For those with scars, summer can often cause a lot of torment. But I’m here to say- if you are hot in long sleeves, wear short sleeves, if you want to wear shorts with out tights, that’s also fine. 481 more words

Heartbreak By the Lake, Poetry by Forrest Jamie

Genres: Closure, First Love, Heartbreak, Hurt, Love, Painful, Relationships, Sad

Heartbreak By the Lake by Forrest Jamie

I anticipated the heartbreak
I knew would come… 162 more words


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