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Honesty is scary tbh

Some days are tough. No- most days are tough, and some are tougher. Today is tougher. I had an important appointment today (the first in many steps to get into the treatment program I need to be in), it went overwhelmingly well and yet here I am being miserable and cranky. 499 more words

day one hundred and fifteen

The world is not black and white.  I am not bad if I am not good all the time.  I am not unworthy if I don’t feel worthy all the time.   358 more words


Progress Shots: Finishing My First Tattoo

Well, it finally happened: I finished my first tattoo.

It’s funny, because all of this started two years ago when I decided I wanted to get a tattoo based off of one of my favorite bands.   792 more words

Mental Health

I have a surgery date!

Ok, February 2016 I wrote a post (here) about a consultation I had with a plastic surgeon to see if there was anything that could be done to help my scars. 605 more words


A Journey In Ink

I think that every one of us feels a little bit damaged.  It’s impossible to walk through life without acquiring some scars along the way: We experience loss.   881 more words

Mental Health


today, I got a whole bunch of ink injected into my left arm. because I am an adult and can spend money on WHATEVER I WANT (spoiler: what I want is rollerblades, tattoos, and platform shoes. 967 more words


Dear me six years ago (SH awareness day)

You feel beyond the realms of hellish. You are angry, sad, frustrated. You just don’t feel right and you just don’t know why…

But please don’t do what you’re about to do – you don’t know this now, but I do, you are about to start a six-year battle to stop what you just started.

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