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The Time is NOW

“Janelle, if we waited for you to want to stop hurting yourself, we’d be waiting forever,” my therapist said. I wish I could say that she only had to say it to me once. 693 more words


Find Hope Here

My guess is that if you found this blog, you have done things to hurt yourself. Maybe you cut or burn yourself, but there are lots of different ways people hurt themselves. 490 more words


Cutting Away The Pain-The Ins and the Outs of Self Harm Addiction

Why do people self-harm?

Of all the areas of mental health, I think self-harm is one of the most difficult for others to fully comprehend. The question so many people are left with after they hear about self-harm addiction is… 1,020 more words



I wish I could make you understand there is no logic. No reason. Nothing to justify my feelings.

The void is swallowing me. I am drowning. 22 more words

You’ve made it this far, kid.

The sun will rise and we will try again. . .

I don’t really remember much of high school. The only part I can tell you and promise to you it happened was senior year, the rest is a blur and the reason isn’t something you just bring up at a friendly dinner.

835 more words

Even after a little over two years, I sometimes feel the temptation.

My arm got a little cut. A small little ouchie. Nothing to fret over. 119 more words

The Importance of Feeling Vulnerable

I find myself discussing the concept of vulnerability a lot in my life now.

There are so many things in this world that make me feel vulnerable, and I never really realized that until I could identify what vulnerability feels like to me. 487 more words