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Sleeveless: Day Twelve

I had a job interview today. I wore long sleeves, but mainly because it wasn’t that warm outside!

Tonight, a dinner party with friends. Very grown up, I know. 235 more words

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I don't want things to be different, just worse

I’m struggling at the moment, lately, still, always, of course I am, because what else would I be doing if I wasn’t struggling? The depression is back with a vengeance, anxiety tells me I’m going to die every time I catch public transport, suicidal ideation has been bad, self harm urges have been bad, the binge-restrict-exercise cycle that characterises my bulimia has been very, very bad. 613 more words

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A first post, and a small victory.

Last time I had a blog I was chronicling a fight with evil; but I didn’t know that. I thought I was purging myself from culpability. 477 more words


My self-harm story

I’ve debated writing this post since virtually the day I started my blog. But some things have been holding me back. Not only is it a topic that can be extremely triggering for people. 1,020 more words


Trigger warning.

A selfish wish that I’ve had since around my freshman year of high school was that I wanted to be normal. Naturally, normal was extremely vague but for me, everything that wasn’t me was normal. 1,070 more words


Sleeveless: Day Eleven

Today a lot of people looked at my arms but nobody asked. I felt really good, because I wore completely short sleeves, since the office was more or less an oven. 196 more words

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Raped in Hawaii

It’s weird. Feeling alone. Trapped inside my body. Screaming to be free, but in reality I’m becoming stiff, my squirms getting weaker, the fight dies from me quickly. 1,245 more words