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The Great Escape

The lights flicker, on and off
sparks float within the glass
like fireflies in the sky
dimming with each breath.

The mind leaps,
heart pounding, 33 more words


Mental Health Blog #6

Okay so off the bat I’m going to admit that this is quite a bit less to do with mental health but rather a continuation on the last post regarding my very much shocking, bewildering and obviously shocking break up from yesterday. 1,086 more words

Saturday Update/Random Thoughts (Trigger Warning)

Today has been dedicated to naps and doing nothing. Mostly because I don’t have the energy or motivation to do anything else. I’ve felt physically sick all week, and just overall sad. 337 more words

Stupid Me

This morning was one for the books. I woke up feeling that goddamn anxious feeling. This feeling that I wasn’t going to live through today. I saw video clips of me driving on the highway and drifting into an 18 wheeler and getting crushed. 624 more words


Inside the Mind of a Suicidal Girl

Do you ever have those days where you miss hurting yourself? One of the most maladjusted thoughts one can have is when you crave the feeling of cutting yourself again, and you look forward to it. 550 more words

About Me

More of a Call to Action than Anything

This is for the people who blend into the background like gnats on a hot day. This is for the people who are hurting and believe they can’t ask for help for whatever reason. 393 more words

Mental Illness

Darker Blue Than You

I do not turn the lights on,

let the monsters crawl out from under my bed,

let them come.

The microwave whines and groans,

“When did you last eat?” 24 more words

Molly Newhouse