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1st March Self harm awareness day

I had this tattooed a few years ago while I was still actively self harming.

I am now 18 months self harm free :) I have achieved my goal and that was to stop before the age of 30 and I am 30 in 5 mins. 56 more words

The Day they Killed Themselves, We Took Acid and Drew Pictures Because We Didn't Know What Else to Do

They sat on the train tracks, hung themselves in basements, took pills, stabbed their wrists repeatedly with the pointy part of a compass in drafting class, sliced their arms with broken glass or a metal shred from a torn pop can. 262 more words

Its been a long week :|

Its been a long week…
My mum saw my scars
Stuff at school has been worse
My sadness has hit the roof
The weight on my chest has been horrible… 363 more words

"Let's Pretend You Are the Autistic One"

(A note on Emma’s post.  Because this is a fictitious dialogue that Emma wrote, for clarity’s sake, I asked her if it was okay to put the Autistic person’s words and thoughts in italics and the non autistic’s words in quotation marks.   235 more words


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This is so true.

My photography artwork for Self Injury Awareness Day

I can’t believe I was working on these right before Self Injury Awareness Day, and I actually forgot that was today.


Talking about self-harm: Prepare to be aware

Original post from the blog of Special Needs Jungle

An extract

‘…..Self-harm. It’s something that many find hard to understand. Why would you intentionally hurt yourself? 249 more words


Beautiful Scars

“We were the bruised
We were the broken
We don’t live in pieces anymore
We have won
We have overcome
Our scars have been made beautiful… 149 more words