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Alive and Not Well

My day went better than expected. I cut as soon as I got to work, but I got to work on time and didn’t avoid it an extra 10 minutes (yesterday my boss said I could come in 10 minutes later because they kept me 10 minutes late) or call off. 305 more words

Mental Illness

Long Sleeve

I am in need of another long sleeve shirt

Can not let people see what happens when I hurt

It is the only way I know how to deal… 8 more words

A Little Life

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

This is no sappy YA ladies and gents, this is a tear-jerking wrecking ball smashing your very sense of existence into smithereens. 200 more words


Starts as a worm in the belly

Then internal explosions

mind body soul

my essence screams for relief

i scream silently

i scream silently

strike this from my life… 32 more words


I'm Sorry - Open Mic Night

Dear Sarah (from the future),


I hope you’re doing better

Than you were, 2 years ago.

I know this seems like a spontaneous letter

But there’s a lot I need to say, so… 544 more words


My Bio Poem

It’s infinitely unlikely I can portray in word,

the everyday occurrences that make my judgement blurred.

I cannot think of when it start nor see the end in sight; 329 more words


The Artist 

The sea was golden in the light of the recently risen sun

The trees waved branches in salute to the quietly sinking moon

The creatures crept to their homes to sleep, believing their work was done… 132 more words