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Self-harm scars-a new treatment?

Back in July I asked my GP if there was anything that could be done to help reduce my self harm scars, thinking at best she would offer camouflage makeup or silicone gel strips, but instead she referred me to a plastic surgeon, saying he might use laser treatment on them. 1,097 more words

Mental Health

Feb 5th

Let me give you a summary of my week, in all honesty I’ve felt better it’s as if I don’t feel sad anymore but I’m not happy either. 780 more words

Well Fuck My Life pt. 2

So not even within an hour of me writing that we got into it so bad that we were slamming doors and throwing shot, then I locked myself in the bathroom and cut my self like 4 good times (I haven’t self harmed in 2 fuckin years!) he kicked the bathroom door in and saw that I cut, then continued to punch holes in the bathroom door. 329 more words


Thank you

I’m not sure what’s going on this week, but I love it! Yes, there have been some down points, but this week I have done so much reflection, and felt thankful so many times… it is truly amazing! 805 more words


Hurt: My Story

*TW: blood, bulimia and suicide mention*

A person’s life is never perfect. You’ll hardly run into someone who isn’t struggling with something in their lives, whether they’re healing from past events, are currently struggling, or are dreading things to come. 847 more words



Lately I’ve been wondering what all this happiness leads to as I know personally the happier I am the lower my low is and having not had a low now since early December I am beginning to worry. 143 more words

Scars aka The not the End of Days blog

Hey guys,

I know it’s been ages. There’s even been a bunch of times where I’ve started to write something, lost my chain of thought/was uninspired/or just plain lazy, and deleted it. 410 more words