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Thoughts on Self-harm.

I know and have heard of many teenagers going into depression because they’ve been bullied/harassed by a certain group of people or a community or for various other little reasons. 520 more words

No life

I’m back from a vacation. I’m supposed to be well rested and fit for work. Instead I’m lounging at home, vomiting from an overdose, completely upset and hurting myself with a pair of scissors. 111 more words

Losing a friend and an enemy

Today, I took my scale, my blades, and my knives to my counselor.

Giving over the sharps wasn’t that difficult, I really would like to stop cutting. 359 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm

One more step, always further

There is always one more step
Always a further,
Could’ve done more, could’ve done better
A close, but not quite enough and a probably should have… 355 more words


Why Do People Romanticize Mental Illness?

Hi WordPressers! As much as I try to post positive and light things, sometimes I have to write about topics that aren’t so light—This post happens to be one of them! 260 more words

Reasons Not To Kill Yourself

  1. Being able to have a sassy teenager like yourself and sparing them from the same mistakes you made.
  2. Being amazed at the raw beauty of nature.
  3. 109 more words


So you’re a cutter. You hide your arms and cry about it. Cutting is a form of self-harm that you think is helping you cope. It isn’t. 710 more words