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Sunday June 5th 5:12pm

Found it easier to manage WordPress instead of Tumblr.

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing.  I didn’t even make it to the gym.. I didn’t feel that guilty because the day before I worked out twice plus a 10 mile bike ride. 242 more words


coming back from the hospital after a major self-inflicted burn that now trumps everything that i’ve done to my body, i can fucking tell you that the urge to do it is immense. 106 more words


Literary Lion. Bleeding - Blood Runs Free

Lily watches as the blood runs free down her arms, lingering momentarily on her fingers before dripping into the bathroom sink. For a moment she is transfixed by the starkness of the vibrant red against the porcelain white. 215 more words

Writing & Poetry

Not as okay as you pretend to be.

When faced with the question ‘how are you?’ many people respond with an “I’m fine thank you, how are you?” In reality that person may not actually be fine. 355 more words


Suffocating and New Lows

I have reached new lows and i couldn’t care less. I am less then 500 gram… 500 GRAMS!! from being under 40

I am currently suffocating in plastic wrap to make myself skinnier and yesterday morning i shoved pieces of bread into my shoes in order to not eat. 45 more words


Self-Harm: Why was her daughter Cutting?

This is such a compelling article I discovered in the (The Telegraph), written by Anne Stone, who discovered her daughter at the age of 15 was cutting herself. 163 more words


I feel like I've been having a panic attack all day

I have an almost uncontrollable urge to just lash out and hit everything, and throw anything and everything against a wall so hard that it breaks. 27 more words