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Little Girl

Once upon a time on a night so cold

There was a little girl whose story was told

She was young, and small, and very confused… 705 more words

dead on the inside

the blade was on my flesh when i pressed it down and dragged it across my flesh. there is always this slight searing pain when you try to tear yourself apart with a mere blade. 457 more words


just go

i don’t know why i did this. but i know i’ve not been coping well. i’ve been struggling to live “in the wild”. i feel like i don’t belong here. 69 more words


Another Day

Sometimes I just have to let out a sigh
To know that I’m still breathing.
Sometimes I just need to cut my arms
To prove that my heart is still beating. 84 more words


I remember [tw]

I remember

When it started with scratching my arm with nails

I remember when I felt so relieved when it left a mark

I remember when it progressed to the ends of a pair of scissors… 541 more words


we are not our mistakes

Having not posted in a while, I’ve been reflecting a lot on myself a lot. Recently I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am not my mistakes. 228 more words

Three Days and Flat

I’ve been taking Risperidone for three days and I now feel flat. That is, lacking in emotion.

It’s a relief not to be unstable, that is true. 58 more words