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Life Is Hard.

*Contains strong language and mentions self-harm*

I sometimes have days where I ask myself, ‘Why can’t I just be normal?’ ‘Why can’t I cope with things?’ ‘Why am I so sensitive?’ ‘Why do I let things affect me so much?’… Today was one of those days. 1,606 more words

Mental Health

Self harm by Australian high school students: latest research on who might do it and how to help

By Sarah Stanford.

Walk into any high school and you can be confident that there are young people who self-harm. Research suggests that around one in ten teens will self-harm at least once. 462 more words

Suicide Prevention

I turned 16 and my world changed. ~

I woke up around 2:00 am and looked out at the moon. I was thinking how i am missing something in my life. Just dont know what. 138 more words

Headspace #11

Last week’s post (read it here) was about how leaving University and trying to get on with life can affect your mental health. There’s is rightly a lot of focus on mental health for students at University – it’s a life changing time full of both opportunities and challenges. 714 more words

Mental Health

Break-ups with Borderline Personality Disorder

So James and I broke up this weekend, just three weeks before our one-year anniversary. If I was given a choice on the best way for me to be broken up with, this break up would have been better than anything I would have come up with. 935 more words

Mental Health


Welcome to my first ever blog!

This is only going to be a quick, introductory blog as I just wanted to sort of explain a bit about myself and this blog. 206 more words

A Levels

When They Ask Who Hurt You And The Answer Is, 'Me'

Someone once asked me

Bright eyes full of concern

“Who hurt you?”

I only wish I could have told them, that would be the kind of pain I long for… 142 more words