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Haze of bruisingĀ 

Two weeks clean, down the drain. I felt like everything built up so much and I couldn’t stand it tonight. I wish self harm didn’t give me this relief, I know it’s not healthy.

Mental Illness

What dissociation feels like to me

I’m aware this may be different than what I’ve written before. My understanding of it tends to be limited to what I can access in the moment. 279 more words

Pain is my existence...

***Trigger Warning***

Pain is an old friend. Holding on. Desperate to know me. Never letting go.

I’m struggling with a lot right now.

I’m overwhelmed with triggering thoughts and emotions.

409 more words

Thank you!

Just a quick thank you to everyone who is supporting my blog so far! Reached 200 likes! You guys have kept me going and been my motivation!

Inside a secure mental health unit

So after a few months in a mental health hospital I was deemed unsafe for a few reasons and was put in a secure unit under section two. 295 more words

Percent (TW: alcohol, drugs, SH)

Song of the day: “End of Me” – Ashes RemainĀ 

I have an entire novel to finish today, and I have about 70 pages left. What am I doing instead? 174 more words

mystery panic attacks

the worst feeling is when you don’t even know what’s triggering your anxiety.

this is the third time today where i’ve had to stop what i’m doing and focus on pushing back a panic attack. 241 more words