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I'm doing okay!

Twenty minutes ago I had a rather pleasant realisation: I’m doing okay. I actually am, and I hardly ever seem to get to write this, so I’m devoting a post to it. 428 more words


Today, I am angry... (A short poem)

Today, I am angry and I don’t know why.
I want to shout and scream and punch and cry.
I want to bleed.
I want to feel pain. 82 more words

Mental Health

Borrowed Time

I am one of death’s many lovers. I smoke cigarettes and cross the street without looking.┬áThere’s a black in my veins,┬ámust have got in through the cuts. 192 more words


Giving up.

It’s happened. I am back where I was in August last year.

I am numb and apaaathetic. I want to shut my eyes and wink out of existence. 161 more words

Urges hit me

Like a waterfall. The water hitting you and dripping down your body.

I can feel it in my wrist- wanting out.
I can feel it in my heart- beating me. 37 more words