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Eating disorders are so real and very rarely talked about. Why is that? Because eating should be a natural thing? For some of us, it’s hard . 168 more words

When I face this, it is tiring. Feels like I am a dog chasing my own tail. I don’t understand it. How can I feel one way yet still feel another? 175 more words

Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

It took me a long time to finish this book.

Not because it was bad, but because it was heavy. Very, very heavy. Hell, the whole thing was an avalanche of emotions, especially for someone who struggles with many of the things described in it. 296 more words


Art-Coping skill-Hallucinations 

Art is a positive, effective coping mechanism. You dont have to be the best at art. If you enjoy it, and it helps you its a great way to relax, and kick back. 30 more words

The secrets of Sophia

Jane Wolf: Let me tell you of my dear old friend Sofia. You see, she wasn’t like most girls. She was always preserved as well for her talents, lost in her little world, she was a shy young lady. 922 more words


Ways to stop self harming

During the summer, self harm scars are hard to hide. Even if you do it on inconspicuous areas like your stomach or the top of your thighs, certain items of clothing such as crop tops and shorts will easily expose them. 656 more words


i was saving you and you were killing me

i hurt myself when i stumbled across him

he was like broken glass on a playground

impaling my innocence 

when his eyes met mine

i saw into his soul… 89 more words