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It's one thing after another

So yesterday I was angry because my friend had backed out of going to the park with me. I had serious thoughts of going on my own but in the end decided not to as it seemed quite cold outside. 854 more words

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Checking for "bullshit" 

As a recovering self harmer ( I say recovering because I want to be posative, but I have relapsed many times, so far I’m one week clean) and sufferer of the “bullshit” I often wonder about people around me. 417 more words

Self Harm

No Words.

So I broke. My mom calls me this morning to let me know that she found a therapist for my sister. Good. But then she proceeds to tell me about how her and my dad are still fighting about this whole situation. 679 more words

Don't Know What to Do.

This week has been shitty. It’s been hard, and stressful, and full of crap that I can’t seem to know how to deal with. My mom called me yesterday saying that again, she snooped on my sister. 721 more words

A Christian and Mental Illness

I see mental illness as a neutral thing. It has no side, it has no opinion. It’s just cells and chemicals not acting right. It just happens, it just is. 485 more words


Sick again

Not a good week.

REALLY not a good week.

I’ve been on edge for a little while…..yesterday I got pushed over it.

YAY! Hello, my dear friend depression! 63 more words



Two guys I had dated before my depression started were ok. The second guy was good but then he cheated. After him is when I fell hard and thats when the depression had really started.Things were bad for a while and my first ex James was in and out of the picture but he swooned me and I fell and got hurt and I fell and got hurt.

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