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The Octopus Who Tired to Stay Positive

As always BIG TRIGGER WARNING PEEPS. If you have thoughts of self-harm and suicide please read with caution.

What if you can’t stay positive?

What if in times of stress you can’t see the good that is around you? 1,529 more words



Isopropyl, do thy will.

I don’t want to hear or feel anymore.

I can’t do this.

It hurts to much.

No hope.

Just waiting to tie that rope. 146 more words


Pt 1 - A Treatise on Pain - various observances and obsessions

21st April 17 16 23
Therapy was good yet difficult. We dive deeper and it is similar to having a series of massages. With further sessions you are able to go deeper into the muscle tissue and they start to really loosen up. 150 more words


She Wants To Be Perfect

Words hurt

Bitch, Whore, Slut

She runs upstairs and grabs a knife

She cuts and cuts and cuts

Blood gushing out onto the floor

She screams, she cries, yet seems like no one hears her… 206 more words



I can pinpoint all the scars on my body to an exact time or place or implement. I know which lies I told and the looks on the faces that accompanied them. 29 more words


If trust is
so elusive
that it will
never come my way

then why should
it be granted
if the roles
are reversed?
Daily Thoughts

I spent a month in a psychiatric hospital

In February I fell ill again, mentally. I ended back in a psychiatric ward after last being in one in August last year. I failed my new years resolution of not going into hospital but it could not be helped, after all, I don’t have control over my illnesses. 775 more words