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Book Review: Good Me Bad Me - Ali Land *****

It has been a long time since I’ve been affected by a book the way that I have with Good Me Bad Me. I finished it last night on the way home from work but I’ve had to mull it over and have a good think about it before I could commit my thoughts to the screen. 379 more words

Book Review

Phone call with cpn. 

It didn’t go to plan.

I had some questions I wanted answering, why she called the mental health assessment and why she wasn’t returning calls things like that, she answered them. 125 more words

Mental Health


I never know how to start off telling this story. “Hey, I’m Kaylee and I’ve suffered from Clinical Depression since I was 13 years old.” Yeah, that’s right. 692 more words


Exercise, self-care, self-harm, and me

By Urvie Pereira CN: self-harm, suicide, exercise, addiction, food

I am an adrenaline addict. I crave the thrill of that buzz you get right before a big race,  or an important test.   768 more words


I needed help. 

I called my gp surgery and there is no way I can speak to a doctor Which isn’t helpful as I feel I want to harm, or worse. 74 more words

Mental Health

The Lithium Only Makes It Worse

I’ve now been on lithium for 12 days. It hasn’t helped at all so far. In fact, I think it’s making things worse. I feel even more tired than usual, and my thinking is fuzzy and confused or obsessive and self-destructive. 1,531 more words

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Getting stuff off my chest

I have people that love me. I know I do, and yet I always want love from people that wont ever give me the time of day. 984 more words