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Hello Everyone!

Okay, I’m just going to be straight out and honest with you guys. I relapsed. 22 days clean, and I went back to my beloved self-harm ways. 208 more words

Mental Health

Dec 6 - My First Big Snow

Hello world.

I’ve been away for a while. It’s been a hectic and crazy week. I left you about one week ago, when I moved out of my apartment. 372 more words

Coping Skills

Hello! In my last blog post I said I would be posting about some coping skills that might be helpful! Please know that this is just a short list. 370 more words


To Be Free

Blades, blood, silent screams,

Empty stomachs, broken dreams.

Tears fall, splashing down,

They join the red that’s on the ground.

Silver winks, alluring and shiny, 291 more words

Mental Health

3 Years Self Harm Free

One month ago today, I was officially 3 years clean of self harm. The addiction that tried to take my life. I now add a month to that, and I’m still having mixed feelings about it. 166 more words

Mental Health

Hurtful words leave scars - a confession of sorts

Hurtful words leave scars you see.  Serious post, I know…..sorry, had to do that sometime.  So: I sometimes hurt myself, just to watch the skin change colour, the blood occasionally come out.  341 more words

Dealing with self harm

I wanted to write a post about self harm but I didn’t really know how to approach the subject. Why are we always so awkward about these things? 991 more words