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Trigger warning for suicidal thoughts.

Depressed is the best word to describe how I am feeling today. I don’t know quite what happened to get me to this state. 762 more words

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Clay Feet (a poem about recovery)

The worst step is always the next one,
The path that I’ve never yet walked;
The first step was almost impossible
The day that I finally talked. 209 more words


Breaking the cycle one day at a time

It feels so amazing to get to the end of the day and be able to say “I made it!”

I made it. I was so so close to relapsing today. But I got through it.



What is strength? The capacity of an object or subject to withstand great force of pressure. Strength. Durability. Stability. Why does society respect those with such strength? 801 more words

21st Century

Locked Inside My Head

I spend a lot of time talking about how having bipolar affects my life in terms of depression and anxiety. I’ve talked about self harm, suicide, and various other things. 930 more words

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Smoke and Scars

Tonight I was brought to tears. NOT the normal depression tears. Not normal depression tears by any stretch of the imagination. No, tonight my tears were for another soul. 254 more words


Living with depression is a daily struggle. I have dealt with it since I was about 10. It eats away at you, makes you feel like crap, and many more things. 450 more words