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What a Luxury

I have come to a lot of new understandings in the past year due to changing experiences and perspective aka, being poor and having 3 kids. 628 more words

Yeti's Life

The Best People Have Mental Illness

I was watching the film Yves Saint Laurent and there is a scene where Yves is in a mental hospital following a break down. He was later diagnosed with Bipolar. 163 more words

Mental Health

My ‘Mode Spectrum’

I haven’t written in a while because I wasn’t very well just after Christmas. Something over the Christmas/New Year period triggered me quite badly into crisis. 1,026 more words


50 Minutes Left

Day 772.

In 64 mins I will make it to Day 773 without cutting. I am trying so hard to make it there. I can feel the world shifting in and out of focus. 123 more words


I don't regret the tattoo I got removed.

This one isn’t so much about adventures, sorry. Also, TW: self-harm, suicide.

Years ago, I was hospitalized for self-harm and suicidal ideation. While I worked with a lot of people, one nurse told me something that stuck with me. 524 more words

The Truth Behind Self-Harm Part 1

**Trigger Warning**

Having worked with teenagers, often in crisis, I have learned quite a bit about self-harm behaviors; what they are/can be, the motivation to self-harm, and the function they serve for those who engage in them. 587 more words

I'm an insecure little shit!

Stumbling through life is a real difficult task. I remember when I was younger, and I couldn’t wait to grow old and be an adult. I would get to decide what I wear, where i go, when I go, when I come back, who I spend my time with, buy anything I want, eat whatever I want, whenever I want- the list was pretty much endless. 409 more words