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There’s this certain feeling in the previous spots where I forced pressure down with a blade. Everyday I feel this pain in each spot like it was aching for it again like a slut. 217 more words

Do I Deserve Respect?

I refuse to move on for some reason.  I’m scared to take the next step.  I don’t deserve anything because I don’t make an effort.  The truth is that I should be homeless now.  211 more words

My Life

Cognition of pain

My relationship with pain has always been weird. My perception are totally incongruous: I feel little stimulation as enormous, I’m completely anesthetized for some chronic ache, I confuse pain and pleasure, and, what I fear most, I don’t really feel some parts of my body as they are unrelated to me. 22 more words


Dear You, All Of You

Dear every single person with a blade in your hand,
ready to carve your first scar, urging to see your skin bleed,

I wish I could convince you to stop and think… 281 more words


Your Body is a Canvas

I’m about to add to the artwork on my body again. I love tattoos. I feel that the body is just a blank canvas waiting to be filled with the journey of your life. 468 more words

Alice In Wonderland

I feel suicidal but I don't want to die. *TW*

My therapist said that there is a difference between having thoughts of/urges of suicide and wanting to kill myself.

He is right.

I still feel suicidal at some point every day. 474 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder