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Prestigious Institution; Friend or Foe?

As being part of an institution, that’s well-known for their “prestigious” education, and accommodations for the students, I’ve experienced quite the opposite. Of course, being part of a such system provided me with being part of a classroom that is taught by world-renowned researchers, and I’m exposed to more opportunities (this is debatable, but I’ll discuss about it later), but is the exchange of my well-being really important? 822 more words

An Inch from Death

Last Sunday I could have died … As anyone following this blog would already know, I am in the midst of an existential crisis. I have been in this fight for six months now – ebbing and flowing with the emotional growth spurts and harsh blows this kind of process brings to light. 1,432 more words



I have hope for better days. I hope for the warmth of sunshine on my skin. I hope to smile so much my cheeks hurt. I hope for days where I am not only content but happy with who I am. 131 more words

You love me for both of us

I can see you’re not a doctor
there’s a lightness in your eyes
that dares to search
beyond what’s broken,
leaving space for what you find. 277 more words



Remember how Mother would say every time we’d get hiccups, that somewhere somebody must be thinking of you, or missing you, or talking of you. And at the mention of their name, the hiccups will stop. 192 more words

Blood Ran Stale

My Teddies

I’m 29 years of age and yes I still sleep with my teddies every single night. My first bear Button, I’ve had since I was 2 hours old. 1,157 more words

Haze of Tags

So, the sweet Becca (girl SLAY with that eyeliner!!) from BeccaDoesLifeThings asked me to participate in her Mental Illness Tag. I like this open ended question format, because it can really help show how different people experience the same illness. 644 more words

Mental Illness