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july thirtieth, twelve-fifty am

i don’t know what to do. my life is falling apart.

for starters, I have to see a psychologist at riverside the eleventh of august. i have no choice. 795 more words


Volunteering On The Warm Line

As I am writing, I am finishing up a volunteer shift at the Warm Line. In fact, I wasn’t even on the schedule for tonight. It just so happened that I was hanging out with the mentor on duty tonight when she found out that we were short on volunteers. 194 more words

help me

i hate myself so much. I was fired yesterday from work. I think the two deciding factors in firing me was i couldn’t cover someone’s shift last week because I was crying uncontrollably because my life is in shambles and my mom was being horrible to me prior to leaving for work. 376 more words


4:30 am

I want to rip my hair out. I’m so fucking tired and I can’t sleep. I’ve been off medication for 3 and ½ weeks now and everything agitates me. 289 more words


Children, Sex-slaves

Re-blogged from http://susanprestonauthor.com/2015/07/29/children-sex-slaves/

This is not a ‘comfortable’ subject. Perhaps you might think it is questionable why it is posted on a ‘faith’’ blog’. But. I think it is something that truly deserves our prayers. 456 more words


Who Am I--Whose Am I?

I am in the Family Room at my new house while Spongebob plays in the background and I can’t help but be consumed in my thoughts. 1,097 more words

The white rabbit 

She was five, her bedroom floor was littered with toys, her favourite was the white rabbit. On her 7th birthday she had a party but when she was nine nobody invited her back, she stood in the playground and wrote ‘sad’ in her notebook. 196 more words