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Resourcing and Grounding

Aloha! Just wanted to take a moment on Maui where peace is abundant and share with you a few ways to shift from tension (however little or much you are currently feeling) to peace in really easy and quick ways. 31 more words


I’m a little late to the party this year.

Each year, I choose a word to hold in mind throughout the year. It’s my answer to New Year’s resolutions, which never seem to stick. 566 more words


Of Heaven and of Hell (Part 2)

Truth is often hidden in the details and understanding the root of a thing allows you to better relate to what has grown out from it. 885 more words


Tenacity, Audacity, and Humility

“I tried.”

George Lucas’s response when asked what he wanted on his tombstone.

I would say he tried pretty hard. Barely graduated from high school, went to film school not even knowing what the word “cinematography” meant, figured out he loved it, and, then, kept his nose to the grindstone for fifty years. 127 more words


Fanfare for the Common Man

Fanfare for the Common Man is a brilliant composition by Aaron Copland, written initially to honor the contribution of WWII soldiers. However, I was thinking of the sentiment today when my adult nephew (with learning challenges) expressed his frustration about being a nobody. 93 more words


Give Up on the World?

I cannot give up on the world

While there are books unread

Their important words, to me, unsaid

Poignant voices of truth singing somewhere

Away from whom, I, deaf and unaware, 105 more words


If Someone Leaves You, Fires You, Rejects You, or Cheats on You

Being left, fired, rejected, or cheated upon is, no doubt, a painful experience. However, if we find ourselves in one of these situations, here are some critical considerations: 102 more words