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Okay, Who's Peeing on the Floor?

My friend was in a difficult position. She would have to bring up toilet-hygiene to her older brother who was a temporary houseguest. Day after day, she and her husband had been frustrated by the small puddles left in front of the toilet. 72 more words


Pursued by Dark Reality

Joseph Conrad, author of Heart of Darkness, said that it was not necessary to believe that the world was good in order to be hopeful. 111 more words


Inner Engineering thoughts- Closure

First of all I would like to apologise to my readers for not being able to write about my experiences from second day onward. The decision about not writing any further has been a conscious one; for certain spiritual disclosures hold true meaning when communicated first hand verbally from the teacher to the seeker… in Sanskarit such tradition had been reffed to as Sruthi  169 more words

Listen to your Inner voice

You don’t need reason. You just know it!! In your silent moments you hear a voice whisper in your head. When doing something that’s bad/harmful for you, your body gives you all the signals and your mind sends SOS. 203 more words



Yesterday, reading “in-your-Facebook” posts about jerks and persecutors started to sound like, “You’re so bad, but I’m such a good, vindictive victim.”

After listening for a while to a popular artist sing about the men who disappointed her, the lyrics began to sound like, … 129 more words


Tuesday Trickles - My Thinking Corner

When we begin to feel guilt for failing in doing certain things, it’s a good indication that we are possibly overloaded.

It’s often better to cut out trivial chores and pastimes here and there and face the vital stuff until we are able to get it together. 109 more words


Doubt This at Your Own Risk

The reason that what you read is more important in the long term than the man you marry is because the heart needs training from books in order to absorb, appreciate, and honor events and individuals in our lives… 68 more words