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5 Healing Techniques for the Wandering Mind: Non-Traditional Meditations that Work

Many people naturally have trouble concentrating, but some may especially have a difficult time…

Do you ever find that you cannot concentrate? Possibly during your meditation practice you really struggle with staying mindful, or focused. 97 more words


Prison of Self

In Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul, a Benedictine monk expounded on the ancient concept of the “prison of self” to help Tony Hendra escape from his mental anguish. 87 more words


When We Believe We Have No Value

Feeling worthless generates all kinds of chaos and is probably responsible for a majority of the world’s ills. Whenever we are uncertain of our value, we do very strange things to compensate, such as… 70 more words


Allow me to introduce you...

Welcome to my world! Well, actually it’s a world that I hope to share with other women (of a certain age– or any age where real life has you wondering if being a woman is so great) and even those men who want insight into the female psyche.   451 more words


"Find your calling in career and life"

How do you find your calling in career and life? Watch this interview below with Chase Jarvis and Chris Guillebeau.

Watch to see what the joy-money-flow model is and more! 160 more words

Wrong Again


This year I have read several biographies of people whom I had no interest in (or disagreed with) and, as a result, have had the best reading year of my life! 82 more words