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If We Are Tired of Feeling Disappointed

If we are tired of feeling disappointed with people, we must…

  • Quit expecting them to be other than human
  • Start looking inside (instead of outside) for what we need…
  • 91 more words

Four Pillars of Happiness

Emily Esfahani Smith’s confusion about her own unsuccessful pursuit of happiness drove her to research and to becoming a psychologist. In the course of her studies she identified four these important elements: 117 more words


Crossroads All Lead Home

Shifts and fluctuations in our surroundings is a part of life. Life is ever changing, ever expanding. Some people grow together, some grow apart. But the truth is, even if you are disappointed in who stays or who leaves, it’s all there for a reason. 131 more words

Spiritual Inspiration

Muddling compassion

Author Barbara Franken writes a lovely blog that inspires me every time. If you have any desire whatsoever to be a creative visionary, to help this world get to a better place, she has words of wisdom for you. 180 more words

What My Mama Said To Me...3

Mama said to me, baby,

anyone who keeps dragging you three steps back

when you manage to take one step forward,

must be left behind… 30 more words


Want more time? Be careful what you wish for-

Warning – this blog was intended to be a serious consideration of the dangers of having too much time on our hands. The serious part didn’t happen. 733 more words


What My Mama Said To Me...2

Mama said to me, baby,
if you try to move forward
and it fails to work

Why not use the reverse
to get yourself
out of that spot? 21 more words