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Inventing Courage

Inventing Courage

Easter 40


This post was not something I intended to write.  When I first thought about this series I could not name fifty-six female inventors, I am sad to say.  1,068 more words

Our Soul is Asking for More

Our soul is asking for more

When we feel the pain of drudgery

When we say no too easily

When we argue with change

When we kill hope with our excuses… 61 more words


Kingdom IssYOUes

“The issues you don’t tackle, tackle you.”-Unknown

S0, a few days ago I was speaking with a friend of mine though text about the poor communication skills her family and my own family have when handling issues among one another. 1,094 more words


In Celebration of Introverts

It’s time for introverts to stop feeling like they should be more like them…extroverts, that is. It seems like there are many more of them than us, or at least it did when I was growing up. 378 more words


As Serious as a Heart Attack...or Jury Duty

On jury duty during pre-selection check-in, I sat on the front row in a room of approximately 400 people. After a while, a large, confident, African American woman in a judge’s robe walked in, took a seat behind the podium, and proceeded to take charge. 232 more words


Hop to It!

Hop to It!

Easter 38

We tend to think of retiring military officers as being in their late forties or early fifties.  Some retire even earlier, having entered military service at the age of eighteen or twenty-one and then serving twenty years before retiring.  498 more words

Confusing Knowledge with a Tiny, Little Scratch on the Surface

The root of many problems in my life has been the tendency to think I knew more about someone or something than I actually did. Smart people have always said that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. 187 more words