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How hard are you working?

Life is so short… work your butt off

Today As I got a haircut, I saw a gray hair fall on my  pant leg… I did not know what to think. 119 more words


It's How You Look at It

“Not loneliness, but solitude. Not suffering, but endurance, the discovery of grim kinship with the rocks and sky. And the finding here of a harsh peace that would transcend bodily discomfort, a healing instead of the wounds of the soul.” … 107 more words


Meet the real you on a bad day!

It’s easy being polite and nice to everyone on a good day!! But, what are you like on a stressful day..? It’s easy being grumpy, rude and sarcastic when everything is going  against you. 136 more words


Noticing the changes

Living out our lives day by day and hour by hour. We dont see our changes that happen daily within our soul until we get that chance. 475 more words


Beware of the Illusion

Beware of the illusion on those days when…

  • you feel too high or too low
  • it seems like you’ve finally got it all together
  • everything falls apart…
  • 97 more words