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The Ugly side to Addiction

Hello Truth Seekers!

Recently I have had a massive perspective shift on my reality. This has mainly come about from giving up my addiction to alcohol. 859 more words

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Negative Energy is the Enemy! Let's kick it's Butt! Adam Stone

Negative energy is toxic to YOU! Start a new trend Today!

Let’s be honest! We’re habitually negative. So, in truth we must become habitually positive. 505 more words

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The Importance of Storytelling

Storytelling is powerful, rich and inspiring. With so many genres, industries and lives to cover it’s no wondering why some of the greatest individuals have mastered this art. 398 more words


Health Benefits with Pet Ownership

Apparently owning a dog brings more health benefits than you would think…
Studies have shown a decrease in cholesterol levels & lowered blood pressure. There has also been studies that link owning a dog to lowered risk of anxiety and depression, a boosted immune system & less chance of allergies and or asthma if an infant grows up in a home with pets. 73 more words


Are you an Experience Collector?

I believe that life is all about collecting and enjoying amazing experiences. To my amazement I saw this question splattered across a billboard 200m from my home. 1,405 more words

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Fairly quickly after my last drink I found myself moving towards a strange place. Old habits once anchored by my alcoholism began to lose their footing. 1,230 more words


We are Not our struggles

We have the power to shape our day and our future. There is nothing rarer, or sexier than a woman who is comfortable in her perfect imperfection, being unapologetically herself. 133 more words