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Intuitive Coaching 101--Truth & Authenticity

Every morning, Archangel Metatron talks to me. We talk about the day ahead and he often, almost always, sneaks in a spiritual lesson or practice. And even though I have the best of intentions, I space out and forget to start my day on the best notes possible. 631 more words

What I've Learned About LOVE...so far

With Valentine’s Day just a week behind us and my one-year anniversary approaching, I’ve got love on the brain (Rihanna Voice). For me love was always this movie like thing, butterflies in the stomach, take my breath away feeling. 445 more words

My Thoughts

True Life Quotes #26

“Jerks who bash, mock, and make fun of all nice people are the ones who are very sad and depressed, because they are losers. They become too much worriers and are a 100% negative, because they deserve to live a 100% depressed and should be sadistic people a 100%. 11 more words


My Life and Bird Poop

I feel terrible sometimes. No, I feel terrible all the time. I don’t want to admit it though. I want to pretend that everything is okay and smile in front of others because I think others are having a good time. 992 more words


My new approach to love

You know that song “God only knows” by The Beach Boys? Of course you do, it’s one of the most popular love songs in the world. 594 more words


Retreat: All about Living

Retreat: All about Living
Feb 11

I recently took a sabbatical or retreat from this blog. The purpose was to renew and refresh my perspective. This blog is about better living and finding a deeper spirituality, helping to define one’s personal and perhaps religious doctrine. 693 more words


As long as I live I’ll anxiously await those cheesy Halloween haunted houses that pop up in the weeks preceding what’s arguably the weirdest holiday of the year. 1,107 more words

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