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Movie Extra

Movie Extra

Today we are going to be talking about being a Movie Extra, which I have been in 3 films and 2 commercials to date. 1,477 more words


The end of the Road...Preparing for the Empty Nest

For 24 years it is all I’ve known. Parenting. Parenting as a married mother, divorced mother, dating mother, re-married mother…..single, happy mother. You get it, no matter what, I’ve always been their mother. 553 more words

Self Help

Book review: As Glaciers Move

Buy As Glaciers Move 

As Glaciers Move by Joseph Whitson is a lovely book of poetry. Whitson has attempted to outline his whole life with poetry. 266 more words

Book Review

"Design Your Life" with Pernille Spiers-Lopez

BE a Life Designer

Pernille was with IKEA for 21 years. Among several top executive positions, Pernille held the position of CEO & President for IKEA North America and was a member of The Executive Management Team of the IKEA Group for 10 years. 408 more words

Apriori Beauty

How to open up about your mental health.

Mental health is a difficult topic, even if you’re used to talking about it. Sometimes asking someone straight up ‘how’s your head doing?’ can seem a little abrasive, and unloading your own state of mind onto another person is very daunting. 1,039 more words

Blowing the Lid off Insomnia

So many people suffer with insomnia. It can be freeing to get an understanding of it. I had a friend years ago and she would not be able to sleep. 846 more words

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Patience has been described through the ages as the Mother of all virtues. In its self, talking about patience numerous times as a virtue and its importance, may feel overused or underwhelming. 1,110 more words

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