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Mean, Green, and a Bit Obscene: The Sting of Jealousy

I’ve been consumed by jealousy many times in my life. It’s an ongoing struggle. But I don’t quite understand the emotion. What is jealousy? Why is it there? 1,103 more words

American Culture

The Best Kind of Love

Let me share you what I’ve written a couple of months ago. In between the days I’ve written this, I’m pretty sure that I was sober. 441 more words


Stepping out of my comfort zone in Bucharest 

This post is a follow up to my previous post in which I asked you guys to set me tasks to get me out of my comfort zone on my second solo trip. 1,738 more words


Give of Yourself

Divine Message for the Week

You are content most of the time, but this week you need to be reminded that when you feel like you are stuck in a rut, the quickest way to get back on the road is to give to others.   29 more words


Motherhood ruined my weekend getaway.

I spent the last weekend in Seattle! My sister and I flew in (very) early Saturday morning and left Monday afternoon. Since I had dropped my son off with my parents the Friday before – it was the longest period of time I have been without my son. 459 more words


Fuck Waiting For Your Soulmate To Show Up

You might be longing for your soulmate to finally fucking arrive at your door step. You feel this want day in and day out. No matter what you do, the feeling is still there. 294 more words

MONDAY.......MONDAY ...........

Now, get to work, have a great week !

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