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Are You Poisoning Yourself?

Even if we eat healthy, fresh foods and only drink clean, pure water – we can still put toxins into our systems.  Toxins are not only in our food – they are in our words, our actions and our understandings.  81 more words


Depression is Not the End

Depression is a subject of discomfort for many— something that people talk about in hushed up tones. Many live in denial of their condition and some suffer in silence. 242 more words


10 Ways to Spread the Love this Holiday Season

Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of my favorite times of the year because many are more focused on going out of their way to be nice to other people. 1,562 more words


All Humans are Pathological and Instinctual Liars

Tactical advice for actual and aspiring Superiors: Never take what any human says, at face, voice, or literary value. Never. The human is born and bred to lie, to himself and to every other living thing, in every interactive contact. 140 more words


Learning how to cope with depression's symptoms

I’m accepting more and more that I am depressed, potentially biologically so, and that I cannot simply wait for ‘it’ to away on its own. Instead I need to learn about myself whilst in this state and elaborate strategies to cope with it better to nevertheless achieve my long-term goals and values. 454 more words


Thought for Today (11/21/2017)

Choosing to endorse ‘selective history’ or ‘fictitious history’ is as amoral and dangerous as it gets. ~ ME

An example of selective history would be to blame slave owners for slavery when it was Africans who sold other Africans into slavery. 96 more words