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Finally Feeling Normal Again

Today, in a long time, I’ve felt normal.

I have generalized anxiety disorder. Since I started my junior year of college and working part-time, I’ve felt incredible uncontrollable anxiety and depression, which would completely rid happiness, energy, clarity, and well-being from me. 95 more words


Side Effects

Yesterday I started my Antidepressants. I was nervous to say the least. I was supposed to take my first one right away in the morning. I put it off for as long as I could, kept picking up that box and putting it back down on the counter. 742 more words



Looking back over my years of blogging I’m aware that I’ve complained often about various obstacles I’ve had to face. I’ve advertised this blog as my uncensored place to vent so I feel no need to make any excuses, but I do want to clarify an important point.  1,146 more words


It was as if God grabbed the back of my neck and pushed me to feel every possible emotion that I encountered at peak level, then forced me to look at myself in the mirror and reflect on each emotion. 1,574 more words


Day 727 - voices in the head

what are voices in the head ?

where do they come from ?

allow me to share with you some links to information and knowledge about this troublesome phenomena. 63 more words

Support a friend

I have a friend/ source who is enduring a really tough time.  Now the scumbag who has harassed her since she left the abusive relationship she was in back in 2013 has made years of obscene posts, identity theft posts, and now minced and altered court documents and posted on line- one on a site here: martyfrank.wordpress.com- 1,706 more words