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Thank you for checking out Free-Word. There are times in our lives where stress is unavoidable. A person is met face to face with a decision that challenges our morals. 472 more words



You’ll die from other’s misery-emotional states are as infectious as diseases. The unfortunate draw misfortune on themselves and will draw it on you.”

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Motivational Quotes

Truth Moment Monday!

Three Best Ways to Fight the Fires In Our Lives Are By:

Using Only Factual Solutions.

Conjecture won’t do!

Holding Right Intentions High Above the Flames! 22 more words

Thought And Focus

Code 365: The Beginning

“I suck in programming!”

Just another normal day of my life. I told my friend that it took me an hour to solve a solution for the contest problem in the junior division of CCC. 136 more words


Coming Soon: Poetry (Yin/Yang Vol IIII & Psychedelic Romantic Vol III)

(3 of Swords)

In tarot the 3 of Swords represents trauma, pain and suffering. The Jungian achetype of the wounded healer, is all about trauma and self healing. 107 more words

I am who I am.

‘It’s how i was brought up.’

I’ve heard this line many times in my life. When we think about what defines us, we can often blame our behaviour and thoughts on things that have happened to us. 295 more words

Life Coach

My Bucket List

I recently came across this video by Matt D’Avella. I enjoy his videos in general. This one though has really inspired me to look at this concept again. 763 more words