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Reasons why you shouldn't seek social acceptance!

Who doesn’t want to fit in? We all want to belong, but at what cost? How far are you willing to go to fit in with the “crowd?” … 379 more words

Self Help

Depression Distractions: 50 things to help clear your mind.

I have suffered from clinical depression since my late teens. To be honest, it could have started even earlier than that, but I didn’t really begin to understand what was going on inside my mind until I was a little bit older. 1,629 more words


Run With Your Happiness

Happiness is choice. I’ve heard that many times but it took a while for me totally understand how true it is.

Happiness IS most definitely a choice. 293 more words

openness: step one

step one:

i bought some books today. for the first time i bought “self help” books. i have only ever scoffed at such things. but i have committed to openness, yeah? 533 more words

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Self-Help Books for Beginners

Admitting you want to change is often the first step to happiness, asking for help is the second. The problem is the that self-help aisle is filled with books featuring Dr. 772 more words

Book Club

3 Tips to Avoid Crazy and Needy Women

Men, would you like to avoid drama from women? These three tips will show you how.

The Art of Listening

Listen to her when she speaks, instead of focusing on her anatomy and what you would like to do with it. 86 more words


This guy's relationship tips: it all starts from within

If you are the kind of person who craves to be loved and who chronically needs someone else’s approval, you need to fix that before you get into a relationship – and if you’re already in one, then you better get on fixing yourself immediately! 984 more words