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what does self care mean?

Many people say that it is imperative to prioritize yourself: your needs, your desires, your mind, your body, etc. On the flip side, many people will say that it is selfish to do so–who are you to put yourself in a position that deems you more important than those around you? 665 more words


99/365- Grateful for Poem (Haiku) 

A simple shared smile

Something easily given

But not forgotten


Being depressed vs having Depression

In this post I aim to talk about the difference between being depressed and actually having depression or a depressive disorder. Why it is so commonly misunderstood and why it is often so tragically not taken seriously. 275 more words

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Gratitude of the fallen

There is something about the kindness,
Of strangers, of friends, and stranger friends,
That puts your vileness to shame, and you.

Making you want to be a better person, 37 more words


Daily Post


Last night completed Day 3 of the life-altering Landmark Forum (only three hours remaining!)  It’s been amazing to be amidst worn but hopeful souls courageously working through unresolved issues from our past (childhood traumas, unresolved relationship issues and work/business challenges to name only a few). 333 more words

Body Confidence •

My body confidence is pretty much as low as it can be right now.

I can’t bare looking in mirrors any lower than my face, every time I meet someone the first thing that pops in my head is that they are looking how fat I am. 231 more words


Types of Psychotherapy for Bipolar Disorder

Psychotherapy, when added to medications, has been shown to be very beneficial for people with bipolar disorder, or many other types of disorders, too. Medications alone do not always completely address all of the illness-related issues such as anxiety, persistent sub-threshold depression, illness adjustment, adherence to medications, and social and occupational functioning. 490 more words

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