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Quote of the day #30

“We are living in an illusion, break out of it, and you will see the magic arise in you”

~John Loa~

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Law Of Attraction

What's up

I think about death a lot. Which brings me to think about life. Thinking about our nature. That we are a vessel that is beating with organs; a heart. 124 more words

Self Help

The quest for more 

It was my friend “Pinterest” that peeked my curiosity and was guiding me without being aware of it at the time. I had reached a point where I was questioning everything these days. 750 more words


and yet we still breathe...

That feeling when the air seems thick and chokes us – and yet we still breathe.

That memory that catches us unaware and stings us – and yet we still remember. 67 more words

Surviving Domestic Abuse

Is Netflix Worse Than Heroin?

Why is Netflix binging so widely accepted in our culture?  “Cool” people like lesbians who own pugs think it is completely acceptable to waste hundreds of hours of precious life watching someone else’s acting career.   554 more words

When You're Bound to What's Holding You Back

Did you know that you’re not meant to be held captive? You’re meant to be free. Free to explore your passions, to serve others, and to live a full and happy life. 759 more words

Mental Health

Small steps. [16]

When you are feeling as low as me right now (and trust me i am feeling low, the lowest I’ve  ever felt in my entire life), you find a lot of people just tell you the usual splurge “ 352 more words