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A Fairytale...

…A young man made his way through a densely wooded forest. His path was lit by the occasional sunbeams which struggled to find a way through the leafy branches. 931 more words



Ignoring the signs is a good way to end up at the wrong destination.

As an avid Paulo Coelho reader i strongly believe in signs. the small hints that life throws upon us to give certain directions to our course of life.

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Self Help

A small sample of his arrogance...

I was going through old saved messages this morning to free up some memory on my phone and found a few from Jim that at the time hurt and sent my head spinning out of control, now I laugh at what a pathological narcissistic creep he truly is. 16 more words


Love More Most

Love, Beauty, and Bounty Abounding

we are Blessed with again today

by Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit.


The Power Of Doing Nothing

You live in a society where being productive is highly valued. You have been taught that people who are lazy will never be able to make something out of their lives. 402 more words

Self Development

Believe In The Power Of Young People

Many assume that with age comes wisdom and knowledge. Well that might be true in those times where information were not easily accessible, you can’t really make such arguments at this day and age. 113 more words


It's a Confidence Thing

As I’d mentioned in my welcome post, I’ve worked on and deleted many blogs before. I never did it out of lack of ideas, or eventually becoming bored with the idea of writing a piece every so often, I did it out of lack of confidence because admitting to a love of something opens you up to judgement on it. 278 more words

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