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Lost In The Ether

OK, this is a quick one, because I know you’re busy. And it’s sort of an admin post, just like when you go to a training event and they tell you at the beginning where the fire exits are, and ask how long a lunch break you’d like, at which point everyone opts for a short lunch so that they can go home early. 321 more words


Remember When People Didn't Grow Plants on Their Heads?

I cannot believe that this blog is five years old. I’ll never know what moved me that day to write a few hundred words about the early… 264 more words

Mark Kaplowitz

My Brilliant Idea & Blog Update

I had this brilliant idea last night!

I attempted vlogging today.

It didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped.
1. I felt very awkward walking around holding a camera up and filming myself. 169 more words


Fraulein Wanderlust goes pro: come visit me!

Hi there. Long time no see. Have you missed me? I hope so, because I missed you, my dear readers. The blog has been very quiet for the past few month, as I am usually traveling a lot from May to July. 344 more words


BIG NEWS: Travel Far, Eat Well is Moving!

If you saw my last post highlighting some of my adventures from the past year and what’s coming up next year, then this should be no surprise to you. 295 more words


Example Of Combining .Com and Self-Hosted Wordpress Sites

Hey there everybody, I just wanted to do a follow-up post to my A Blending Of Self-Hosted and .Com For WordPress post.

I have been working on a new Recipe Blog for the last couple of days and it’s coming along well. 214 more words