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A Blending Of Self-Hosted and .Com For Wordpress

OK, I just had a really good idea, not sure if it’s a new idea or not but I haven’t heard or read about it anywhere. 324 more words


Exciting Times

I’m currently in the process of moving too a shiny new self hosted site. If you’re an email subscriber here you should be migrated otherwise i’ll be putting out links and such on Twitter and updating here when the process is complete. 13 more words

I'm Moving

***tap tap tap*** Is this thing on?

Hello hello beautiful people. As you can see by the title I’m moving but not streets. Too Much Mouth… 272 more words


Showing Love to the Self-Hosted!

Two blogs that I follow are self-hosted on WordPress and do not have the benefit of reblogging and LIKEs as those that use the WP platform.  106 more words


(July 2015) 10 Happy Things - Monthly Edition

Hi WordPress people! This is my 10 Happy Things (Monthly Edition). This will be one of my regular blog topic every month. Enjoy Reading it! If you want, you can make one too for positive motivation.. 644 more words

Infinite Thoughts

Blogging and Why I moved to "Cat in the Cactus"

Dear Friends & Followers,

I’ve learnt a lot about blogging that I wish I’d known before I started. But we all have to start somewhere.  Life is a journey about learning, growing, failing, persisting and maybe even hitting the jackpot … hopefully! 532 more words


I've Moved

As some of you know, I recently upgraded to a self hosted site and I wasn’t sure if my post were being routed properly, so I did a test post of my “following” issue last night, trying to figure out who it reached and who it didn’t.   182 more words