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Down to Earth Dave's Post of the Day--September 24

Salutations, Gentle Reader,


Gentle reader, thank you for allowing me to continue this Tuesday Muse Day series about self identification and thoughts on how we all interact with one another. 383 more words

Tracking w/ Tracker Viz

Tracker Viz is the MAN!  So Sticky.. It is a little closer to perfect.

But now there is a problem with the motion blur.
It looks great with the blur but the TrackerViz rotation #s jump from +179 to -181 degrees (when i set rotation, thats what TrackerViz gives me). 20 more words

Self ID

New ID Environment

I decided that creating a wall for me to run around wasnt the best idea because I want the environment to have a vast feeling of space (much like the live action shot) I will be creating a simple space that will be warped over time and sync with music.. 36 more words

Self ID

ID_Super Rigid Run Animatic

This is an animatic test for the RUN scene, temporarily using snapshot of the 3D scene (still in creation) that I am building for the ID transition.. 37 more words

Self ID

ID Animatic w/ music TESTS

So yea.. this is a partial render of a super-fast edit with a couple examples of music.. i will have a better idea of what’s going on in the next couple of days. 7 more words

Tracker TEST

I know the tracking is kinda off, but the “WORK” Button is good, all others are based off of that one, and need their own track. 35 more words

Test Self ID

This scene will bounce between reality and the creative process in the mind. Here is a super fast test (without graphics) i put together the moment i got back today. 7 more words