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MP on self-ID

My MP is not interested in trans issues. I feel disrespected. He takes two weeks to even pass on my concerns. Then I asked to see him, he took eighteen days to respond, ignoring that request. 671 more words


Media coverage of #XXit: Sky

Sky News:


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300 women ‘to quit’ Labour to protest all-women shortlist update

19:45, UK, Tuesday 01 May 2018

By Aubrey Allegretti, Political Reporter…

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Media coverage of #XXit: BBC



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Labour: Row over inclusion of trans women in all-women shortlists

01 May 2018

Campaigners claim 300 Labour members have quit the party over the inclusion of transgender women on all-women shortlists.

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Labour Party mass resignation of women was planned for 1st May, 2018. May Day is an historically significant day for the Labour Movement, reflecting the importance of our rights and our defence of them… 510 more words


A Woman's Place

Woman’s Place UK is a transphobic organisation, hosting public meetings where transphobic speakers are cheered on by transphobes. It is also highly confused, misunderstanding or wilfully misrepresenting the current law and the proposed changes. 706 more words


What "self-ID" means for women

I am a trans woman. And I have great sympathy with anyone who finds gender roles and stereotypes in our culture restrictive, however they react. 858 more words


Self-ID, human rights and definitions


This is my response to a couple of discussions I have been having elsewhere about the impact of gender self-identification in the UK. These debates were provoked by Janice Turner’s article on transgender politics (full text in the first link below), and a particular (real) situation happening regarding use of the communal areas of gym changing rooms. 1,758 more words

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