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Who am I?

Most of us face an identity crisis. Often it comes at the time of some other crisis. Some life change happens and we begin to wonder who we are. 323 more words

Day Three

Welcome to Day Three! Today, Denise talked about nourishing the soul. Not in a religious way, but more about finding art and beauty and joy in life through fun activities and events. 1,267 more words

Confessions from an Oddity Part 1

When I was young… I used to cut my hair. More specifically I used to cut the knots in my hair. My hair… Has never been pretty if you could say. 415 more words


Fitness Time...

So I’ve done a few fitness diarys on here and guess what…here’s another.

I suppose when I look at myself all I see is a over weight not as young looking as I feel sack of shit. 106 more words

Scars, Skin, Mashed Strawberries

I am in my very early twenties, but ever since my pre-teen years I understood the importance of skincare because of my mother. I can very easily hear her stressing the importance of sunblock – “ 924 more words