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I deal with ideals - breasts

I’ve gained 3 kg since the summer. I am constantly eating healthy but sometimes I eat too much. I workout everyday, I have a lot of muscles. 476 more words

Reflection: After the Class. A Tender, Fragile Moment

Class: April 3, 10:45am, Subud House, 3185 NE Regents Drive, Drop-ins welcome.

* * *

The moment at the end of your Feldenkrais class is the most tender moment, ever. 848 more words

Awareness Through Movement

People need to stop yapping.

I’m just saying my opinion on this. That’s all it is. My opinion. I’m not asking you to agree / disagree. I’m just spitting out all my irritation because this is how I see things. 977 more words


Halos and HomeRuns

Just four months ago, I spent all morning in my Dallas audiologist’s tiny office. She examined my ears; spoke to me of what I was experiencing and then put me through a series of tests in a soundproof room. 2,389 more words

Hearing Loss

Post #8 - Throwaway, Part 1

I saw an article today that jostled some memories from childhood, and I wanted to explore that a little bit, so thank you in advance for indulging me. 891 more words


Playing Pretend

Scripture for Today: Proverbs 13:7 “One person pretends to be rich, yet has nothing; another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth.”

Playing pretend with my grandson the other day was sweet.  271 more words

Grace And Forgiveness

Stranger date-ger. Shedding the light on why nobody returns my emails.

I’m more of a thinker than I am a doer. I get ideas for things that’d be neat, but so rarely pluck those notions from the aether and drop them into daily life. 739 more words

Stream Of Consciousness