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I See Me

I have this love/hate relationship with the image of myself. I have always had a strong link between what I see and how I feel. And vice versus. 901 more words

Speaking Greatness

Look at this pouch. What is my stomach doing? I wasn’t skinny before but now, I’ve got a weird stomach pouch thing. You still find me attractive? 593 more words


Chapter twenty six- Maybe You’re the Asshole- 27th May 2018 8.56am

If you find out someone does not like you, find out the reason WHY!

Do not put a defence up.

It will give that person and others negative opinion about you grow stronger. 32 more words


5 Reasons Why I Should Legally Be Free to Be Naked... EVERYWHERE!! :)

*A quick note from the author* Everything I write is my opinion. That’s it! My opinion is one of thousands and if anyone doesn’t agree with what I write…..then feel free to not ever read my stuff. 1,542 more words

Dark Triads of The Soul (1): Guilt

A Husband here

I feel bad about writing this post. First of all, I’m hogging the unique computer, and Mrs W has nothing to do. Secondly, I get the feeling (and yes, I suppose this is about me, not her) that she’s getting more than a little dissatisfied with our life together at the moment. 1,809 more words


Lifegiving Surgery from the Book of James part 9

See part 1 for the introduction to this series.

We have looked at Remedy 1 Have a right view of God,
and Remedy 2 Constantly remember the Gospel…

1,125 more words
Thinking Thursday

You get used to it

Living in Rotterdam offers some strange sites. I once watched a guy walk down the sidewalk in his bathroom robe (a plaid affair) and slippers. In the unexpected summer heat and humidity we’re currently having, you’d probably be surprised to see so many people kitted out in full downy jackets with their hoods up. 984 more words