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Strike A Pose Author Signing Affair!

Join LaTanya Orr as she celebrates the long-awaited launch of her first book — Strike A Pose: 7 Red Carpet Strategies Every Entrepreneurial Woman MUST HAVE to Position Her Brand with Style and on Purpose. 144 more words

Personal Branding



Guilt has a way of sneaking in, mostly at 3:30 am when the heat kicks on and sweat forms around the neck making the thick polyester filled comforter too much to bear. 111 more words


Authenticity and Ownership

A bald woman is a strange and mysterious being. 497 more words


On Being Shy and Self-Conscious - from 18June2014

Beginning when I was quite young I was shy, painfully shy. With big blue eyes and white hair to my waist, I was the sort of child that people often stared at – I remember hiding behind my mother’s legs while standing in line at grocery check-out lines so people wouldn’t stare at me. 173 more words


Reverse Psychology

There are certain kinds of people for whom “being right” is the epitome, the pinnacle and the raison d’être. They will, forsaking all other things, bend over backwards in order to prove you wrong. 413 more words

Self Discovery

Mama, Papa - A short story

Mama, why is my hair so wild and hard to tame?
Baby, when you get older, you’ll learn to appreciate the beauty and history of your hair and its diversity. 1,014 more words