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feeling the hurt of downsizing

On Friday the big boss (who will soon be my new boss), met with me and we discussed the future…my future. Here’s how it looks: 274 more words


Our Own Worst Enemy

Have you ever noticed how disrespectful we can be of ourselves? I know I get mad at myself for the smallest mistakes and call myself stupid or an idiot and get really mad at me. 524 more words

Can't feel better about myself

It just seems impossible. The ONLY thing that helps is going through old emails from her. They build me up…but then I always wonder if she still feels that way or how much was said just to make me feel better. 110 more words

So f'ing sad

I’m just incredibly fucking sad right now. I miss her terribly. It hurts!!!

I wish I could sit with her for hours and talk…I know I would feel better, she could always make me feel better, make me feel like I was more than anyone else. 77 more words

Damn I'm ugly

Why the fuck do I care so much about what I look like? I keep trying to tell myself that I look at least a little above average…but I don’t. 166 more words

It really doesn't have power over me anymore...

I’ve written about my weight struggles in the past and loosing it before, so I guess this is just another installment to that list.

So this year I gained more weight than I usually do.This year was tough because it posed a whole other biological obstacle. 537 more words

Hiding behind fabric

That’s me. WHAT and WHO I am is determined by the clothes I wear. Today – cowboy boots, Wrangler jeans, a light grey (or is it gray?) button down shirt. 222 more words