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On this blog, I use three words to describe myself: Dreamer, Author, and Gatekeeper. Now while the first two are pretty self explanatory, I want to expound a little bit on the third one. 244 more words

Trying to Change

It’s such a weird thing that we change something about ourselves physically when we want to feel different. Nothing has changed about me except I have blonde highlights and shoulder-length hair. 196 more words

Therapy: Session #43

Today was a preparation for things that are going to come. For now, that is a few week’s therapy break. And afterwards: The trauma. Confrontation. Imagination exercises. 649 more words

Status Quo

A testimony

Obedience.  I keep hearing this word.  And hearing it lately is almost always accompanied by the reminder of an uncompleted to-do.  I’m not avoiding it.  It’s more like I don’t really know how to do it.   1,836 more words

My Daughter Took a Photo....

My daughter took a photo of me.

There has been a long fought battle between myself and my confidence. I have been a woman every day of my life, and I am aware of the way I look, the way I present myself, and the way I feel about it. 348 more words

Road Map

Real Wrinkles

First, of course, there are the real ones.  Wrinkles on my face, wrinkles on my elbows, wrinkly skin on the backs of my hands, and wrinkles in numerous other bodily areas that I am too polite and lady-like to discuss in detail.  890 more words


My life before death

On this web site I will share my journey to death and resurrection. During my first life I was an athlete. I went to the little league world series at twelve and was the star on our team. 258 more words