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Vanity, thy name is Shell. This is not a bad thing.

I have noticed something recently. Because I got pneumonia and wound up in hospital for five glorious days of drugs on tap, awesome nurses and people bringing me lovely food that I didn’t have to make or clean up after, I lost my self confidence a bit. 1,844 more words

From The Outside

What Do I Think I Look Like

I am a rather practical person. If I look in the mirror I assume that the same thing I see is the same thing that everyone else sees. 681 more words

Simple Living

The Battle Within

I was not always the woman I am today. Most of my childhood to early adulthood I struggled with self-hatred heavily. It affected every decision I made. 168 more words


everyday a lesson

I hope you’ve all been doing good!! :)

I’ve kinda been really down and sad lately, my anxiety has been so high and everyday i’ve had real bad panic attacks so i’ve tried my best to make myself smile and cheer myself up – i’m learning to be there not just for everyone else but also now for myself. 767 more words


Nothing Is For Nothing

“The me that I see now. The me who holds onto herself with both hands and all feet. The me who must have love and give it. 59 more words


The Eye of The Beholder

I came across something this week perhaps you have seen before. Dove has something called Choose Beautiful which really focusses on the average everyday woman. I have to admit most of the videos which I have viewed brought me to tears. 370 more words

Fit Shaming 

I bet most of you have heard of fat shaming, meaning making fun of a person who is overweight. Has anyone else noticed a new phenomenon of fit shaming happening? 339 more words

Body Building