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Everyone has faith- in someone or something.

We have faith in our parents. When we are young we trust them and believe they are the wisest people around and can work miracles. 512 more words

The Second Letter - To My Early 20s

Two months ago I wrote a letter to myself in November. It was part of my counsellor suggesting that I should think about what I would say to myself in three parts of my life.

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Mental Health

The Law of Reflection - Mirrors

Many people have trouble accepting aspects of their behaviour and what they are capable of. They can see things in others but not in themselves. Luckily the Law of Reflection is at hand. 197 more words

Self Discovery

On Body Image.

I, like many other people, often struggle with keeping a positive body image. I am constantly trying to remind myself that my body by no means equals my self-worth, but it is always nagging on me the way others perceive me. 851 more words

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Are We Too Politically Correct When Talking About Plus Size?

When I hear the words fat and overweight I naturally think of myself, my own daily struggle to shed those kilos. I think about those days when I was feeling so down and out I would go the fridge and eat everything in sight only to later deny what I just did to myself and to my loved ones (we’ve all been there). 592 more words



Content Warning: mentions of body dysmorphia, binge eating, and some name calling. Oh, and a fat girl in shorts.

I like the sound my feet make when I run.

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I'm Just A Girl From Kentucky

Recently, I celebrated another birthday, and that celebration brought forth greetings and wishes from friends, family members, and acquaintances.  Some of the greetings touched my heart. 

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