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Learning to Love My Body - Even on the Days I Don't

It’s not always easy to love your body. Sometimes I find myself staring at the mirror – completely unhappy with the image I see staring back at me. 563 more words


Self Image Triad of an Idealist (And why Elsa in Frozen was so insecure)

As I stated in an early post, I’m going to be looking at the self-image triad of each temperament type.

Today we will begin with the Idealist. 769 more words



I don’t know which is a bigger knock to my pride:
The beaches in Bali covered in gorgeous South American beauties with bodies toned from yoga and surfing, and tanned from the sun. 527 more words

Spiritual Growth

No one is more right about yourself than you

If you think your thighs are great, it doesn’t matter if someone else thinks you look unproportioned.  Every time you look in the mirror, you’ll get to feel good about yourself. 279 more words

Self Help

Treat her like a lady (you got to, got to treat her like)

The Corneilus Brothers and Sister Rose released a song in 1971 that served as a how-to about how a man can entice women to surround him for his own sexual satisfaction. 533 more words

The First Cut

by Frank 

This is a story of how naïve I once was; how two decent human beings (at the very least) became toxic to each other. 2,851 more words


Things You Don't Want To See...

There are many things in life that people simply do not want to see. This can be because to see them has many implications. At the risk of being boring; conventional wisdom might suggest that to get a good degree from a top university, to do a Ph.D. 216 more words

Self Discovery