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What It Means to Be Body Positive

I feel pretty some days. Not every day. Not all the time. But on occasion I feel fairly confident with my own image.

On the days I don’t feel pretty, I embrace being average. 395 more words


Limbo. Where the Magic happens.

Last week I wrote about losing my Zen and the support and understanding was insane. I thought about it a lot before writing it and of course after. 863 more words


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Flying Through Water!

Sometimes, I don't want to be Mom.

How does it go? “The children are all snuggled down in their bed…” Yeah. Well, now they are. But before that was screaming, yelling, kicking, and, yes, moments of sweetness. 465 more words

Family Life

A Rich Full Life

Early one morning last week, I was enjoying a few minutes of tale telling with one of the women who works for me.   We are very much alike and easily share laughter and truth about life. 542 more words

Of Lesser Things

In which a little girl thinks it's her that's wrong

I can remember trying to reinvent myself as far back as primary school. It has only recently struck me how shocking that is. That the idea I was not quite good enough had been planted in such a young girl’s head. 694 more words



*Okay, before you say anything, I understand that this picture is another one of a person walking along a path in the woods. I just thought the image of this big, older-than-three-of-her-lifetimes tree, which looked like it should be dead, but is, in fact, alive is arching over her. 861 more words


Just Do You...

I have something on my mind and I need to get it out there.

I am a big girl. Not as big as some, not as small as others. 630 more words