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Hey, Stop comparing yourself to her.

I know with this title, there are a lot of you who have clicked on this thinking that it could be something about relationships, body image, popularity, and all sorts of other things. 743 more words

Your Third Word

This post is based on a Bible study, which I unfortunately forgot to note so I could credit them. Apologies.

I Am _____

God introduced Himself to Moses with just two words: “I AM.” Typically that phrase needs a third word to complete the sentence. 254 more words

Thinking Thursday

Fat isn't the Worst Thing

“I don’t understand why he chose her over me-She’s FAT” Spoken with such disdain.

Out shopping with friends “Oh my god I’m so fat… 706 more words

Life Topics

Asking God to Help You Love Yourself

Do you have days when you have no self-confidence? Are there times when you wonder how anyone even likes you? Do you have times in your life when you look in the mirror and don’t like the person staring back at you? 300 more words

Being Real With People

Good Luck Candice 

Presumably, we’ve all seen the movie Good Luck Chuck. Hilarious Old School Dane Cook, stereotypical early 2000’s Rom-Com. You know, the cheesy-good-stuff. It’s about a man who comes to find out that every girl he’d been with ends up with the love of their life after him. 786 more words


You Will Never Be Good Enough.

You will never be good enough in this world.

You can have a size 0 waist but still have some fat in your lower abdomen. 49 more words


Better Man?

It’s not uncommon for people to assess me as a deep thinker. Truthfully, it’s something I always saw as a compliment. But lately, those deep thoughts have delved into some truly dark places of my psyche and they are kind of horrifying, if I am honest.  2,058 more words