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Isolated Hearts

Have you ever had a friend that always seemed to be a closed book (figuratively) in your presence? It’s like there’s always a barrier that you can never break through, as if they’re putting on an act all the time that they spend with you. 223 more words

11 July 2005

Lots of things going on in my head. For the record re the world outside, it’s really cold. Winter moved in about a week ago and is kicking ass. 90 more words


Age is but a number
A defining moment in time
We elect to determine our course in life
Whether to let it slow us by minute degrees… 1,217 more words

Buzzfeed: This Unretouched Swimsuit Campaign Is Off The Chain

I love that stuff like this is happening in the fashion industry. I strongly believe women and men of all shapes should be represented. 115 more words

Weight Loss

IS THIS THING ON? Next week on Sisterwives

*taps mic and finds it utterly dead*

*blows into it, says “Testing, 1, 2, 3…” and hopes that mic magically works*

*catches foot in wire, nearly falls down, and realises mic was never plugged in* 100 more words


5 Keys to the Right Mindset for Growth and Success

Carol Dweck in her book, Mindset, described mindset as either a fixed one or growth-oriented. At any given point, each one of us can have either type of mindset. 551 more words


Silver Linings - Day 29.

“Feeling smart”

Following some motivation from a friend this morning to wear something enjoyable for Friday, I decided to dress sharp to feel smart. It worked, giving me the energy of a positive self image to take through the day. 178 more words