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A prolonged silence from me generally means one thing – that I have been hitting the self destruct button and hitting it hard.

One by one every member of my little family fell ill with fevers, sore throats, runny noses, aching limbs. 243 more words

Back to work

After I had last week off, I have completely arrived back at work by now. The very few posts bear witness to the fact that I was out and about and enjoyed myself a lot – it was a very nice week. 285 more words

Status Quo

Christ-like: Our Calling

One of clearest callings I see in scripture to humanity is the call to be Christ-like. Although, Christlikeness goes way beyond a calling, this is God’s whole mission – to see humanity restored into the fullness of the image of God. 477 more words

Cranial Inflation

I don’t know about the economy but we are beset, inundated and overwhelmed by this cranial inflation. It will eventually become very painful, what with all those heads stuck firmly up arses. 225 more words

Self Discovery

Fasting to Lose Weight,

not my picture…


Back in high school, in order to lose weight, I’d stopped eating and drinking altogether; as I watched all of my classmates in their uniform skirts, showing off their slender legs, I’d felt so inferior, and could only work hard, to cover myself up wearing my gym uniforms. 559 more words

Experiences Of Life

Cocky or Confidence?

Cockiness is when you look at yourself and majority of the people you know do not like you. Confidence is a balance between the two. It is where people the amount of people who do like you and do not like you are close in comparison.  163 more words

It's Complicated

Two weeks ago I went to Decision Day at UC Davis at their LGBT Center on campus they have Crafternoons every Friday afternoon which happened to be what day Decision Day fell on.   455 more words

Background Information