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Endless comedy

This is a terrible trait to have, especially in Los Angeles, but I find people who take themselves seriously & think of themselves as very important as inconceivably funny. 297 more words

Sharing Time


To be loved,

to be admired,

to be revered

Not for my person,

my merits, my achievements,

but my existence

Is that not enough? 37 more words



Cried ahoy
As you saw me
Floating near
Your ocean of gaze
Rallied the crew
Raised your swords
You threatened
To board
The curves of my ship… 34 more words


Inspirational Note – 05/25/17

Those who are puffed up will eventually puff out.
– TaVon Morrison

another TM original™


"You don't know the first thing about tomorrow." ~James

My dad had a saying that summed this up pretty good. “Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise”.

That is what God wants and there is a lot out of my control. 256 more words

God Thoughts

That flower

What is more painful than a broken heart, what is worse than a fallen expectation. What is farther than the longest trail of hopes, what is higher than mountains of grief. 447 more words


What determines your happiness...

Is it person, place, or thing. Is it everything? Is it just a choice you make to BE HAPPY!

It’s everything to me. My happiness is the sun shining though a storm. 108 more words