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The Importance of Poor Performance

I wrote this in 2014 and the core message is still good so I gave it a refresh..

Before most workshops I worry that I may not perform well as a teacher. 793 more words


I am Better

I have blue eyes. That makes me better than anyone without blue eyes.  

I have blonde hair. That makes me better than anyone without blonde hair. 343 more words

Stuff From My Head

The Status Trip

A lot of people are on this status trip. And this notion of status can be “measured” by a whole bunch of indicators. Nowadays there are a lot of “millionaires”, all you have to do is own a house in London. 246 more words

Mind Body And Spirit


The greatest trick the devil has achieved, is not in convincing people he doesn’t exist, but convincing them that he is RELEVANT.

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The Little Speck

I have always found happiness in contemplating one simple fact:  That I am not the center of universe.  The fact is that there are billions just like me, all creating a mess all over the planet.  624 more words

A Plea to End The Era of Self-Importance

how can you speak to me of acceptance /
while denying the flesh
between your legs /
as if you have it mastered /
this acceptance thing / 139 more words