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Through out our life we have came across many types of people or may be i should refer it as many types of friends. Well most of would argue that how could all be our friends ? 345 more words


I guess, it was approximately the end of this year when i finally realised that the life I’m currently living in, I really didn’t want to live it any more! 278 more words


She will learn to love herself…

As the dawn of 2018 is approaching,

All she wants is to start prioritizing self…

With a realization to keep the self before others,

She really needs to be kinder to self… 109 more words


“Self importance is our greatest enemy. Think about it—what weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellowmen. Our self importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone.” —Carlos Castaneda

Pause And Refresh

Welcome to my world

Welcome to that personal space of mine where until today no one actually knew what i would be thinking and observing, empathising and anticipating! … 422 more words

Ulterior motives II

A noble crusade can keep you from your real needs and tasks — indefinitely. 266 more words


The Arrogance of the Eternal Beginner: Reacting to the Obvious with Shock

(video from Monkeysteals Peach Youtube channel)

You probably recognize this video. Back in May of this year, an incident took place that reignited the debate between realism & traditionalism in the martial arts. 1,407 more words