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Quenching the World's Thirst

If we could drop the self-importance
an entirely different sort of universe
would spring forth from the depths of consciousness.
Without becoming so fixated
on all of our likes and dislikes… 74 more words


Hamartia, Martyrdom, and the Plight of the Self-Important Teacher

While lying on the couch yesterday, succumbed to what I learned later in the day to be pneumonia, I found myself immersed in the television, achy from head to toe, my chest wheezing with every breath.   1,088 more words

Opinions And Policy

pop goes the ego.

Was I arrogant? Still?! C’mon, I thought you were past that; I thought, I thought…
I thought wrong; I, for one, am still plagued by inflation of ego, still guilty of self-aggrandizement. 137 more words


What Do You Really Know?

We live in times when many think they know a whole lot more than they actually do. The font of profound knowledge is only a Google search away. 667 more words


all lives matter

All of my happy things can be boiled down to this:

  1. I am alive and I am important.

Strange, I know. Being important? Why mention that? 409 more words


When you find out you’re more important that you realise…

The first in a series of musings from Indonesia… My journey here had taken me from Belfast via Cairo, Doha, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Denpensar (Bali), Kupang, Ende, Labuan Bajo.  604 more words


The Me-Shaped Space in the Universe

I find poetry the hardest of all types of writing, and I envy and respect poets highly. I am usually not a poet, because I find it so difficult to do, but I believe this topic is best spoken about through a poem. 478 more words