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Blogs are annoying AND…

Blogging is essentially keeping a public journal to showcase your (probably uninteresting) life SO…

Bloggers are kind of self-important jerks BUT… 238 more words

Blah Blah Blogging

Report: Staff fleeing Clinton Foundation as Chelsea takes over

By Thomas Lifson for AMERICAN THINKER

File this one under “not surprising.” Chelsea Clinton, having grown up entitled, arrogant, and accomplishment-less, is screwing up the first executive job handed her on a silver platter. 499 more words

Advice for new councillors

With the area’s new councillors now all settling in their new roles, this week I offer some advice . . . .

(1). The most important thing to remember is that you’re not important, so don’t start thinking you are. 828 more words

Adventures in Walmart's parking lot, or, what's wrong with you people?

I live out in the sticks, and I’m very happy that I do, it’s lovely and quiet, I get all kinds of animal visitors, in the morning I wake up to the sound of birds singing, and at night I fall asleep to the sound of the creek that runs through my yard. 1,044 more words

Eco Friendly

"Only when you are nothing do you become everything" --Don Juan

“Warriors prepare themselves to be aware, and full awareness comes to them only when there is no more self-importance left in them. Only when they are nothing do they become everything.” 277 more words

Don Juan

An Example of Therapeutic Writing – By Rock Kitaro

It’s 3:30 on a Sunday Morning. I could’ve gone and worked out…but every time I step foot on the treadmill in such an abysmal state, I go about ten minutes before the sadness and despair dims the light on my imagination so that I can no longer endure the pain in my body. 1,631 more words

Rock Kitaro


As typecast ed the title of this article is , the more different the content is ! 
Now, I , me and myself is a theory i understood when a very close friend of mine shared ‘her ‘ perception . 511 more words