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Since becoming conversant in The Trivium Method, I’m more able to speak my mind with confidence when I disagree with someone; the reason being, I know I have the intellectual tools to argue a point and/or arrive at the Truth of a matter; learning the Trivium Method levels the playing field tremendously. 355 more words


It’s All About Me—NOT!

I love the Apostle Peter. He’s like most of us and knows what it’s like to be self-centered and a bit egotistical. Scripture passages that share his early antics comfort my heart. 422 more words

Rejection – Time Waits for No One

I’d never move a muscle in defense of you
I’d never do a single thing
My door will never open – for you are ignorant, 56 more words


Chicoine wants VIP treatment

Gary Chicoine wants to be as important as he feels, even if he is for all practical purposes an insignificant obese man with outrageous claims aimed precisely to get attention. 200 more words

Chicoine's essential insignificance

Gary Chicoine likes to bitch and moan about other people’s self-importance. That’s his basic lie. That everybody’s problem is self-importance. Not his.

When it comes to the touchy subject of his self-importance, his arrogance, his megalomania… privately he feels it is… 284 more words

How To Be Happy

To be ultimately happy, you must truly love yourself. You must love who you are regardless of any other aspect. You must put your successes or how attractive you are deemed to the side. 320 more words


Troll rage: Chicoine must be mad

70 visits (and counting), 3 (three) visitors. At least two trolls. 

They tap entries and pages to send the message.

Did I hurt Chicoine’s feelings? Yoniavatar must be mad. 54 more words