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Clarity of Thinking

It is my experience that people can get upset even offended by clarity of thinking. This little cartoon is very clear; there is a clear and explicit message, spoken, and an implicit one, … 575 more words


Richard Corriere’s Mindful Manager Update 72: Important

Richard Corriere’s Mindful Manager Update 72: Important

Lose contact with the ARROW OF TIME and you feel IMPORTANT.


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Richard Corriere

Self-Importance and The Illusion of Being Busy

I just don’t have the time. I’m too busy. I have a lot going on.

When did it become a badge of honor to stuff every minute of the day so jam-packed with “things” to keep ourselves busy? 678 more words

Busy Lives

Braggadocio and Some Comments Pertaining

The first thing to say is that 2016 is both a 16 year and a 18 / 9 year. This means that Liberation Through the Power of Intent will bring completion (9) in one way or another. 271 more words



Arrayed in long, showy robes,
(first century Armani,
bespoke, suits cut to impress);
commanding attention.
We know that they are important,
social and religious heavyweights; 39 more words


The saddest man

The saddest man I ever met
Wasn’t that lonely beggar
Who hunts for food in garbage bins
And performs incoherent monologues
Because there’s nobody to listen… 93 more words


The Teachings of Don Juan

Carlos Castaneda
“The Teachings of Don Juan”

In the summer of 1960, while I was an anthropology student at the University of California, Los Angeles, I made several trips to the Southwest to collect information on the medicinal plants used by the Indians of the area. 306 more words