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"You don't know the first thing about tomorrow." ~James

My dad had a saying that summed this up pretty good. “Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise”.

That is what God wants and there is a lot out of my control. 256 more words

God Thoughts

Chicoine's self-destructive behavior

Slow day today… only the imbecile from Britain and one of Folino’s friends or whatever tap this blog repeteadly in their low intensity harassment. The old demented woman likes to pretend she is “fine” with being prosecuted as an accomplice of Chicoine. 542 more words

That flower

What is more painful than a broken heart, what is worse than a fallen expectation. What is farther than the longest trail of hopes, what is higher than mountains of grief. 447 more words


What determines your happiness...

Is it person, place, or thing. Is it everything? Is it just a choice you make to BE HAPPY!

It’s everything to me. My happiness is the sun shining though a storm. 108 more words

It pays to know your place in God's scheme of things

God loves us so much he sets boundaries for each of us to operate in since he knows what we can or cannot handle. If we stay in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, we will have a pretty good idea of how to stay within our boundaries so as not to place ourselves and others in difficult situations unnecessarily. 580 more words


Narcissism Neuroticism

Regardless of nature’s splendour,

it is all about us

Us in the setting,

our lives, 21 more words


Inspiration - Warrior's Act of Power

“All power is hidden behind the veil of innocence and illusion. Succumb to illusion and you will become ill with self-importance. Accept innocence and step into the Child Spirit Shield, into the center of your own essence. 72 more words