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i tip-toe down to the shore
stand by the ocean
make it roar at me
and i roar back

Björk Guðmundsdóttir

If you think about it, in one way or another, self-importance lies close to the root of much of the malaise in the world. 157 more words


Narcissism Neuroticism

Regardless of nature’s splendour,

it is all about us

Us in the setting,

our lives, 21 more words


Inspiration - Warrior's Act of Power

“All power is hidden behind the veil of innocence and illusion. Succumb to illusion and you will become ill with self-importance. Accept innocence and step into the Child Spirit Shield, into the center of your own essence. 72 more words


Offence and Outrage

Thanks to modern media we now have even more ways of expressing our offence and outrage. There are now even more things to be offended and outraged by. 174 more words


Love 201

Dear esteemed readers,
Kindly accept my warmest greetings. I hope you all are faring well.
Last week we introduced a very important topic and I had promised more, therefore this week I shall try to develop further one at a time some of the qualities of Love cited in the Bible. 834 more words

Self Improvement

The Minivan of Enlightenment or The Toxin of Self-Importance

Just the other day, while driving back from the market, I saw a van pulling out of a parking lot. It was a nondescript van, yet not so nondescript that I would assume that it was being driven by a 57 year old, slightly balding man with a mattress in the back who routinely keeps a pocketful of candy in case he runs into the local kids (if you see anyone like this, please alert the local authorities or Crime Watchers if you have one in your area). 1,031 more words


7 Arrows - Dark Arrow of Ego Self-Importance

Holding all six dark arrows in time and space (no matter what time it is or what space you’re in), experiencing the tonal (material) enemies of fear, anger, depression and stress, and the nagual (spiritual) enemies of fear, clarity, power, old age and death, we pick up the 7th dark arrow of… 237 more words