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Cranial Inflation

I don’t know about the economy but we are beset, inundated and overwhelmed by this cranial inflation. It will eventually become very painful, what with all those heads stuck firmly up arses. 225 more words

Self Discovery

Self Importance and Social media

As we know, I am an avid social media user. (For those of you who are just joining us- Firstly, welcome; secondly, I have an excessively large iPhone and spend too much time on it, you can check out my… 417 more words

The idolatry of busyness

Busyness is a form of self-idolatry that obscures everyone and everything else in a rush of self-important activity.

This is why the psalmists repeatedly call us to wait, to be still, to look for God, to see what God is doing. 19 more words


A Powerful Presence

There was a homeless man in my town, that everyone knew.

I seen him every day for as long as I can remember. I never knew where he had been or where he was headed, nor did I know him. 257 more words

Short Read

Status, power and people who need to get a grip.

You know what does my head in?

People who believeĀ that they are more important than anyone else.

You know the type.

I’m not talking about people with healthy amounts of self-worth who know how to handle themselves, know their value and set good boundaries. 838 more words

How little things become heavy thingsĀ 

We dumped everything out of my son’s backpack that he didn’t need to take to school that day. What was left was about 1/3 of what he’d stuffed into it. 316 more words



Breathe. You’ve made mistakes, but you’re only human after all. You’ll have to suffer the consequences, but you’ll make it through. It’s OK to fail as long as you get up and try again and never give up in what you believe in. 86 more words