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Oh, you.

I put on my 1950s style little black dress and a pair of sassy red heels, and I went to that wedding.

Not because I hardly even knew my cousin and her soon-to-be husband. 1,337 more words



Basically, the self important are to blame.

They have no shame.

Why people vote for them I don’t know.

Perhaps I’ll work it out before I go. 132 more words


Did That Really Happen?

When you are self-obsessed, with your head up your arse, the unexpected can happen. And then you can be left thinking WTF? The fear of barbarian hordes, the irritation at bureaucracy and self-interest of British-jobs-for-British-people were perhaps the key levers here. 367 more words

Self Discovery


I’m craving sugar and caffeine and I’m angry at the world. Possibly, these two things are related.

The rheumatologist today told me (in the sweetest way possible; he was a really nice guy–but, still) that I wasn’t his problem, and probably if I waited it would all go away. 1,050 more words


Ever Been Confounded?

Sometimes we might have a notion, vague or otherwise, that we need to change something or clear up a mess. We might have a feeling about that which is needed, yet we are unwilling to do that which is needed. 412 more words

Self Discovery

Poem: Stuff

Too much stuff
without substance
Too much substance
dumbed down
To play in flow of mudslides
Is baptism in Augean tides

For one glimpse of feigned attention… 111 more words


Wacky Word Wednesday

Welcome to the first Wacky Wednesday of 2016. I thought it would be fun to carry this on as it seems to e pretty popular. For anyone new to my blog, this is where I get to revive a word that is weird, wacky or wonderful and give it a new lease of life. 153 more words