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Green Eyed Monster

Green eyed monster

At my age you’d think I’d know better. But I don’t. I’m talking about jealousy. We all know and recognise the symptoms… The raging, burning molten lava that rises up within you making it virtually impossible to stand up straight let alone cobble together a normal , ever so casual response to douse the inferno of the very thing that got you started in the first place. 507 more words


Message for the Day... " Never Overlook Your Kids Mistakes...Correct them then and there and Reward them for their Good Deeds...."

Putlibai, Mahatma Gandhi’s mother, spent her life in the contemplation of God. She observed a vow wherein she wouldn’t partake food until she heard a cuckoo sing. 137 more words

Interesting Read

Code Retreat Omaha 2015

Activity and community are very strong parts in development, most notably the Omaha Code Retreat (Code Retreat is a yearly meeting across the globe where developers find time to have fun and learn to be better developers.) held their meeting this November with the problem of solving… 441 more words

supporting my habits

I’m getting to the pointy end of the 365 Photo Challenge. I have passed day 330. Wow. And yet…and yet…success does not seem guaranteed, but probable. 970 more words


Meditation: the secret of silence

When you meditate in complete solidarity, you will learn the secrets that silence holds. At first, you would be most likely trying to recall your memories, mostly happy ones and compare them as of where and what you are right now. 547 more words


The Art of Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is upon us and countless families will gather around a table overloaded with turkey and all the trimmings, and one by one, state those things for which they are thankful. 411 more words


Happy Thoughts-Dare to Dream

Greetings & Blessings,

Just a short note today,as I’m in the midst of recording…

This is a thought that came to me this evening. Then I was guided to put the wording shown below, on a sunset photo that I took the other day! 271 more words