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Narcissistic Behavior 14: Detachment

One of the characteristics of narcissistic behavior that can be emotionally damaging to an enormous extent for those involved with them is their detachment. Narcissists don’t seem to be able to feel with the same depth and purity than we do. 1,845 more words


9 Things to Expect When Dating a Strong Woman

I have been married to a strong woman for 10 years, and have to say it’s been an amazing journey.  I have learned so much about myself and more importantly learned so much about my wife, Sharon. 877 more words


Standing in the Dark

The way forward for me is to have transcendent courage and unconditional love. I must be as innocent and powerful as a stream that turns into a river; flowing to the sea, and back to my source. 138 more words


Being Radical - Embracing Social Support

This post is the ninth in a series of posts exploring the 9 key factors that Dr Kelly Turner PhD found were present in the recoveries from advanced cancer that she studied in her book Radical Remission.   1,869 more words


Working it Out: Plan your fitness success

Have you done any self-evaluation lately? Everyone has room for improvement in their life, regardless of his or her current age, health or mental well-being. Realizing this fact is the easy and obvious part; to take the next step and grab hold of your life is where the challenges begin, and there is nothing more daunting than not knowing how you are going to achieve your goal. 462 more words

Goal Setting

Bertahan, bertahan, bertahan

Selalu ada cara dalam mengatasi kesulitan. Karenanya, kesulitan itu ada.


With Such A Scent How Could I Resist The Chase

I’d rather meet you in a place of your choosing, or accidentally in a field of wild flowers, matching the gradients of our souls.

Taste of these buds,

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