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Fragile: Don't Handle With Care

This is probably a title which you have never come across on moving day. As is human nature, usually when we see something labelled “fragile” (and I don’t just mean literally) we handle or approach with care. 197 more words

Self Development

Dream Chasers To Dream Catchers

Once upon a time….. you and I had dreams of becoming someone or succeeding in what? For some of us and at some point in our lives we came upon a fork in the road and we made a decision that may have detoured us from pursuing a dream.   284 more words

Self Improvement


As per THE LAW OF ATTARCTION nature gives us what we yearn for and thus it is indeed our thoughts which are the reason behind most of the events happening in our life. 509 more words


How to achieve a positive life&soul

I always thought of myself as a positive person. Maybe too positive sometimes. For me every negative happening in my life was a lesson. And all these lessons made me stronger and more confident. 527 more words


Losing Control, Bad Temper | How to Control It

We all know somebody who can not control their temper.
How often do you hang out with them? Probably not much.

If it happens to you to loose your temper or to get upset it must not escalate. 475 more words


Who Am I? (Part 1)

Who am I? Now isn’t that the question? Who you are is a very fluid concept, however many conform to the idea of ‘I am who I am’. 610 more words


“Honestly, what does that extra hour rolling in your bed early morning give you?”

Maybe its time to actually think about it. Mornings are the most beautiful part of a day. 191 more words

Self Improvement