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Facing the Scariest Truths about Writing

What scares you most about writing? Perhaps it’s the fear of staring at a blank page? Or perhaps, like most folks, it’s a fear of rejection or failure that prevents you from writing. 1,000 more words

Writing Practice

Natural harmony 6 easy steps

Have you ever just sat for a few moments and watched nature? Stop and look out your window, take a walk along the beach or sit quietly in a park and observe how simply, instinctively the creatures go about their day. 929 more words

Self Awareness

A Quick Thank You

November 13th 2018

Taking a moment to drop in and say my thanks~ 550 more words


The Unprincipled: Hatred Revisited by Nick McCarthy

We have all hosts of circumstances under which we were exposed to hate. Whether we are angry at someone else, hate the way that someone else acts, or dislike something about someone, there are many reasons that we may feel this way. 299 more words


You Are Blessed for Success

Would you like to inspire others to live their best life possible? If you are an amazing, authentic, and ambitious individual then why not help others to succeed in life? 433 more words

Self Improvement

I Am Just Alright

Hi. Before I step into the pool of emotions to come out with a blog post, I want to say hello, I am doing alright, not amazing emotionally but not horrible either, just alright. 347 more words


NCC Culinary Interview Part Three

As you all know, Barry successfully landed an interview with the NCC culinary instructor, chef Carlo. In this post, I will be introducing and featuring the third segment of their interview. Enjoy!