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Why It's A Good Thing To HUNT For Your Dreams

Hunting sounds so savage, right? Well, that’s what you need to reach your highest dreams. Hear me out, I’m not talking to those of you who are happy with living a good life. 281 more words

Self Development

The Stages Of Breaking Up With A Friend

We had been best friends for 21 years — the longest friendship I’d ever managed to keep in my 21-year-old life. We’d grown up together, and as a result, we knew everything there was to know about each other: our favorite movies, our darkest secrets, every crush we’d ever fangirled over. 721 more words

The First Things to Go (Ironically)

Yesterday evening, I was sitting in the pews getting ready to lead worship with the worship band that I sing for. One of our pastors (who is such a down to earth, wonderful man) sits behind me and casually states, “Hey! 726 more words

This Is How You Give Your Love And Energy To The People Who Deserve It

Foolishly I spent my twenties haphazardly giving my love and assistance to the wrong people. I gave too many second chances, tolerated too many bullshit excuses, believed too many lies, trusted too many snakes. 535 more words

How to be a playful parent

We all want to be the cool parent that the little ones enjoy been around. Let’s go throw few pointers on how to achieve that. 166 more words


The end of a break

You’ve just been on holiday from work for over 2 weeks, it’s the night before you’re due back in the office, how do you feel? 298 more words


channeling erik, an addicting YouTube channel

I recently found this YouTube channel and I can’t get enough of it!

The whole premise of the channel is this woman Elisa, a doctor and atheist, lost her son, Erik, to suicide. 115 more words