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Breaking away from the Tinder trap

It’s intoxicating being a journalist. You write and have a medium in which you share your work to a professional masthead which has gathered your readership. 786 more words


9 Ways to Improve Yourself to Change the World

9 Ways to Improve Yourself to Change the World

There are nine ways to improve yourself to change the world. The better person you are, the better you are open to changing and improving yourself, those around you, and the world. 174 more words


Some Encouragement...

This is a little post to encourage any of you that feel that your past, your present or your feelings will never be redeemed. Maybe you have been incredibly hurt by the actions of other people, or have experienced the sort of traumas that are so hard to recover from.  207 more words


Beta Male Personality Traits

This a list of the most common and frustrating Beta Male personality traits. As this is just one woman’s perspective please do not treat it as gospel and do you’re research if any of these traits sound vaguely familiar to what you’re currently experiencing. 883 more words


Will Yoga Save My Life? Day 19 of 30

Wow, Day 19! Now, the person I was before I started this — the person I had become after I lost my job, and the person who actively did but always fell out of doing, that person… likely would have given up by now. 1,200 more words

My Word Is Law. Is Yours? It Had Better Be!

“My word is law. I, sometimes, wish other people felt the same about their word. When you give your word – keep your word. How can one tell if your word is worth anything? 895 more words

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NOW WHAT?(R) - Life Blueprint(R) Philosophy-Based Career Coaching

Based in Southeast Michigan, Dr. Sandra Schiff focuses on transition, executive, and career coaching. Operating as a NOW WHAT?® facilitator, Dr. Sandra Schiff combines coaching, self-reflection, and weekly assignments in a program that provides clarity and direction in job searches. 122 more words

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