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Whenever we read or heard a famous quote that hits home, made us changed the way us feel about something?

These words can be compelling and can motivate or inspire us, but many times these feelings are short-lived as we forget these quotes. 383 more words

Success In Life

5 morning routine habits that can change your life

Ever since the pandemic started it felt like the world was going in slow motion. I don’t know about you, but it got me into a funk. 615 more words

Water in the Glass

This year is either the worst ever or the best I’ve had depending on my perspective. It’s one of those glass half empty or half full situations many people like to think of. 164 more words

I'm Still Standing

Dieting isn’t hard, but it’s definitely a drag. It’s like being a teenager again, young and limited by rules. Its having a curfew and not being allowed to swear or have sex. 496 more words



Reflections. On life, decisions, peace, everything. Sleep deprivation is like a venomous spike deep inside your flesh. It spills it’s poison through your veins, clouding every thought, every judgment, every decision you make. 902 more words

Mental Health

They Can't Say Yes if You Don't Ask

How many times have you denied yourself the opportunity to do something because you chose not to even ask if it was a possibility? We are so scared of rejection that we would rather deny ourselves the “something” we would like to do, rather than ask and see what happens. 596 more words


How to be an alpha male: 7 habits you must develop to be charismatic and engaging

The alpha male is an egoless, charismatic, and the most engaging person in the group. Admired by everyone, most of us want to be like an alpha male but fail to be, because of some characteristics. 730 more words

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