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How to Cultivate Abundance, Part 1

The problem with frugality is that it seems to go hand in hand with a feeling of scarcity. When I was paying down my debt, it certainly felt like I was fighting for every last scrap. 289 more words

Financial Philosophy

Believe It

Let’s get right into this one. You will not achieve anything great in life without first believing you can achieve greatness. So many people have a maybe I can maybe I can’t attitude towards everything in their life and that’s exactly what you get. 122 more words

Self Development

How I Deal With Anxiety By Remembering To 'Carry My Own Light'

I probably had anxiety when I was in the womb. I definitely remember being awake at night worrying about things when I was in kindergarten. Sometimes I would share the worries with my family and they would get a kick out of it in a “aren’t kids so funny” kind of way, but I knew that I wasn’t like other kids and I knew that my worrying was a problem. 381 more words

Department Of Human Resources

I can’t deny the a lot of management style, as well as my writing is inspired by Anthony Bourdain.

He’s much acclaimed masterpiece, Kitchen Confidential got me really excited about the restaurant industry when I first read it back in 2006. 311 more words


10 Ways to Help You Have a More Productive Day

I don’t write this article telling you, that you need to do these 10 things if you want to have a happy and successful day and if you don’t do all 10, you suck and you’ll never have a happy or successful day. 2,322 more words

Tracking Your Daily Expenses Can Lead To Big Savings

Regardless of the method you use to make your purchases, it is important to not only know what was spent, but what was purchased. When you can determine where your money is going it helps to accomplish a few different tasks at one time. 288 more words

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