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The beginner blues

As beginners we stand at the foot of a mountain staring up at the peak and what stands in between is a long and arduous climb. 243 more words


Your Personal Relationship With Food - Mental, Physical and Emotional.

‘Clarity of Purpose’ is probably one of the most important if not “the” most important aspect of living a fulfilling life. By making all the different segments hum in union, you will start to live to your full potential. 823 more words


More Advice From YouTube Success Channels

See part one HERE

Lots more advice from popular (As well as obscure) youtube channels, mostly to do with game and building connection with people in general, and some other random stuff thrown in for good measure. 3,402 more words

Self Improvement

D20 - In the City

Found myself deeper into the city than I usually would be. I had to attend a meeting that would get my life on the right track. 51 more words


Independence Versus Dependence

Dear readers,

Independence or self sufficient, in my opinion, has too many “SELFS”, self – sufficiency, self  governed, self- rule, self-determined, and self-reliance. There are songs and poems written about being Independent. 112 more words

Random Thoughts

En İyi Kişisel Gelişim Kitapları | Ece Targıt

Kişisel gelişim kitapları denince insanlarda farklı çağrışımlar yapmakta. Kimine göre boş işler kimine göre nirvanaya giden yolda rehber. Bana soracak olursanız herkez haklı. İçi boş bilgilerle şişirilmiş o kadar çok kitap varkı ki piyasada seçim yaparken hangisi doğru anlamak güçleşiyor. 115 more words


I love talking to my mom. She may or may not know this but she is my absolute best friend. She is a petite strong woman, very opinionated, very tough and my reigning female role model. 1,034 more words