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Goal Digger

It’s almost that time of year where the gym gets crowded and the veggies start flying off of the shelf at the grocery store. It might be easy to get frustrated that it’s harder to find a parking spot or get your beloved spaghetti squash. 376 more words


This Is What Happiness REALLY Means Because It's Not Actually About Finding Your Forever Person

Happiness isn’t about your relationship status. It isn’t about whether you are falling asleep alone or snuggling someone close throughout the night. It isn’t about whether you’ve found the person you are meant to spend forever alongside or whether you are… 472 more words

Christmas: A True Success Story

Hi Friend,

Every year, at Christmas time, our thoughts turn to gift giving, parties, and activities with family and loved ones. We know that just around the corner is a New Year, but we don’t want to worry about it until after the gifts have been opened and we’ve recovered a bit from all the hustle and bustle. 2,836 more words


Your Peers Aren't Pulling Their Weight. Now What?

At some point in your life, you’ve probably dealt with this issue. Whether it be in undergrad working on a project with a group of students or in a work environment where day in and day out you’re carrying the load of your supposed support system. 795 more words

Career Development

How To Prevent Making Negative Assumptions & Predictions [Tips]

How can you look to prevent making negative assumptions and predictions in our everyday life?

When you make a negative assumption, you are telling yourself something based on your thoughts and that’s often without evidence. 640 more words


Why We Hate Cheap Things by The School of Life

Why We Hate Cheap Things. In the past, pineapples were expensive and people who bought them kept them as status symbols until they rotted and fell apart. 1,301 more words


When To Quit

It’s hard to say exactly, when it’s appropriate to quit. Each person is different and I’ve never stuck with something long enough to know if quitting was the right move. 263 more words