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It's that time again

The time of year where mental health issues are at an all time high, divorce rates go up, deaths occur more frequently and we spend billions on material possessions.  687 more words


How To Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big Kind of the Story of My Life By Scott Adams (Part 1)

Introduction. This book is about a guy who failed his way to success. It wasn’t entirely due to luck. The author pursued a strategy of managing opportunities. 3,338 more words


3am Reflections

I suppose I intended for this blog to consist of anything emotive; feelings, poetry, music, art. And I have to start somewhere, with regards to feelings. 642 more words

3 Strange Benefits of Meditating

There seems to be a bit of a meditation craze going on lately. From Oprah to Gwyneth Paltrow everyone is doing it. But is there really any benefit to sitting in a silent room thinking about your breath for an hour? 449 more words

Self Improvement

Intent to Overkill

In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, there’s a scene early on where Harry lists out numerous ways of utilizing only the materials in the classroom to defend against attackers.   607 more words


A Simple Practice – The Four Mainstays

We see the living of life according to the Four Mainstays, a lifestyle that has never been presented to human beings as an offering before, a lifestyle in which there is a simple practice for maintaining mental and emotional stability at all times, where there is a trainer to go to twenty four hours a day for support, where there is a written training. 117 more words

Candice O'Denver

#26 Ideas On What To Use For Your Dominion (In Jesus Name) Part 5

1. Use in Jesus name to download to yourself or others the skill of positive attitude.

2. Use in Jesus name to download to yourself or others the skill of willingness to learn. 268 more words