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The List

Okay, now that I’ve admitted I have a problem and I’m officially taking steps to do better, I need to start compiling my to dos in a place where everyone can see them. 232 more words


Finding ways to fuel my soul

Music has always been fuel for my soul. I could and would lose myself in it on a daily basis. My talent lied in vocal music but I would try doing other things such as playing the guitar, piano, and so on. 198 more words

Body Image

My Dog Trainers, My Therapist, and Paris France Taught Me Something

With the passing of my sweet boy Brody in Jan I was left with an indescribable void. The love of a dog is like no other, my  husband and I did not take the decision to bring a new dog into our home lightly. 695 more words


Designer Me - Finding a problem statement.

Getting straight down to the nitty gritty.

I need a problem statement. I need to clearly define the problems that need addressing in order to explore the solutions. 217 more words

Starting Today: A little inspiration from Grandma

It’s Monday, that’s a good day to start….

How many times have you thought that? I know I think it all the time. Monday is a good day to hit the reset button on life – to start losing weight, to get myself to the gym, whatever I want to work on. 926 more words


Amazing things I've done

I move through life with a lot of appetite for new and intense experiences. With a particular taste for the spicy flavor of an adrenaline rush, I’ve accumulated some cool experiences. 339 more words


Strory So Far - Stripping down

Design means to me: “making things better, or coming up with something new or different that fits.” Design is about problem solving.

There’s been a few issues i’ve had when it came to problem solving or implementing changes for improvement. 308 more words