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Your Excuses Are Invalid

Let’s talk a little bit about discipline.

See, I’m not a very disciplined person myself. I’m really good at making excuses for why I’m not doing things that, really, I’m just not doing because I’m too lazy or weaksauce to knuckle down and do. 390 more words


Important question...

A victim is defined as a person who is harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.  A survivor is defined as a person who survives, a person who continues to exist, a person who continues to live. 519 more words

Suyleman the magnificent

​My consultant suggested that Sulyeman the Magnificent was outside his skill set but it was NHS policy not to entertain such forms of narcissism …Carpathia my most recent soul mate was a reassuring presence throughout the whole procedure until she spotted my face was on upside down ..when she reassessed her recently declared life life commitment to me …she confused ,twisted curiousity for the kind of love Euriphides had drawn our attention to so many centuries ago ….she grabbed my nose as a keepsake ..jumped on the park and ride and before rush hour was spotted by traffic police hurtling along the A30 in her recently leased Renault Captur.

Self Improvement

This Is The Cold Hard Truth About Hiding Your Emotions From The World

I’m a glass bottle labeled “indestructible” these days. But it feels like the world is tossing me around and around anyways, seeing how much I can take before I shatter. 432 more words

  Over/under parenting

Most narcissist mothers either severely over-parent or under-parent. Self-image of the daughters of these mothers becomes distorted. Feelings of insecurity are difficult to shake. Their mothers sent messages about the type of daughters they wanted instead of validating who they were. 117 more words


Using Seasonal Energy to Let Go (May)

May is a very active, transitional month. In the northern hemisphere, plants are beginning to sprout, the days are going brighter and longer, and students are graduating to the next phase of their lives. 679 more words


Day 21 - A little darkness goes a long way

      You wake up feeling groggy and sore, which is not completely unusual, but today feels especially wrong somehow. Like you’ve stumbled in to a room that should have been locked and the world has been caught by surprise without it’s elaborate costuming and makeup, revealing something both grotesque and pitiful. 614 more words