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An Unacceptable Excuse

“I don’t know how” is a crappy, unacceptable excuse.

When you say you don’t know how to do something, what you’re actually saying is you’re not determined enough and lack the discipline to learn how. 284 more words

Building Your Personal Brand

Never Think That You Can't Adapt

“Never say never.” 

I certainly try not to. In fact, if I ever slip up and hear myself using that word, I get an immediate little nervous twinge. 723 more words


The continual blooming of the intellect.


Schedules and Gaming Backlogs

Hey, fellow nerds!

So lately I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to complete my massive gaming backlog. While it doesn’t help that I don’t consider a game “finished”until I one-hundred percent it, I still have a fun time tackling the task. 446 more words

Video Games

Discovering My Mission

Moments ago, while reading the book “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting” I suddenly realised the full extent of what I want to achieve. I’d always thought my purpose was to help people live happier lives, still true but not the whole story. 269 more words



I suspect we’ve all had people in our lives we’d consider to be our friends, but if consider these relationship realistically, we realise that they are one-way relationships. 104 more words