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I keep falling asleep reading.

More and more over the past year, but especially in the past few weeks, my day ends to the lethargic turning of pages, a heavy-lidded struggle to finish  438 more words


We are Powerful CEO’s of our own health and well-being.

We are powerful CEOs of our family, careers, and communities. We are incredible providers and we make the world go round…but we often forget to prioritise ourselves. 392 more words

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7 Ways to Improve Relationship with Your Boss

Imagine that feeling of being stiff and restless at the beginning of a new job. You are trying hard and fast to get rid of these feelings by socializing with colleagues and trying to be one of them. 928 more words

Self Improvement

Meditation for Ding Dongs [Day 10]

Day 10—THE FINALE!—of the 10-day Headspace meditation challenge

Ten days ago I came across the Headspace 10-day meditation trial for beginners (ie, ding dongs) while poking around podcasts. 726 more words


Uniqueness: A Paradox

Shall we talk about diversity?

Humans should be amazed with the vast assortment within their own species. With an array of different cultures, colors and personalities, the  542 more words


How to make each other better people. The power of togetherness.

How often do you think about being a good person? Do you want to be a better human being? To have that happiness from within? 808 more words


Nothing Lasts Forever

Great things never came from comfort zones.

Just another day and I’m back in the garret where my psyche tells me I belong.  Not anymore I don’t.  526 more words

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