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Whole30 Week 3 - The Workouts

When I started this round of the Whole30, I didn’t really have a game plan in terms of workouts.  This detail is particularly odd for me because when I typically sign on for something, I have the tendency to “over-commit.”  This means, in the past, I normally wouldn’t just agree to embrace a massive nutritional shift, but instead I’d also sign up for an extended lifting program, kettlebell challenge, or 4-week exercise intensive.  742 more words


Dealing with Miscommunication in Diversity and Racial Issues

There are approximately 6000+ languages spoken in the world, and English undoubtedly has been the global language dated from the 20th century. 712 more words

Self Improvement

Should my teen lose weight?


Phew! What a post. That’s all from me. See you guys next week for more funny anecdotes, stock photos, and hard-hitting research!


…Alright, there’s more to the story than just a ‘no’. 854 more words

Nutrition And Media

Ultimately isn’t everything we do in life to find and receive happiness? Whether it’s scoring that great job, progress in our careers, finding a partner, wanting to settle down, friends and companionship, losing that extra weight, buying that next pair of shoes (that you will only probably wear once)..

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Though Shalt Not Steal

“Surely I, the Lord, do not change, nor do you cease to be sons of Jacob. Since the days of your fathers you have turned aside from my statutes, and have not kept them. 581 more words


The Necessity of Virtue: Jordan Peterson Transcript

Transcript from Memories of an amnesic

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This lecture is called Virtue as a Necessity. And the reason I gave it that title is because virtue, ethics, morality isn’t a field of study. 8,980 more words

Jordan Peterson

Being Cast Away

The Tom Hanks movie ‘Cast Away’ has always lingered there somewhere in my subconscious. There’s something about that idea that has always appealed to me. It’s kind of like a symbolic representation of a dream I have. 291 more words