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The Part with the Deep Title

Every unoriginal, trashy hipster blog has to start somewhere. Usually, it’s with a needlessly complicated, generic post that introduces you to the author in the most sneakily narcissistic manor possible. 453 more words


A Story About Feeling Bad

I think I have the best life anyone could ask for. My apartment is extremely cute and it’s next to a lake I can walk around or just read at. 940 more words

Oh my seedy mind, what do you choose to grow?

My mind can hold faith and follow truths path.

My mind unfolds faith into surrendered worship.

154 more words

Choosing Food Over Figure: The Week I Broke My Diet (and it wasn’t worth it)

It’s the third week of the New Year and out of nowhere came all these invitations to go to dinner with friends. I could have eaten healthily – most restaurants and pubs offer diet-friendly food in January – but I was paying for good food and I wanted to indulge myself with something I missed. 528 more words


Affordable Ways to Practice Self-Care

If you’re like me, taking care of your mind, body and soul are the last things you worry about because you’re always taking care of someone else. 1,189 more words


Remember What Mickey Said

In 1990, I went to watch the release of Rocky V at the local theater. Now, the movie was my least favorite of the franchise, but there was this one heartening scene I always recall in times of adversity.


How to Stay Organized & Productive at Work

Most of life appears a rat race in today’s society. Everyone faces work pressures, familial obligations, responsibilities for daily living with household chores and the usual routines, and even time for friends. 927 more words