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For every single woman reading this; you are NOT leftover.

I came across an article about ‘China’s leftover women’. These are women over the age of 27 that are not married.

In 2007, the China Women’s Federation, coined the phrase ‘Sheng Nu’ for all Chinese women who were not married by the ripe old age of 27! 383 more words


Cross-Stepping Your Way To Success

by Carolyn Bowen

The Power to Transform Your Life One Step at a Time!

This is a quick read if you are in need of a boost of inspiration and direction to reinvent yourself. 129 more words

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About limited mind and the ego

Mind is a good tool at a rudimentary level, but for further evolution and improvement mind has to be transcended. That’s why in Buddhist and Hindu texts a person that is mostly using the left brain (logical, analytical one) the person is compared to a monkey, since its understanding about life and everything else is limited by the bookish knowledge and assumptions that mind is creating because there is no realization that comes with the opening (using) of the right brain functions which are more related to the abstract/artistic way of thinking and seeing things. 1,145 more words

Self Improvement

V is for Voyage

V is for Voyage

My feet tread a path to find

Who I am inside

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Stalwart mountainside

Boomerangs the hurricane

Back toward the shore


Keeping it Real

It has been more than 50 days since I started writing on this blog.

XSplat, one of my favorite writers on the Internet, commented… 440 more words


That’s true isn’t it, because if you don’t recognise the things you are not so good at, or the things you can’t do, how can you ever hope to improvement on them? 70 more words