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Dream diary

Are you one of those people who want to be more aware of who they are?  Do you wanna lucid dream (control what happens in a dream)? 422 more words

What I learned from reading The Power of Now by Eckert Tolle Part 1


    I learned that it is easy to get caught up in the past and the future and create and identity that is tied to what has already happened and what hasn’t happened at all. 469 more words

Life (self-excavation)

Alexander the Great - A Book Review

This book covers the life of Alexander the Great, with a focus on the personality traits that allowed him to be successful.

I did enjoy the book for the most part; however, the first half of the book talks about why we should study the great achievers in history and Alexander the Great is not even mentioned in the first half of the book. 6 more words

The Perks of Epilepsy

Epilepsy is the number one neurological condition in the world.

People aren’t educated on this mysterious disease. I must tell you guys something. Living with Epilepsy has taught me so many incredible life lessons. 80 more words


Get your shoes on and get going

Running! It is not only good for your soul, but for your body and brain too. Runners know how running has changed their life. It is not just a way to be healthy, but the key to happiness too! 311 more words

to sneak or not to sneak?

Admittedly I am quite in love with this whole sneaker trend. As with many fashion concepts of which I swore to never try – skinny jeans and leggings, crop tops and bandeaus, mom jeans and culottes (just take a free people catalogue and rip it to shreds), I now have a growing collection of all such items adequate for any occasion. 360 more words