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The True Alpha Male 

I can’t recall the first time I heard the term “alpha male” but it didn’t at first have the appeal it has to me now. At that time, it had connotations of superiority over other males, which while not noble at face value, is a venture worth pursuing; to be in the top percentile of one’s craft has many privileges. 1,222 more words

Failing and how to master it

Yet another self-improvement article.

Let’s get a couple of things straight at first. I’m not intending to say what is expected and embrace failure as a means of improvement. 780 more words


Today’s quote…

“I wasn’t actually expected to live until I was 40… Truly soak that in for a moment and grasp the magnitude of what that means to be told something like that, to feel that as a person, to live that as a person, and then actually to defy those odds and still be here.

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Getting Comfortable with Making Mistakes

Many people put off the dream of starting their own business because they are afraid to fail. The truth is, about half of all new businesses will fail in the first five years. 246 more words


The plan

Wow, writing the first post is hard!  I will start by outlining what this blog will be about – hopefully you’ve visited my about me page too. 150 more words


Keep An Open Mind

I’m taking quite a while to read the book ‘Solemate’ that I’ve started out a couple of months back. But every chapter that I’ve read thus far contributes to my self-improvement journey. 156 more words