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An Update

From my other somewhat neglected blog  (October of 2014)

So, anyway, you are about to embark on a journey…..

No, wait, that is not what I meant to say. 801 more words

Eat To Live

Letters to my dead novels

Inspired by “How Writers Mourn Their Dead Novels.”

Dear Dead Novel #1,

You were the one.

The one that made me realize I could do it. 994 more words


4 Years of Blogging

August 4 is the blog’s birthday. Once a year, I permit myself to write a self-indulgent post about the state of the blog on or near the blog birthday.  1,279 more words


Never Enough

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter F and the word me. Warning: this is a abysmal and despairing post that is completely self pitying and self indulgent. 106 more words


A song..

I am in one of my crazy moods so I  am posting a song that I had recorded on Soundcloud. I am not a great singer but I  love to sing. 36 more words


On the wings of Time...

Many eons ago, humans and Gods lived together. It was a time of abundance and joy. Thirst or hunger were unknown and the slightest flicker of a desire was fulfilled. 409 more words


On cleanliness, godliness and the like.

This post is going to be full of opinions, thoughts, you name it. On things that matter to me, but in ways different from how I see it matter to other people. 657 more words