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It means something to me

There’s one of those questions about life that goes something like if a tree falls in a forest where no-one can hear it does it make a noise?  456 more words

Middle Age

Punch Drunk

I have been very busy his week, writing a little here and there. I haven’t been able to complete a poem for the morning post despite my best intentions. 171 more words


The Price of Antenna TV

Came home and my pen

had nothing to say to me

I criticize myself

for watching too much TV

The commercials can bring me down… 93 more words

Poetry Of Sorts

Low Down

The racing tumble

of mood,

and body.

All of it aches,

all of it low.

Even if I catch a glimpse

of the reason

for this fall, 50 more words

Daily Journal

Self Indulgence and Passing Time

I’m sick to death of my own mind. I keep hearing what I want to hear and seeing what I want to see, even though the rational part of my brain is telling me this could not possibly be truth. 440 more words


The Day After the Night of Being Awake Way Too Many Hours in a Row (or Insomnia Gets Old Faster Than I Do)

Let me try to not take in

these negative calculations

that are hounding me again and again

Could be I must lower

my already low… 14 more words


Self-indulgent post about shoes

This is totally self-indulgent again…. but I was writing about shoes this week – having to write about fashion-related items 2 weeks in a row has been heaven. 115 more words