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5 Years of Blogging

August 4 is the blog’s birthday. Once a year, I permit myself to write a self-indulgent post about the state of the blog on or near the blog birthday.  1,213 more words


dear Lucy

dear Lucy

I would like to order some more of that mixture you made for me
could I have a bigger bottle

I think I’m noticing I walk about… 137 more words

Alladem Poems

Self-indulgent 'moderates' planning to disrupt Labour conference

Anti-Brexit campaigners are planning a series of protests at each of the main parties’ annual conferences this autumn. No problem with that, as the right to protest is an important aspect of a democracy.  367 more words

All Words And No Content

I have no idea what this is going to be about.  I fired up my laptop, opened Word, then spent ten minutes staring at a blank screen.  540 more words

Umunna's EU amendment. Nothing to do with his front-bench rejection, of course

Chuka Umunna’s grandstanding on his unwinnable EU amendment on Thursday was only ever going to serve the purposes of one person: Chuka Umunna.

But it was nothing new. 516 more words

Pink Hat Society

Like everyone, I saw the images in the “media and online” of the huge crowds of women in pink hats who turned out in “cities” 507 more words


Charlie and the Seventh Graders

“So class, you see? Qui goes before a verb and Que before a sujet, i.e,  a subject… and what do you call them?”

The teacher turned around from the blackboard where she had been creating a pretty mind map on the Pronoms Relatifs. 1,096 more words