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Latency Period for Life: True Confessions of A Fake Adult.

 “Are you all ready for today’s lesson? Listen to your teacher; repeat after me. I won’t grow up, I don’t want to go to school. Just to learn to be a parrot, and recite a silly rule.

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What Are Introverts Really Like ?

They are not boring. They just like to observe, observe everything and everyone around them. They have an enormous thought-process going on in their heads. 265 more words

My Story


What makes you tick? What drives you to do the things that you do? What do you want to be when you grow up? Many of us are asked questions like these our whole lives and for some people, the answers are easy. 1,675 more words


3 Years of Blogging

August 4 is the blog’s birthday. Once a year, I permit myself to write a self-indulgent post about the state of the blog on or near the blog birthday.  1,327 more words


So, you've gone and written it down...

This could be bad. Isn’t this a bit self indulgent? But then, maybe it’ll be cathartic. How should I write? Like no one is going to read this? 135 more words


Another hello world!

So, I’m starting this blog for a number of reasons.. it’s self indulgent, I’m all over that shit.. Sometimes you just want to observe and talk about the things you like/have come across/ but don’t want to appear self-involved, ridiculous AND ironic I know. 144 more words


Totally relaxed day

I had a wonderful day.  Phoned my Mother first thing.  She told me she was feeling much better.  She’s stopped taking her blood pressure meds but keeping an eye on it.   339 more words