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Selling Out.

An editor is not supposed to interject their own voice or agenda into their publication; ostensibly, similar to stage managers or offensive linemen or HR generalists, our job is to stay hidden in the background; like the above professions, the only time anyone takes notice of our work is when we screw up. 1,853 more words



It’s been two months since my last post, and I’m sorry! I intended to write as soon as we returned from our trip down the Cornish coast, to tell you all about Fowey and the last leg home, but when we got home things started looking a little bleak and though the bleakness sped on by, my desire to express it remained absent. 1,237 more words


Music and Welfare

The best part about Twitter is you can annoy people you otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to. On a related note, I replied to dozen or so of David Graeber and Robin Hanson’s tweets today and got a fair number of responses. 359 more words

Self Indulgent

Poverty or "Poverty"?

First of all let me dispel any conceptions you might develop about me as I write this post. I am not rich, I am not really well off. 474 more words

People Being Shit

A Self-Indulgent Stream of Conscience and Mixed Metaphors (Or, Why I Write This Blog)

When I originally decided to start writing this blog I thought it would be where I shared what little I do know about worship arts and theology, give a behind the scenes look into church work, to push my growing understanding of poetry into the public as I explored it in private, and to maybe write some stuff about my family. 955 more words


Travelling across time,

Two souls met, you and I-

A little me

and a bigger you.

Mina, mina, Yasmina

the jasmine of my heart

the spring in my step. 49 more words


[Feedback] Holding Back and Not Holding Back

So in the past week I saw a post talking about how fanfiction is supposed to be fun and it doesn’t have to be anything but. 1,288 more words